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Something is terribly wrong when one letter of concern about national security is sent by a Congresswoman to the Inspector General and it draws so much ire from the MSM, the entire Democratic Party, numerous Republican Congressmen and Senators as well as from Barrack Hussein Obama.

I just could not leave it alone. I had to begin probing for the reason why so many people attacked one woman for doing her job and nothing that they say about the incident has any merit. It is a blatant attack that has but one purpose and that is to establish a smoke screen, and I always want to know what is beyond the smoke. One thing that I am beginning to suspect is that just beyond the smoke screen is the awakening of an American Margaret Thatcher.

What I have discovered about this matter in a very brief period is hard to imagine. I was well aware and written much about the fact that we, as a nation, have been heavily infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood(MB), but until the last few days had no idea to what degree. Neither had I any awareness, thanks to unreliable news reporting, about just how big the inquiry into the issue is. The focal point of the attacks is Michelle Bachman, and like the true patriot she is, Ms. Bachman is weathering the storm well and refusing many demands for her to apologize for her efforts.

Keith Ellison at CAIR
CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land
Foundation terrorist funding trials

Speaking of apologies, I must apologize to my readers for having to veer from the subject matter that was supposed to be my next essay(This one) The other evidence I have been assembling is of utmost importance for it gets to the very heart of the danger presented by Islam, and yet it had to be delayed as after reading  the Bachman/Ellison letter I realized that you and I can better grasp just how advanced the Islamic infiltration has become with facts presented within that letter.

Congresswoman Bachman has been attacked by the entire Democratic party, Hussein Obama, many high ranking members of the GOP, and the news media, including Fox News but the most vile attack on her character has been levied by Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison(D), and I wish that I could have been the proverbial fly on the wall when he received her response letter. When a great woman chastises, quite rightly, an errant petty man, it must a spectacle to behold. That chastening comes in the form of a sixteen page letter which is linked in Suggested Reading at the end of this article. I am hopeful that all will read it in its entirety but am well aware that many will not, and yet all should be aware of issues within it, and so, to that end, I shall summarize her letter as well as providing supplementary information.

Much of this essay will be direct quotes from Congresswoman Bachman's letter. From the political elite to our news sources, all complaints are focused on her, with tactics prescribed by the late Saul Alinsky, but she was not alone in her efforts. There were four other congressmen who signed that letter, but until I read her communication with Keith Ellison I had no idea that the House Judiciary Committee had also requested an investigation of Muslim infiltration into our government. So much for reliable news. 

The MSM is complicit in the smoke screen being generated to discredit Ms. Bachman and hide the information she has from the public. If they manage to silence her, by whatever means, our fellow citizens will never be aware of what she has tried to expose about our infiltrated government. I am certain that she knows far more than I, some of which she cannot put into the public forum as an open Congressional letter, but the contents of that letter to Ellison should be revealed to all, even if censorship conceals the rest of what she is trying to reveal.

Michelle Bachman is fighting the good fight. Pass this essay on that others may see. 
She writes:
"As you know, on June 13, 2012, members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, myself included, and the House Judiciary Committee sent letters to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and the office of the Director of National Intelligence. The purpose of these letters was to request a multi-department investigation into potential Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the United States Government.

We find this not only necessary, but beyond timely, considering that departments and agencies of the U.S. Government (including, but not limited to, those departments to which these Inspector General letters were sent) have in the past and continue to be advised by organizations and individuals that the U.S. Government itself has identified in federal courts as fronts for the International Muslim Brotherhood. That such a widespread assessment has not been performed is troubling and is the basis for genuine concern given the stark contrast between what the U.S. Government says about these Muslim Brotherhood front groups and their continued association with these groups."

Michelle Bachman and allies have thrown down the gauntlet. They have not only notified the Inspector General of their concerns but also sent copies of the letter to the departments they were requesting the I.G. to investigate. It would seem that We The People are not totally alone. There yet remain some in our nation's capitol with the courage to do what we sent them there to do.

Further into the letter she makes reference to the remarks that the operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood had influenced our intelligence gathering capabilities and cites on February 10, 2011 that the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the Muslim Brotherhood was a "largely secular" group and she adds that the White House withdrew from that comment and later Clapper himself retracted it. She also added that he was not speaking "Off the cuff" but read that statement from a prepared report. 

No one could ask for a better indication of Islamic infiltration into our intelligence community. Ms. Bachman also adds the final straw of damning evidence by stating that Director Clapper's remark was in reply to Representative Sue Myrick's question about the MB's stated goal of "Destroying Western civilization from within." Everyone with a mind knows full well that the MB plans to destroy our nation. Most are also aware that they are well established within our ranks. Any who has doubts that Director Clapper is complicit would not be reading this essay, and sadly, he is but one of far too many.

