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PUBLISHED: 11 September 2021 | UPDATED: 08:33, 13 September 2021

  • University clears don of being anti-Islam but then cancels his course anyway after students launched 'vicious and militant' campaign
  • University chiefs rejected complaints Steven Greer expressed 'bigoted views'
  • But after a five-month investigation, his module was still pulled from syllabus
  • Critics said his lecture slide about 2015 Paris terror attack was 'Islamophobic'
  • Students had for the module at Bristol University's law school to be scrapped
  • Mr Greer accused senior academics of 'capitulating' to the threats of students

A professor has hit out at cancel culture after his lectures were axed following a 'vicious, militant' campaign by students who branded him Islamophobic.

University chiefs rejected complaints that human rights expert Steven Greer had expressed 'bigoted views' after a five-month investigation – but have still pulled his module from their syllabus.

He accused senior academics of 'capitulating' to the threats of students who had called for the module at Bristol University's law school to be scrapped over his 'reported use of discriminatory remarks and Islamophobic comments'.

An online petition which was launched by members of the university's Islamic Society, Brisoc, attracted 3,700 signatures. [see below]

University chiefs rejected complaints that Steven Greer (pictured) had expressed 'bigoted views' after a five-month investigation – but have still pulled his module from their syllabus

Meanwhile, Prof Greer said he had to flee the family home amid fears for his safety following the campaign against him.

Critics claimed a lecture slide that mentioned the 2015 terror attack on the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a magazine that had published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, was 'Islamophobic rhetoric'.

Prof Greer also highlighted the inferior treatment of women and non-Muslims in Islamic nations, and the harsh penalties handed out under sharia law.

But he believes he largely came under attack because he supports the Government's Prevent programme to stop radicalisation, which critics have branded anti-Islamic.

Prof Greer, who has worked at the university since the 1980s, told The Mail on Sunday: 'Brisoc's campaign has been vicious and punitive and has put me and my family under intolerable stress. It has been very threatening and frightening.'

He revealed that he 'came across a stranger loitering outside our home' shortly after news of the controversy emerged, adding: 'They gave an implausible excuse and left.

He accused academics of 'capitulating' to the students' threats who called for his Bristol University (pictured) module to be scrapped over his 'reported use of discriminatory remarks'

'Was it just a coincidence or a reconnoitre? We'll never know. My family and I were, of course, very rattled by this.

'Taking no chances, my wife and I fled our home to stay somewhere safer for several days.

'Going public in The Mail on Sunday may increase or decrease the risk to my personal safety. I just don't know.

'But the attack upon me is an attack upon a fundamental freedom and this is something worth standing up for, even if I'm harmed as a result.'

Although a formal investigation came down in favour of Prof Greer, he received an email from academic chiefs last week which said his module on Islam, China and the Far East was being dropped so Muslim students would 'not feel that their religion is being singled out or in any way 'othered' by the class material'.

Prof Greer said: 'Militant minorities are increasingly intent on dictating the content and delivery of university education through vilification, intimidation and threats.

'Their purpose is to silence lawful and legitimate opinion simply because they disagree with it.

'The law school has capitulated in a manner which is at variance with the result of the university's inquiry into my case.'

Prof Greer faced particular criticism over his defence of Prevent, but said the allegation that the programme was Islamophobic had been 'resoundingly discredited by the best and most recent research… it simply doesn't stack up against the evidence.'

Of the 697 cases taken on by Prevent last year, 43 per cent were for far-Right extremism and 30 per cent were Islamist.

An online petition which was launched by members of the university's Islamic Society, Brisoc, attracted 3,700 signatures.

Prof Greer, whose book, Tackling Terrorism In Britain: Threats, Responses And Challenges Twenty Years After 9/11, will be published next month, is due to retire at the end of this academic year, but has been signed off work by a doctor because of the impact of the saga on his health.

Students can appeal the ruling in favour of Prof Greer, and a Bristol University spokesman said: 'Our student complaints procedure has two stages and remains ongoing until both stages are complete.

'Material from the unit in question is still being taught but in a new format. This change is quite independent of the complaint raised and conforms with normal practice in the school in allowing the development of new teaching material to match students' current interests.'

Avon and Somerset Police said it was investigating a complaint of harassment. Brisoc did not respond to a request for comment.

Their online petition referred to 'a pattern of what can only be perceived to be hostility and bigotry towards Muslims which Prof Greer freely disseminates under the pretext of 'academic freedom'.'

Toby Young, of the Free Speech Union, said: 'Bristol's treatment of Prof Greer is outrageous.

'By kowtowing to the Islamic Society, the university has issued a gold-embossed invitation to activists to submit vexatious complaints about its employees.'  [See two attachments below.]


These are the people who seek to protect Islam from scrutiny and who cried ‘Islamophobia’ against Professor Greer.


Here are our 5 main aims for the year 21-22, which by God’s will, will guide and fuel our direction as a society, as well as giving you as a member, a better understanding of your new family

  1. To facilitate a communal space for all Muslim students to cultivate our shared values as firm believers in God and His Messenger ﷺ, by focusing on soul-nurturing programmes, personal development, and mentorship scheme
  2. To equip, develop and inspire our members to think critically, by empowering them to become well-grounded in all aspects of life, including the important Islamic sciences
  3. To showcase our beautiful religion and way of life to the wider Bristol community by engaging in beneficial and impactful community wellbeing projects 
  4. To increase engagement with our members by providing you with diverse and engaging social, educational and welfare programmes consistently throughout the year - creating a home away from home
  5. To continue engagement with core challenges the British Muslims are facing, by creating politically conscious and engaged students on campus

If you are a non-Muslim and want to learn anything about our beautiful religion and way of life, we are here to help and offer you some guidance from its sources. So, whoever you are, Brisoc is here to cultivate you.


For a larger discussion on the vague and nonsense word of ‘Islamophobia’ see:


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One way to support Professor Greer is to buy his new book.

'Tackling Terrorism in Britain: Threats, Responses, and Challenges Twenty Years After 9/11' (Routledge Research in Terrorism and the Law) Paperback – 15 Oct. 2021

To my mind, he seems too enamored by the Prevent Program but maybe that is just a way in to the larger discussion about the fundamentals of Islamic terrorism.  Maybe 4Freedoms can do a review of it! 


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