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The title of the essay may sound incomplete, leading a reader to ask "On the verge of what?" The answer is very simple. We are on the verge of almost everything bad that could possibly happen to all of mankind.

Let's begin the list with the most important election in the history of this nation. The results of that election will be decided by an electorate that is largely misinformed, disinterested, and corrupted by an attitude of "What's in it for me." It matters not which candidate wins, America is in deep trouble, already being on a slippery slope to hell, but if Obama wins then the total ruin of this nation is not only guaranteed, it is imminent.

I would like to say that item two on the list is economic uncertainty but that would not be totally correct as we face an economic certainty ... A certainty of collapse. An absolute rule of economics is that no individual, no family, no town, city, state, or nation can continue to spend beyond its means and hope to survive indefinitely, and we have been doing just that for so long that now it is time to pay the piper. We could have stopped at anytime, bit the bullet, endured the discomfort of a recession and allowed the economy to adjust.

Fifty Million Mark note Wiemar Republic






We chose not to do that, electing instead to keep spending, adding even more to the roles of entitlements, forever hoping to forestall the inevitable bankruptcy.

For the sake of any who have not yet noticed, the inevitable has arrived, and we still won't face reality. That act of denial has been embodied in what we now know as QE3, a way to keep spending long after our economy has been decimated, in the amount of ten billion non-existent dollars a week. Our elected leaders, unwilling to use the true term of rampant inflation, have come up with a new buzz word ... Quantitative Easing.

This nation's leaders, perhaps for good reason, look upon the electorate as being extremely gullible. Even the gullible knows what inflation is and they want no part of it and so instead of inflation they are offered "Quantitative Easing" and none are the wiser that they are being taxed to death with an invisible tax of hyperinflation. This Quantitative Easing has been implemented before in the guise of QE1 and QE2, both with limited and specified goals. Both efforts have failed dismally and so QE3 is now rolling out the big guns and their target is none other than the wealth of the American people, and they cannot miss. Quantitative Easing and the hyperinflation it causes will result in the the total destruction of all the accumulated wealth of the American public. 

The above fifty million mark note would have at one time bought a loaf of bread in the Wiemar Republic. A short time later the price went up.

Speaking of bread, this young man in Zimbabwe, circa 2008. is on the way to buy bread with the stack of inflated dollars he is carrying. The money he is carrying weighs more than the bread he will carry home. If anyone reading this essay is not at least vaguely familiar with the collapse of the Wiemar Republic, please, after reading this essay follow this link. Of Zimbabwe's hyperinflation follow this link

Excerpt: "In the 1990's the Zimbabwean government of president Robert Mugabe instituted land reforms intended to redistribute land from white landowners to black farmers to correct the injustices of colonialism. However, many of these farmers had no experience or training in running large scale farms. From 1999 - 2009, the country experienced a sharp drop in food production and in all other sectors. Unemployment rose and life expectancy dropped." Sound at all familiar? This is what happens when an amateur racist with an agenda gains power and begins to redistribute the wealth.

Discussing hyperinflation can really mess up your day, so let's move along to the prospects of civil strife. You don't have to look far on the internet to find that the since Hussein Obama was sworn in, the sales of arms and ammunition has been on a steady climb. All sales records in previous years have been smashed. People who have never fired a gun in their lives are now installing small armories in their homes. Government offices, even those with no policing authority are buying millions of round of hollow point 40 caliber ammunition, 5.56 mm, and 7.62 NATO rounds. Why these offices have been making such purchases has been explained away with the usual political no speak dialogue we are used to. The one odd round of ammo that I have never heard discussed is the 7.62, popular among Islamic radicals. Perhaps we should ponder that issue for a while.

If the topic of civil strife is depressing then let's totally get away from such things and take a warm fuzzy tour of multiculturalism. We keep hearing such nice things from the Obama administration about cultural diversity, Islam's contributions to world peace and harmony, and how only a very few Muslims are really radical and the rest are just good ole boys who want to build mosques and burn the American Flag. Perhaps I can tackle two topics at once and discuss those good ole boy Muslims and American high officials who are selling us out to Islam.

Every American who values the right to freedom of speech owes it to himself to read a brief essay on David Horowitz's Discover The Networks. This link will tell you all you need to know about the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.(Also known as the Organization Of The Islamic Conference). Its prime directive is to put an end to anyone, anywhere in the world, being allowed to criticize Islam. They have put forth U.N. directive Resolution 16/18, which Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama have both signed. Thus far it has been used to render all of our intelligence gathering services ineffective and put our military into ever increasing danger. When put fully into effect it will totally nullify the First Amendment and criminalize any of us who speaks or writes anything about the true role of Islam in the modern world.

Naturally any derogatory remark ever put on the internet about Islam will have to be purged along with any book in our bookstores and libraries broaching the same topic. I have no doubt that, were he alive, Adolph Hitler would approve.