Keith Ellison threw everything he had at Congresswoman Bachman and I am delighted with her response. He used distortions of the truth, false accusations, and intimidation. His clumsy half baked assault seems to have brought out the best in her. She writes as though  inspired. Ellison stated that she had accused Huma Abedin of working on behalf of the Brotherhood. She had not! See "The New Gate Keepers" in Suggested Reading.

In response to Ellison's false accusations that the Congressional Five had "by extension" accused Huma Abedin of sharing information with the MB Ms. Bachman, in her letter pointed out:
"That her family members are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood has been reported and referenced widely in the Arab-language media, including Al-Hayat, the Arab Times, and Al Jazeera."

Ms. Bachman continues with:
"That Ms. Abedin is a close confidante with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and that her position provides her with access to the Secretary and puts her into a position to influence policy making is not controversial.

The concerns about foreign influence of immediate family members is such a concern to the U.S. Government that it includes these factors as potentially disqualifying condition for obtaining a security clearance, which undoubtedly Ms. Abedin has had to obtain to function in her position. 
For us to raise issues about a highly-based U.S. Government official with known immediate family connections to foreign extremist organizations is not a question of singling out Ms. Abedin. In fact these questions are raised by the U.S. government of anyone seeking a security clearance.

Given the reasonable assumption that Ms. Abedin has a high level security clearance, as a member of the House Select Committee On Intelligence, I am particularly interested in how, given what we know about the international media about Ms. Abedin's documented family connections with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, she was able to avoid being disqualified for a security clearance. If these known and documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood would not disqualify someone for a security clearance, what specifically is the standard to be disqualified on foreign influence grounds." 

Keith Ellison is a very foolish man, but then it is the Muslim way to think a man superior to all women. He met his match in Michelle Bachman and gave her the move she wanted. The Congresswoman plays an excellent game of chess: In her official capacity as a member of Congress, involved in national security, she sent a letter to the I.G. requesting an investigation, but hesitating to present much concrete evidence. There is an excellent chance that the Inspector General's office is also infiltrated and would have denied her request, but Ellison, fool that he is, gave her the opportunity and in rebuttal to his demands she is pointing out specifics that America must know. She, through him, found the only way to put her evidence before America. Her letter goes on with much more...

Many want to blame it all on Obama and that is simply not the case. The Islamic infiltration of the U.S. goes back many years. In Suggested Reading there is a recent essay of mine "Republican Party...Rest In Peace." It details Islamic infiltration and influence peddling within the ranks of the GOP, by the likes of Grover Norquist and Suhail Kahn. If you have some hours to spare, get the whole story in a ten part free course by Frank Gaffney.

Islam forms so very many groups, each with overlapping functions in the event that one of them is taken down. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) is one such group composed of members from fifty seven Islamic countries with a stated goal of spreading Sharia worldwide and undermining the U.S. Constitution. With prompting from Grover Norquist, Bush the Younger created a special envoy position to join them.

One thing that Michelle Bachman points out about them is shown here:
"The objectives of the Organization of Islamic Conference shall be: To safeguard the rights, dignity and religious and cultural identity of Muslim communities and minorities in non-Muslim states.

The OIC takes this charge seriously and produces annual Observatory Reports that track issues it designates as "Islamophobia." On the status of Muslims living in non-Muslim countries, the 2010 OIC Observatory Report stated that 'Muslims should not be attempted to be assimilated. Accommodation is the best strategy for integration.' In other words Muslims should be allowed to live in non-Muslim states without having to necessarily obey its laws."

The Lady from Congress has done her homework, and through this backdoor approach, via Keith Ellison, is warning America what is really going on. That last highlighted line above is quite indicative of the push for Sharia supplanting out Constitution. Muslims are taught by the Qur'an that they will one day control the world, and that nothing outside the Qur'an is meaningful. To them the laws of mankind are irrelevant. Islam concedes nothing! They demand, for they feel that is their right, and in return they give no concessions. That is the teachings of Allah, and we fall victim to those ways on a daily basis.

Americans are a people in search of instant gratification. The people of Islam, on the other hand, think in terms of long range progress. Americans, also have a way of getting angry and then laughing off the absurd, and while we laugh, Islam advances. Case in point: In April of 2010 the UN elected Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women. I can think of nothing that could ring with a more ominous tone than Iran being the world's defender of women's rights. America's reaction: Anger, followed by laughter, followed by another advance of stealth Jihad. Until Americans unite and demand that we get out of the UN and get the UN out of America, we will continue down the road in our growing submission to Islam.

