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Legoland says below: Anybody can go, it is not about Muslims.

yet they also say the Park is hired out by a Muslim group who wants 'Fun Halal activities with thousands of other Muslims and their friends in an environment more in line with their faith.'

it seems these two statements are contradictory.


A theme park has come under attack after announcing it was hiring out the park to a Muslim foundation.

Legoland has received abuse on its Facebook and Twitter pages for its decision to hire the park out to the Muslim Research and Development Fund (MRDF) on Sunday, March 9.

On its website, the park says the family fun day aims to allow Muslims to enjoy 'Fun Halal activities with thousands of other Muslims and their friends in an environment more in line with their faith.'

A Legoland spokesman defended its decision, saying it was a normal private hire event which will take place before the park opens for its new season on Friday, March 14.

It added: "It is a private hire, it is out of season and it happens to be a Muslim organisation. It could happen to be a business or anything else. Anybody can go, it is not about Muslims."

The theme park, in Winkfield Road, has now deleted its Facebook page after abusive comments were posted.

The spokesman added: "We are reporting these people to the police."

Far-right groups, including the English Defence League, have announced their intention to host a protest on the day the MRDF visit the park.

Calls for Legoland to abandon its plans have also been made by Royal Borough UKIP councillor Tom Bursnall (Clewer East).

"I think they need to have a sense check and take a step back," he said.

Thames Valley Police has launched an investigation into the threatening messages.

A spokesman said: "Should any demonstrations or protests be organised, police will provide a proportionate response to facilitate peaceful and lawful protests."

The MRDF website says the foundation 'strives to articulate Islam in a modern context and address the unique situation and challenges faced by Muslims in the west'.

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Reply by Kinana

Reply by Kinana

By the Grace of Allah, on the back of our highly successful 1st Eid Fun Day at Chessington World of Adventures – we are launching our 2nd Family Fun Day at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort – with the hope that the two events will become the standard and annual fundays for decades to come, insha’Allah.

FamilyFunDay is a family centred event where we aim to bring Halal entertainment/environments for Muslim families in the West. The aim is to provide a true alternative in which like minded families can enjoy safe and enjoyable time while at the same time conducive to their faith.

  • Family Fun Day is aimed at the whole cross section of the Muslim populace of UK and Europe.
  • To provide a real alternative for our Muslim families where they can enjoy a Fun Halal activities with thousands of other Muslims & their friends in an environment more in line with their faith.

Reply by Steve Charls

"Fun Halal activities"

 Marry your 13 year old daughter off to her uncle

Stone your wife for being raped, sorry for adultery

Cut off your niece's hand for stealing a smartie

Throw your son off a local mountain top for being gay


Such fun ......

Esmerelda Weatherwax

On the subject of anti-Semitism, Haitham al Haddad is a hate preacher notorious for saying that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs, that homosexuality is worse than murder, that FGM is an honour for the girl who receives it and that the younger a girl is married the better. He is high on the government watchlist of hate preachers whose activities must be watched and if necessary curbed.
Haitham al Haddad's organisation is the Muslim Research and Development Foundation.
They have hired Legoland for a Muslim family fun day on 9th March, but Legoland's management refuse to listen to objections that they should not be doing business with a hate preacher.
Only the local paper have reported it, and they leave out the reasons for objecting.

The MRDF are not a friendly neighbourhood mosque running something analogous to Spring Harvest or the Sunday school picnic.

Esmerelda Weatherwax

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Fun, Fun, Fun with a Preacher of hate at Legoland.

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Near the Royal town of Windsor is a family theme park - one of the Legoland chain. Owned by Merlin entertainment, who also own Chessing World of Adventure (I remember that when it was Chessington Zoo), Alton Towers, Madame Tussards and more. It's the second biggest entertainment corporation in Europe; only Disney is larger.

Legoland will open for the 2014 season on 14th March, but on 9th March the park is booked for a Muslim family funday. 
The purpose declared on the Muslim funday website is:-

FamilyFunDay is a family centred event where we aim to bring family entertainment/environments for Muslim families in the West. The aim is to provide a true alternative in which like minded families can enjoy safe and enjoyable time while at the same time conducive to their faith.

