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Joseph Stalin 

One of the shortcomings of many American voters, whether dead or alive, is that they have not studied history. Were this not so, Stonewall Obama would never have been elected, and even if he had, at least today's treasonous events would be better understood.

Right now the bulk of the American public are immersed in the pursuit of making a living for their families and have little time to understand the crisis at hand. Meanwhile another group, the Obama voters, are living off the dole and indulging in their favorite sitcoms, game shows, and whatever form of recreation suits their little minds. The more astute exist in a more or less controlled state of fear and are looking desperately for answers. I feel honored to have so many such people gather at this site.

We have all seen numerous photoshopped images of Obama in the guise of Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin, and if only he could wield power such as they did then he would truly be the happiest man in the world. His dream of absolute authority has one obstacle that previous dictators did not have to put up with ... A well armed electorate with a voice that grows louder with each passing day. That is the part that our Muslim in Chief has trouble dealing with. When Stalin made a mistake and needed someone to blame he simply put together a list of adversaries, had them lined up against the wall, and shot. Problem solved.

Obama, while seeking the ability to do the same has thus far come up short. Along with Hillary Clinton in the State Department and treasonous Congressmen on both sides of the aisle he has labored long and hard to silence free speech and to disarm the American public. Three high ranking military leaders probably owe their lives to the fact that the administration has failed. as of this date, in both endeavors. 

Today three long serving patriots were dismissed from their commands due to nothing that they had done wrong. They are being scapegoated in the name of political expediency and the smoke screen around Obama that grows ever thicker as election day looms, and this administration's treasonous behavior becomes ever more apparent.

General Carter Ham

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has announced that General Carter Ham, commanding officer of Africa Command, has been dismissed. His replacement is to be Obama nominee General David Rodriguez. Also General Joseph Dunford, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, is to be replaced by Lieutenant General John Paxton. While not "officially" relieved of command, Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette is being reassigned to a post in Bremerton Washington and replaced by Rear Admiral Troy Shoemaker until the so called investigations are completed.

Just for the record ... The following group of headlines is what a bloodless purge looks like:

Did Obama Abort A Rescue Of The Consulate? (Headline Front Page Magazine)

Navy Replaces Admiral Leading Middle East Strike /Group (Stars And Stripes)

Obama Nominates Army General Rodriguez To Lead Africom (Stars And Stripes)

Benghazi: Petraeus Implicates Obama (Conservative

Petraeus Throws Obama Under The Bus (Weekly Standard)

Obama cleaning house? Obama Administration Replaces Top Generals Following Benghazi Disaster (We The People)

Many Americans have held a long standing contempt for Jimmy Carter, but his ineptitude pales in comparison to the treasonous acts of Barrack Hussein Obama. He is not qualified to sit in the oval office, nor is he qualified to hold the title of President, or even claim to be an American. One step further. He is not qualified to call himself a man.

John F. Kennedy made a tragic error in the Bay of Pigs episode, but at least he was strong enough to admit that error. Stonewall Obama, in his Narcissistic stupor, cannot acknowledge a mistake at all. In pursuing the Obama/Soros agenda he intentionally allowed the death of Americans and now looks wildly about for others to blame. He is playing the blame game, and that game is indicative of the Obama meltdown. The stupid people we see about us every day may yet reelect this poor excuse of a human being, but the cards have been dealt, and now the entire military knows him to be the enemy of both our nation, and our warriors. They may yet have the last word.

Enjoy a brief thrill and watch the awesome firepower of an AC-130U in action. Four men died needlessly. They could have been reinforced by other elite ground forces or by one of these flying carriers of death with their their chain guns and laser guided shells. Two Americans manning a heavy machine gun on that roof in Benghazi had laser painted an Al Qaeda mortar emplacement that could have been taken out by one round from this magnificent gunship. 

With orders to stand down, no gunship was dispatched. Those men on that roof died from an incoming mortar round from the site they had painted. Their deaths could either be construed as murder, or at a bare minimum, negligent homicide, on the part of the Obama White House. Anything less than a long prison term is spitting in the face of justice.

In the last few weeks I have read volumes about that preventable tragedy in Benghazi but this is the first information that I have encountered about the strength of the enemy force, and it makes me proud to be an American, and to once having worn the uniform of the U.S. Army. A Libyan eyewitness account puts the number of Islamic attackers at one hundred and fifty terrorists. Four Americans! Four Americans, abandoned by their Commander in Chief, withstood the vicious assault of so many men who backed by truck mounted heavy machine guns and mortar emplacements.

Those Americans did not need to die. One order from Obama would have saved them. That order was not given. Emails of the attack were being sent around the world and American forces close enough to help and ready to go were ordered to "Stand down!" That order is beyond contemptible. That order is treasonous.

Those men were sacrificed intentionally because they stood in the way of an agenda. That agenda is the pivotal point of this entire cover up and military purge. See more in Suggested Reading.

It would now seem that the man who brags "I killed Osama bin Laden!" can also add with a wink and a grin: "And some Americans too!"

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When was the last time a US Ambassador murdered and dragged through the street by our enemies?  This president should wear sack cloth and ashes for a month to make some reparations.  I notice though that Hilary Clinton is saying the fault lies with her department and that the President was not responsible for any neglect or error of judgement.  These people got to protect their backs.

Danny, you deserve a tenured position at a top university in the USA.  Thank you for your essays.

Thank you Kinana, but I think I'll pass on that tenured position. Too damn many liberals in that university.



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