Somehow when I think of Congresswoman Bachman and her few allies, I cannot help but recall the men of the Alamo,  surrounded, besieged, and standing by their guns. Fox news is leading the MSM in a desperate push to silence them. The Democratic party and much of the party of Lincoln have joined forces in an effort to destroy those brave defenders of America, and thus far they have not been destroyed, nor silenced. In fact their struggle has become a rallying point for many who are just realizing the current turn of events. 

Ms. Bachman also wrote this to Keith Ellison for us to read:
"Promulgated in 2005 and designated the 'Ten Year Year Programme of Action', the OIC formally recognized Islamic speech standards as being binding on the entire world and formulated a plan to subordinate all speech to Islamic speech standards by 'endeavoring to have the United Nations adopt an international resolution to counter Islamophobia, and call upon all states to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments.'

While such an initiative is abhorrent to America's First Amendment rights, the OIC's Ten Year Programme of Action to subordinate free speech to Islamic law is quite serious.

Even more distressing is the U.S. Department of State's participating in a process called 'The Istanbul Process,' that seeks implementation of the Ten Year Programme through ratification of United Nations Resolution 16/18. Drafted by Pakistan on behalf of the OIC and written in facially neutral language, the OIC Secretary General acknowledges that upon its passage Resolution 16/18, heavily promoted by the current administration, fulfilled OIC objectives on defamation that the West had up until this time consistently opposed.

When committing to its passage and implementation, Secretary Clinton committed to the OIC Secretary General 'to use some old fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming against those who choose not to submit to the new speech requirements."

If that does not reveal the true loyalties of Hillary Clinton, nothing will! She is fully prepared to punish American if they dare criticize the Religion of Peace and it murderous atrocities.

In Michelle Bachman's original letter to the Inspector General dated June 13, 2012, she requested that they notify her committee of their planned response to the committee's request within a ninety day period. That ninety day period, at the writing of this essay, is nearly over, and thus far no response. The all out attacks on the Congresswoman continues unabated and her only weapons are fact and words.

Her detractors portray her words as bigotry and racism and they liberally employ the term "McCarthyism". So much for her detractors. Now for her supporters. She has both few and many. The few are the elected officials and dignitaries in Washington; the many are us! This nation has numerous problems and the one that all Americans are most concerned with is the economy. It is indeed a very serious problem, but it pales in contrast to this funded effort to enslave the American people and make them subject to a primitive, alien concept.

We have known economic hard times before and survived. We have never known subjugation, and furthermore, we must never know it. Knowledge is a great weapon and Michelle Bachman has now not only provided leadership she has intentionally placed that knowledge in the hands of America. Use wisely what she has provided. Pass along the information provided here to everyone you can, and when they ask "Well, what can we do?" Tell them to donate whatever they can to Michelle Bachman and read this. A Change of Tactics

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Republican Party...Rest In Peace
The Muslim Brotherhood In America...A Ten Part Free Course by Frank Gaffney
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Danny, you nailed it. Whenever ANYONE who poses a serious threat to the agenda of our so-called govt arises, they are immediately excoriated. The Soros owned MSM dutifully kicks in with its well worn narrative and the average person simply cannot see that there is a curtain behind which the real truth lies. They also cannot see how their own govt is betraying them.

As far as the Islamic threat is concerned, I attended an ACT meeting yesterday & viewed the film Losing Our Sons, which detailed the radicalization threat in our schools & universities that has emerged from subtle underground tactics to blatant, overt indoctrination. The father of the shooter was just as devastated as the father of the son who was killed. Both men were invited to one of Peter King's hearings and were basically dismissed by the colluding  Dems on the committee with the usual pap. These two fathers, who were so brutally & cruelly struck have vowed to keep up their efforts

It also showed examples of misguided Christians & Jews practicing outreach to these barbarians. They are in such a state of denial that they cannot even challenge unmistakable statements from an Imam standing in front of them that are implying  "We will eventually convert/kill you". Their reaction of complete silence is utterly incomprehensible--at least to me!

I've said the following before & will keep on saying it: Our biggest threat is from the good hearted, well meaning people in the Western Mindset who simply cannot fathom that such a system as evil, destructive, & freedom crushing as Islam  could possibly exist.  What will it take to jar them into reality!!!