At first glance that sounded elitist, isolationist, not condusive to integration and diversity. Then when we realised that the organisation making the booking was the Muslim Research and Development Foundation headed by Haitham al Haddad it became cause for concern. This was not not a friendly neighbourhood mosque arranging something comparable (other than in its elite isolationism) to the Sunday school picnic.

Haitham al Haddad, as many of you will know is an Islamic cleric who features high on the official government list of 'Hate preachers' whose activities are monitors lest they spread "ideological hatred at universities, mosques and other public places." TheSunday Times reported on him in December. 

Just so you know the sort of man we are dealing with here, below is Haddad on the subject of Female Genital Mutilation. In conversation he uses the term 'circumcision' to make the practice sound acceptable. "Of course mutilation is unacceptable, but circumcision is beneficial and a blessing on the girl". 
You can see the MRDF logo in that one, so it is not a case of these being his personal views, separate from the foundation - this is the foundation's own work.

He also teaches that girls should be married at as young an age as possible, the younger the better, and if you live in a country that has anti-islamic laws forbidding this, well there are ways around it.

Then there is his teaching that homosexuality is worse than murder

This information has been enough to have Haitham al Haddad and/or the MRDF barred or un-invited from speaking at many universities in the UK and abroad. Even the left wing group Hope not Hate have had to admit that Haitham al Haddad is beyond the pale. So it seemed like a good idea to point this out to Legoland. They are doing themselves no favours doing business with a hate preacher on a government watch list.

Polite e-mails and polite telephone calls to Legoland's Customer services all received the same reply. Almost word for word. A manageress with a Muslim name (they are all 'managers' these days) replied to me

"...a private company has hired the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort for a day before we open for the 2014 season on Friday 14th March. The event you refer to involves the hire of the Park by a private company for a day before we open for the 2014 season, and so will not affect any of our seasonal guests or Pass holders. This is a commercial arrangement and something we do very regularly out of season – welcoming special interest, social and business groups of all sorts.  We certainly do not discriminate in any way."

Many of us took it to senior management, to the office of the Divisional Director of Legoland, a Miss Sue Kemp. The replies from her office verge upon rude. "our position has been made quite clear - correspondence with you is closed" 

The information about the unsavoury nature of the MRDF and Haitham al Haddad was posted on the Legoland Facebook page, along with questions as to why Legoland, a family orientated establishment, was happy to do business with such a man. The FB page was taken down, and when it returned it contained reference to police survailance and any posts (including the links above) was promptly removed.

Legoland are now well aware of the nature of the man and foundation with whom they are doing business. That they defensively block all criticism suggests that there is a deeper agenda. Suggestions that by 'not discriminating' Legoland would therefore also be happy to host Golden Dawn or the IRA were not well received. 

One of the local newspapers, the Windsor and Eton Express did report the story in parton Friday. However they omitted all mention of the real elephant in the room, Haitham al Haddad and the MRDF and when challenged in the comments their resonse was to cut mention of the UKIP councillor who is the first person in Windsor so far to express any alarm.

Despite information being sent to their news desks the National newspapers are not, or not yet interested. Please spread this information about; we hope that public opinion will prove powerful enough to convince Legoland Windsor or Merlin Entertainment of the error they are making.

I will keep our readers informed.

from the Star

Legoland's homophobic,misogynistic, anti-semitic fun day ;

Say No To Anti-Christian Days Out

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The MRDF, based in the east London borough of Tower Hamlets, is run by Haitham al-Haddad, who has been banned from speaking at a number of British universities due to his anti-Western views.

Family Fun Day is a family centred event where we aim to bring Halal entertainment for Muslim families in the west

He is reported to be on a list of 25 “hate clerics” identified by security chiefs and Downing Street as candidates for anti-extremism Asbo banning orders.

He has spoken in favour of a form of female genital mutilation, although he recognises it is illegal in Britain, and following the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011, he wrote because he was a Muslim he would “enter paradise”.