I frequently use the word "Traitors" in my writing and feel the term is appropriately utilized. Example:

The warriors of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and others love to film themselves in action. A few months ago I learned about one of our new weapons as it sent a terrorist to his awaiting virgins. One of their men was launching mortar rounds. Round one ... Round two ... and just as he was about to drop round three down the tube he became the victim of an American mortar returning fire. One shot, a direct hit.

We now have laser guided mortars with pin point accuracy. Sounds like a real winner for us, unless we give them to the enemy, and we do.

The recent debacle that resulted in the death of an Ambassador and the retreat of his associates to a "Safe House" that Al Qaeda knew about. The so called safe house was soon surrounded and bombarded with American supplied laser guided mortars. Those mortars were put into the hands of Al Qaeda by John McCain and the late Ambassador who was a strong advocate of the Arab Spring.

This nation is dead! The traitors and the banksters are handing us over, lock, stock, and barrel, to the Muslim Brotherhood. We rally around symbols like fried chicken outlets and empty chairs, and debate the failings of Romney's 47% comment, when we should be spending more time at the nearest shooting range and reading and learning of the true scenario that we are up against.

Earlier in this essay I used the phrase "an electorate that is largely misinformed, disinterested, and corrupted by an attitude of "What's in it for me."" and therein lies the whole problem we face, in a nutshell. No nation, great or small, can hope to exist in peace and prosperity once its people have abandoned their morality, and if the polls are even close to being right then we, as a people, have indeed abandoned morality.

It matters not if you are a Christian, a Jew, a Mormon, or an atheist who observes but nine of The Ten Commandments, this nation must be rebuilt and the bedrock on which is must be built it the one that has been abandoned. Morality! With morality comes conviction, courage, and a willingness to go the extra mile such as JFK spoke of when he said "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." 

In my most recent essay I wrote of the need to stop wasting time and effort on the mindless followers of Obama. Let them go! I received quite a few comments from that, some on the comment section of the blog, some through Email, and others from groups where I had posted the essay. All, without fail, told me that they are having to turn their backs on family members. None said A family member. All were plural. I have nearly thirty cousins scattered between West Virginia, Ohio, and Georgia. All bow before Obama, and I am betting that their children do the same.

I see foolish denial of the realities we face in those comments about how Obama is definitely going to lose. I see photos and catch phrases about him being fired. Petitions keeps making their rounds seeking signatures that will never be counted and thank God I see some truly alert and concerned patriots who are not so blinded by an unwarranted case of optimism. We are in serious danger of Obama being reelected and finishing the job he began four years ago.

This is longer than my average essay as I had so much to say. Most "Patriots" won't even begin to read it. Some who do will make it through a few paragraphs and go look at cool pictures. If you made this far with me then you are one of the truly alert people who will have to lead the others when the time comes, and you are going to have to lead them through some tough time and make tough decisions. 

While making those tough decisions, remember this: The Golden Rule was meant for peace time. Once this starts it will be a long time before you again see peace, and until you do, the Golden Rule must be set aside and cherished until you can once again bring it into the light of day, for in time of extreme strife, "doing unto others" can get you and those who follow you killed.

In Ronald Reagan's greatest speech he spoke of a time for choosing. That time is upon us. Soon Americans will decide if Obama is to continue the destruction of our homeland. If the majority choose to follow him then comes our time for yet another choice, to either follow him or the Constitution. That choice is either/or as Obama and our Constitutional rights cannot coexist. That choice is yours to make.

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 The west seems to think it can just print more money. Or shoud i say those who've messed up the economy think they can just print money to get themselves out of the Mire. As well as that obvious bad plan there is also the plan to tax the rich more, and when thats run out, then they'll have to tax those that are the next richest. ECT.

When you have to print worthless money and pretend its worth something, your just kidding yourself, and your already on the road to ruin. All these trillions owed by the west will take generations to pay back. Apart from the obvious crime of heaping unnessasry debt onto future generations, we also have to decide when the credit limit for the future has been meet. No one wants to talk figures, this could well be because any talk of a limit could destroy what little confidence is left in the money markets.  Or maybe govenments have already decided this money will never be payed back. Maybe they;ll just let the world economy crash and so it doesn't matter how much you print now.

I've seen a few bankrupts in recent years. Just before they go skint, they go on a mad borrowing, spending spree.   

An excellent essay Danny, it reads like a rousing speech!  I like the way you give some facts, then give some opinion, then say "lets move on".  People are either listening or they aren't.  The ones that are will get your drift with just those few indicators.  For the ones that aren't, you could enumerate 1000 pages of undisputable proof, and they still wouldn't believe it, so may as well save your time.

I know you hate conventional politics, but if you went into the fray, maybe you could be another Colonel Allan West.

Alan, I thank you for both compliments. The one for the essay I certainly appreciate, but the one regarding Colonel Allan West brings me honor, for I truly admire that man, but there is no way that I would consider walking a mile in his shoes. Politics is a game I could not endure. I do not like being around evil people, least of all trying to have a civil conversation with them. I'll leave that dirty job to the Colonel. 



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