I cannot answer your question " What will it take to jar them into reality!!!" with any specificity, but I believe I can give you a bold generality. First off, I do not believe that Martial Law would wake up the entire nation. Many of our people are still deaf and blind to the reality that grows around us. Many would happily report gun owners and those with a reserve supply of food to make points with the local commissar. I have asked myself if New York City getting nuked would wake them up and I don't think so. Something like that or our food and water supply being poisoned would only give them more reason to look to the government to take charge. 

In short, I believe that we literally have millions who cannot be awakened and, without knowing it you stated why in your comment above. You wrote "Our biggest threat is from the good hearted, well meaning people in the Western Mindset who simply cannot fathom that such a system as evil, destructive, & freedom crushing as Islam  could possibly exist."

We are, for lack of a better word, Brainwashed from birth. Some of us are able to out grow some of our teachings, while many lack the strength to think for themselves at all. And that problem is equally culpable on both side of the coin. While many are not able to conceive of the absolute evil we face, those who were born into the evil of Islam cannot conceive of being humane. We were taught to have faith. They were taught to cut our throats. The worst among them cannot help being what they are anymore than can the weakest among us can abandon their ways. The meek shall indeed inherit the Earth, in the form of a plot about 3' X 6', the rest of us must engage when the time comes. 

I cannot disagree with anything you've said. It is incomprehensible that the good hearted are part of the enemy within. When conquest is complete, they will stand in front of the firing squad or place their heads on the chopping block while saying "well, we evil imperialistic racist westerners brought this on ourselves".

If & when the  time comes that we face destruction, I will not lift one finger to help such a useful idiot . To do so would only result in my death as well as theirs, and that is the brutal truth.

Lock & load!!!.


You would have made a good paratrooper. The truth is often brutal, but it is still the truth.

As you say, "Lock and Load", and as I often say "Victory or Death".


This reminds me of the excellent analysis of the OIC by Steve Coughlin:


That is an outstanding video. While Mr. Coughlin lacks Frank Gaffney's smooth delivery when discussing dry subject matter, his information cannot be questioned and his logic is impeccable. I watched about half of this and was interrupted and could not get back to it until today. Now I must watch it again with many pauses to retrieve links and quotes. You watched this, I watched this, and we both know that most people would not sit through the whole thing, therefore I must glean the most relevant issues and try to put these things into brief essays that people can absorb, in small doses.

This is a great source of information.




Hillary Clinton is most certainly not alone in her efforts to turn the U.S. into an Islamic paradise. The DNC has invited 20,000 Muslims to their convention. Note that the DNC event will begin with a Jummah prayer, meanwhile prayer has been outlawed almost everywhere by their liberal counterparts. Topics of discussion, Islamophobia, Middle Eastern crisis, and the Patriot Act. 

Allah be praised!!!


Hi Danny,

I've got another off-the-wall thought.  It may not be quite right because I've only random bits of info to go on.

Hilary Clinton always struck me as a bit odd, for a human woman.  She sacrificed her own political career so her husband could get on, only to find that he'd cheated on her with a lot of women by way of thanks.  Then she stuck with him, but, acknowledging that her sacrifice was in vain, she branched out again into politics, and was very successful.

But this all reminds me of the typical Dhimmi status of an infidel, only Hilary is behaving as a Dhimmi Muslim woman with respect to her husband.  Surely, a non-Muslim woman would have said "enough is enough, I'm out of here", even if that means sacrificing all the connections and undoubted political skills of Bill?  She can probably manage without him anyway.

So, Hilary is already a Muslim woman, and the whole Islamic ideology of submission and coercion does not seem foreign to her at all.  So she is comfortable pandering to the Muslim vote, and doesn't see anything odd about that, or even threatening.  She sold out long ago, to expediency, and Bill.


I don't believe that your thoughts are so "Off the Wall". Watching her behavior toward Islam I can only visualize two possible scenarios: What you have described above or that she is a totally amoral woman driven only by the need for power and always ready to sell out to the highest bidder, as she has with Soros and Islam. Whether she is devoid of any form of morality or a dedicated Muslim infiltrator, she is one of the most dangerous people in our weakening power structure. 

I wrote of Mister Coughlin lacking Frank Gaffney's smooth delivery, and must confess that I am running into the same problem. I am working on an essay as a reveal of the MWL and the OIC. Keeping a reader interested and focused on the history of a group, its policies and purpose is far more challenging than writing of individuals and their devious ways.

Frank Gaffney is magnificent. Throughout his ten part course on Islam he smoothly led from one danger to the next and kept my attention in full focus. He would have made a first university professor, but I am glad that he is where he is doing what he is doing.  Just had a thought! perhaps the ticket is to not only stress what is in certain treaties and such, and leave it to the reader to comprehend. Mayhaps I should be emphasizing the element of danger more.



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