The ultra conservative British cleric, who is of Palestinian origin, is a member of the Islamic Sharia Council.

He believes music should be banned, that men and women should be segregated, and is a leader of a campaign to build a massive mega-mosque close to the Olympic Park in east London.

CONTROVERSIAL: Haitham al-Haddad has been banned from speaking at some UK universities

He has also written that “the scourge of homosexuality” is a “criminal act” and was accused of saying that some Jews are the “enemies of God” and “descendants of apes and pigs”. 

Although he claims his remarks on Jews were misinterpreted, he was banned from speaking at the London School of Economics in 2012 following a request from the university’s Jewish society.

Videos of his teachings and sermons are widely viewed on YouTube and there are mixed views about him in the wider British Muslim community.

Some point out that many Christian and Jewish leaders also hold “extreme” views on homosexuality, but others say he is an “outright homophobe” who should not be influencing young children.

His MRDF charity earned £260,000 in 2012 and it has a growing influence.

It attracted controversy last November when it hired out the Chessington World of Adventures theme park in Surrey for an Eid Fun Day.

The charity said because that event was so successful, it decided to hold another one at Legoland whose season officially starts five days later on March 14.

Adam Nixon Just sent them this: Dear Legoland,
I've just found out about this big Muslim Day you're planning. Do you really think that's wise?

Lego is one of the most cherished names from my childhood. I played with Lego fifty years ago, and of course I bought Lego for my son when he was little. Now you want to throw away this respected legacy and taint yourself by association with the weird and murderous cult of Islam? Doesn't make sense.
I almost feel I've wasted my money on every Lego brick I ever bought for my son, if this is how you've ended up. And considering the hugely respected and 'safe' household brand name status you have, opening up Legoland so publicly to an Islamic event is as if you are endorsing Islam as a safe and valid household culture, which it most certainly is not. Ask the many Islamic daughters slain in 'honour' killings, and the many Christian missionaries who grew up in England playing with Lego on the fireside rug, then grew up and went to Islamic countries and were beheaded by Muslims. This is blood on your bricks.
Think again Legoland, and cancel this Islamic day. Of course, you are afraid that if you cancel it now, the Muslims will bomb you. Which just goes to show how foolish you were in the first place by thinking that partnership with Muslims was a safe and right-thinking thing to do. So now you will have to kneel before these Muslim tyrants, or face the consequences. Obviously, Lego in the 21st century is no longer being run by management of the calibre of intelligence it was run by fifty years ago, or you wouldn't be in this mess.

LITTLEJOHN: Jolly Jihadi Boy's Outing to Legoland



The theme park in Windsor,  Berkshire, has accepted a booking from a man said to be among the top 25 hate preachers in Britain.

Haitham al-Haddad leads the Muslim Research and Development Foundation, which is based in Tower Hamlets, and is in favour of turning this country into a Sharia state.

Legoland Windsor: The Berskshire amusement park that's putting the 'fun' in Fundamentalism

Legoland Windsor: The Berskshire amusement park that's putting the 'fun' in Fundamentalism

Al-Haddad is an enthusiastic supporter of Taliban policies, believes that Jews  are ‘descended from apes and pigs’, homosexuals are criminals and those who leave Islam should be killed.

Usama Hasan, of the moderate, anti- terrorism think tank, the Quilliam  Foundation, said: ‘Like all extreme Islamists, he uses fascist language about non-Muslims and refuses to sit at the same table as women.’

Al-Haddad’s repugnant views are as abhorrent to mainstream Muslims as they are to the rest of us and have led to him being banned from a number of universities.

But not, apparently, Legoland. On  March 9, a convoy of coaches will  set off from the East London Mosque  in Whitechapel for a day of ‘Halal entertainment’.

We’re not talking the Jolly Boys’ Outing to Margate here.

So what can the lucky revellers expect when they arrive? Rehearsals are already under way and this column has been sent a copy of the itinerary:
8am Morning prayers. Conducted by the former Ayatollah of Tottenham, Omar Bakri Mohammed, live by satellite from his hideout in Yemen.

