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Americans are beginning to realize that we have been betrayed and that the bulk of our "leaders" are involved in a great conspiracy. Like so many Americans I was not overly interested in politics until after Hussein Obama was first elected. That tragedy led me to the internet and from there to political commentary. I had so much to learn, and the process continues. The greatest part of that learning process was not of current events, facts, dates, and how we got here, but grasping the enormity of pure evil and the frailties of human nature.

I look at the image above and must wonder how those people have changed. Surely some of them have died in the last four years. Others, due to Obama's policies are now unemployed, perhaps homeless, and are unable to attend such a rally. Others have become "Preppers" stockpiling food, arms, and ammunition. Sadly, others have given up, and for them I feel the greatest sorrow, for to be dispirited is to be lost.

In general I resent it when someone adds me to an Internet group without my consent, but lately I have been viewing these new groups as a barometer of American's changing attitudes. Until the election most claimed loyalty to the Republican Party. Now I see many disavowing the GOP, as well they should. Before the election many were patiently waiting for justice to be done and believing that Washington D.C. would be purged of wrongdoing, a long overdue task. Now they see that will not happen, and many are angered. "Lock and load" has become a rallying cry for a lot of our citizens. They seek not trouble, nor do they don't want to be an unsuspecting victim of that trouble when it comes knocking at their door.

A good indication of the need for Americans to become more self reliant comes from none other than the city attorney of San Bernardino California.

City Attorney Tells San Bernardino Residents To 'Lock Their Doors,' 'Load Their GunsBecause Of Police Downsizing

CBS Local ‎- 13 hours ago

SAN BERNARDINO ( — The city attorney of San Bernardino is under scrutiny for telling residents to “lock their doorsand load their ...

This link, especially considering its source, is an excellent indicator of where the nation is headed. Note the preview in the above link: "The city attorney of San Bernardino is under scrutiny for telling residents to 'lock the doors and load their..." This is not a politically correct stance for an officer of the court in an extremely liberal state. Politically correct or not, he stood as a man devoted to the people, ignoring political correctness, and I salute his efforts.

The voices in the groups I mentioned above are venting frustration at a system that has turned against the freedom we all crave. Many are still clinging to the old ways: Sign a petition for Obama's impeachment! That is a waste of effort and digital memory. Obama cannot and will not be impeached. Impeachment must be voted on in the Senate, which is controlled by Harry Reid. Do you believe that Joseph Stalin could have been impeached? The Obama Nation is about two degrees of separation from Stalinist Russia. Even Pravda, well versed in the ways of a totalitarian state, warns of Obama's communist plans:

Obama's Soviet Mistake - English › Opinion › ColumnistsShare

Nov 19, 2012 – Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with ...

Others, still dedicated to the practices of Old America are calling calling and faxing Senators and member of Congress ... also to no avail. Still others, thankfully, are beginning to grasp the seriousness of the situation.

A few years ago both they and I would have laughed at the New World Order conspiracy. We laugh no longer. Now we have all seen the video with Bush the Elder telling us that we are entering a New World Order, and we realize that there is no peaceful way to escape from it. We have been sold out by the entire Democratic Party and the bulk of the Republican Party. Between the two, any rational person will favor the GOP, but today the line that divides the parties has been blurred beyond recognition. Now the Party of Lincoln would far rather compromise, cross the aisle as they say, than defend the principles that made America great.

A short time back millions of Americans went to the polls and voted for Mitt Romney. A day later they were reeling in shock. They know that he could not have lost. The cry went up to investigate election fraud. Once more they were rallying behind Mitt Romney. There were weeks of comments and posted links demanding justice. Recount, revote, impound the voting machines, anything that would prove that the election had been stolen. Then some began noticing the conspicuous absence of the man in question ... Mitt Romney. Americans were still voicing support for him, why was he not speaking up for their right to investigate election fraud?

They posted comments. They posted links. Their words were no more than a lost cry in the wilderness as they watched while the Republican leadership directed their efforts, not at unveiling the truth about a fraudulent election, but forward to 2014 and how they would have to look further to the left in search of votes to remain in office. A new phrase entered the lexicon as the pundits announced that the "Browning of America", was the way to victory in 2014. Abandon the white culture that built America, make concessions and provide entitlements to the unproductive and the newcomers. That is the way to keep "Republicans" in office.

This left leaning departure further necessitated abandoning still more of the Republican principles and the Tea Party. I don't know how many people who have ever really taken a minute to look at the names of the two parties. Republican, the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan was derived from the word Republic and that party once adhered to the principal of a nation ruled by laws, not men. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, has never made any secret of the fact that they favor majority rule, democracy, over the laws and principles established by our founders. History has long proven that majority rule leads to gang rule and chaos ... the great shortcoming of an unfettered democracy, and history is catching up to us.

Recent years have shown an ever increasing tendency toward courting majority rule by both parties and that trend is destroying America. It was the Tea Party that carried the day in 2010 and took the House of Representatives from the far left, Then in 2012 they found themselves abandoned; shunned by the GOP. Meanwhile the powers that be are now categorizing the members of the Tea Party and home coming veterans as potential right wing terrorists. with none of the GOP leaders contesting this groundless view.

Those leaders have one thing in mind, and one thing only, and that is getting reelected and maintaining the status quo in Washington. A few brave souls stand before America and dare criticize Obama, while the rest cower in fear, and like court jesters curry his favor. They know, far better than we, that Obama has assumed the mantle of a dictator, and most dare not stand against him. Those poor fools have forgotten history. All dictators resort to purges. At the moment those purges are beginning within the military, thinning out potential threats. Later as his power solidifies he will begin eliminating political threats as well. I have no trouble at all envisioning John "Wimpy" Boehner crying like a child as he is led away.

Our nation has fallen to a state of depravity from which there is no recovery. As long as the "rights" of the unproductive and illegal immigrants supersede the rights of those who maintain America there can be no Land of the Free, for it has been replaced by the land of free cell phones and free food stamps. In our current state of degradation we have allowed a dysfunctional democracy to overrule morality and common sense, and without those two qualities there can be no freedom. Thus was born the Nanny State, from which there is no peaceful exit.

Look not to Washington for solutions for it is they who created the problems. Look to the words of John F. Kennedy as he said. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Everyday it becomes more apparent that voting, faxing, and calling your representative will change nothing. Everyday it becomes more apparent that our rights are being taken away by those who bow to the U.N. and the New World Order. Everyday it becomes apparent that those from other cultures are redefining what this nation is to be, and everyday this poor abused nation feels less like home.

The United States of America was built by men and women willing to lay their lives on the line in the quest for freedom. Has that quest been abandoned. Has the courage of our forefathers led to a nation of those who will bow in subservience to their masters? Has the responsibility to protect America been left to others for so long that now there are none left with the spirit of 1776? Shall we simply let it all go or take to the streets and take it back?

The future, like a pliable mass of clay in the hands of a master sculptor lies before us, it is ours to shape.

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