9am Coaches leave for Legoland. Males and females to travel on separate coaches. Strictly no fraternisation, no iPods and no transistor radios. Anyone found with a bacon sandwich will have their hands chopped off.

9.50am Rear coach packed with explosives stops in Parliament Square. As Big Ben strikes ten, driver will blow himself up, en route to Paradise, where 72 virgins await. In the event of heavy traffic, he will detonate in the Blackfriars underpass.

10.30am Arrive Legoland, Windsor. Coaches containing women and girls to use segregated car park and entrance at rear. Guests are reminded that music and dancing are punishable by death. Mobile phones are also prohibited, because they may inadvertently set off the hi-viz  suicide vests being worn by our own security personnel.

11am Mid-morning prayers, conducted by the former Ayatollah of Finsbury Park, Abu Hamza, live from his maximum security prison cell in Arizona. Today, he calls for all  homosexuals and female adulterers living in Britain to be stoned to death, with Lego.

Busy day: Prayers will be held at intervals by Abu Hamza (left) via webcam from a jail in Arizona, and Omar Bakri Mohammed (right) via webcam from his hideout in Yemen

Midday Lunch in the Legoland family halal restaurant. Unfortunately, all meals have been cancelled because this is a fast day. Anyone caught attempting to smuggle in a Mars Bar or kofti kebab under their burka will be executed.

1pm Community chanting. Ram Jam Choudary leads the family  funsters in a popular chorus of ‘Death to America, Death to the Jews!’ The quartermaster of the Hounslow branch of Al Muhajiroun will be handing out leaflets showing how to disguise Semtex as bricks  of Lego. If wet, in bedouin tent behind Knights’ Kingdom.

2pm Members of the Tower  Hamlets Martyrs Brigade stage a Mumbai-style attack on the Windsor Legoland Resort Hotel. Includes instruction in how to build a grenade-launcher out of Lego.

3pm Guests assemble at the Pirate Shores attraction, where they will be treated to a re-enaction of a typical pirate raid off the coast of Somalia. Thrill to the true story of Captain Phillips as brave Somali freedom fighters defeat the might of the Great Satan’s Navy Seals.

4pm Afternoon prayers, conducted by Ayman al-Zawahiri, live via internet from his compound in the tribal regions of Waziristan. Followed by a seminar on how Lego can be used to build weapons which can  be smuggled undetected through  airport security.

4.30pm All girls to report to the Kingdom of the Pharaohs for full FGM inspection. All boys to report to the Al-Aqsa recruiting tent outside the Land of the Vikings for onward transportation to Syria. 

5pm Practical demonstration on how to make an execution block out of Lego, for use when making internet videos showing beheading of infidels and apostates. Younger  children will be taught how to  build an Osama bin Laden doll out of Lego.

Jolly jihadi boy's outing to Legoland

5.30pm Early evening prayers (women and girls only), conducted by the White Widow, live by satellite phone from her safe house in Kenya. Her sermon tonight: ‘Death to all Kaffirs!’ She will also give helpful advice on how lessons learned during the Nairobi Shopping Mall Massacre can be applied to any future attack on the Westfield Centre at Stratford.

6pm All visitors to assemble at the Imagination Centre, where a member of the West London Jihadist Brigade will drive a lorry made out of Lego, and packed with fertiliser, into a Lego model of the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem, striking a blow at the heart of the Zionist Entity.

7pm The spectacular climax of our Family Fun Day. First, fireworks and a bonfire complete with burning  effigies of George W. Bush, Tony Blair and that twerking harlot Miley Cyrus, all made from Lego. 

As the flames rise high into the night sky, our spiritual leader Haitham al-Haddad will fly two remote-controlled Lego aircraft into scale models of the Twin Towers, made entirely from Lego. We hope you all have a fun day. 

Allahu Akbar!

Read more: 

And that in the Daily Mail?  The UK seems to be waking up to the Fascist baby suckling from its teat.


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