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I know I've mentioned this survey several times, but I don't think we have any discussion of it.

2013 survey - 40% of Britons think civil war with muslims is "inevitable" (up from 33%).

4 years ago, when I first woke up to the threat being from islam rather than a few nutters, I found very disturbing those people who were envisaging a civil war.  I used to avoid getting into debates with them, because I found the idea so horrendous I didn't even want to contemplate the possibility of it.  And if you had asked me at the start of 2013 what % of the British public thought such a civil war likely, I'd have put the figure at 3%.  Seeing this survey earlier this year, I realised just how far behind the curve my thinking was.  So, I think we should start documenting the steps that are indicative of the coming war. In that Guardian survey, 59% say they think a civil war is "likely" or "inevitable".  That such a shocking survey was tucked away in The Guardian and has never received any kind of wider discussion shows that the public discourse as reflected by the media could hardly be further away from the private discourse happening between individuals.

We should remember that Breivik saw himself as a jihadi.  Jihadis see themselves as exemplary individuals, hoping to show others the way.  So too did Breivik.  I saw several articles published today which made me think that the signs of civil war are becoming clearer.

19yo soldier arrested in Germany for nail bomb found in his home in Salford.

100s of "British" jihadis being trained in Syria.

And let's not forget the murder of Lee Rigby, the attempt to assassinate Stephen Timms.  I dare say if we look back over the past few years, we will see other markers that we should have noted.

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Civil war can be prevented if corrective steps are taken in time.  But neither the Government(s) or the populace are up the tasks at the moment.  I believe things will have to get worse before they get better.  Russia seems to be taking some harsh but necessary steps.  

If the reader wants to know more about the Stephen Timms assassination attempt click:

Muslim convert Mujahid Abu Hamza (aka Michael Adebolajo) 

He told a psychiatrist the events of May 22 were 'planned' and his actions were down to his religious beliefs.

"I pose no risk to the public or police but would be a continuing risk to the military,' he allegedly added.

Lee Rigby's callous murder or the London terrorist attacks in 95 were, in my eyes, the kind of despicable Islamist acts that would spark riots off nationwide. It hasn't happened. We are too damn soft, too bloody tolerant and most of us too ignorant to realise what's happening. When Britain wakes fully up it'll be far too late and civil war won't change a thing. It's in our nature to be backed into a corner I'm afraid. We are largely a bunch of fence sitting fruit cakes, spitting muesli at the early morning radio when the news comes in. What percentage are actually pro active? We're like a goose farting in the fog, thousands times more is needed and rapid.

People would turn if:

(1) They only knew of something they could do, and

(2) They were confident that the demons of the left wouldn't turn on them and destroy or put at risk, their jobs, reputation and family security.  Silence that Fascist filth, and people will soon stand up and start to deal with the problem.

I don't agree about the importance of the fascist Left.  It is the media who control (overt, public) discourse.  Political correctness is a tool of fascism which the modern Left lifted from the Nazis and the Communists, but it is now applied by the media to keep people in place.

With the break-up of local communities (car, telephone, television, mass immigration, destruction of industry, etc.) people have become fragmented.  Debates and opinion-forming which would have taken place in the staff canteen, the pub, the working-mens club, the launderette, the high-street, the church -- these have all been destroyed.  Opinion-forming is now controlled (to a large extent) by the schools and the media.  The internet is the only disruptive technology to come about which has had some kind of brake/reversal on this phenomenon.  The internet was an accident.

Isn't the majority of the media controlled by the left?  The media is a subset member, if perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT member, of the set of obstacles.  But the full set of obstacles, is the set of all people who are latter day National or International Socialists, i.e. the Fascist left.

Most of the people who own newspapers/tv stations/etc. do not really have any kind of leftwing views.  The journalists might well believe their leftist ideology.

Many of those in power will use whatever discourse comes to hand, in order to retain power.  Do you really think that the Cameron and Johnson of the Bullingdon Club believe in gay marriage, a living wage, etc?  

I think the SWP would be a far more threatening organisation to the elite, if it wasn't controlled by a Lord. Equally, a BNP that was genuinely working-class rather than controlled by a Cambridge graduate would be far more threatening to them.  Far better for the elite to have their people in control of political parties, media, churches, etc.  Then they can have their people espouse whatever pieties are suitable for public consumption/manipulation.

I have far more time for mavericks like von Mises, Burnham, Thatcher, Enoch Powell, Denis Skinner, etc. than yes-men like David Cameron.

Alan Lake said:

Isn't the majority of the media controlled by the left?  The media is a subset member, if perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT member, of the set of obstacles.  But the full set of obstacles, is the set of all people who are latter day National or International Socialists, i.e. the Fascist left.

The Stoning of Brown Owl.  These events happened in Bradford, in 2001.


Islam takes over from ale at the local pub

JUST round the corner from St Philip's is a striking emblem of what has happened to this part of Britain.

A local pub, pictured above, was patriotically known as The Royal.

Not any more. Its swinging sign, right, depicting the Royal Arms of England, has been crudely painted out. Many of its windows are broken. The promise of 'Hot and Cold Food, Live Music, Pool' has been withdrawn and instead someone has written on the Victorian stonework 'Islamic Centre'.

It is not a joke. This place, which once served ale to infidels, is now to be an Islamic religious school and possibly a mosque as well.

This week Lucy-Jane Marshall was the victim of a vile attack as she went to lead her pack of Brownies at the only Christian church in an Asian area of Bradford. Is this really what multiracial Britain has come to?

A stone the size of a half-brick sang past Lucy-Jane Marshall's nose, followed swiftly by several more.

Four teenagers, alarmingly close, snarled and yelled at Lucy-Jane, actually 22 but looking far younger in her navy-blue Guides uniform, as she walked towards a church. She ran, weeping with fear and dismay, to the sanctuary of the church hall.

By the time police arrived some minutes later, tears were still flowing down her face. The words the teenagers shouted at her were 'Christian bitch!'

The event is vile enough in any case, but

it is this expression that makes it profoundly alarming.

For the event took place not in some lawless state where Christians are a persecuted minority, but in Washington Street, Bradford, an apparently normal road in a bleak but not especially miserable area of the city called Girlington. Miss Marshall was on her way to a meeting of the 18th St Philip's Bradford Brownies, which had been using the church for more than 20 years. It would be hard to imagine any more harmles and inoffensive activity. Yet it met with violence and hate. Nor was it the only such outrage in this quarter, where a series of signs and portents now adds up to a message which is dark, nasty and sinister.

Miss Marshall is very brave and self-effacing about it. She doesn't really want to make a fuss, especially about herself. She is a serious churchgoer, staunchly old-fashioned …

Vicars, OAPs, girl guides, children selling poppies, gay men, jews, pimped-out schoolgirls.... The long list of harmless, vulnerable or productive members of our society left to the depredations of muslims.

I won't even bother to put the class of "white men" in there.  Some of the very worst (racist) violence from muslims has been directed towards them.  Maybe we shouldn't be surprised at the refusal of our society to protect white men (or even acknowledge the attacks upon them).  But when a society will not protect or admit the attacks on a group of people acknowledged to be vulnerable or harmless....

So, the 2011 riots were "austerity riots".  Never mind that 90% of those rioting were not white.  Never mind that the riots didn't start over someone immolating himself outside a Jobcentre.  Never mind that the economy has supposedly been recovering.

As we've predicted, civil war is likely.  40% of Brits say it is "inevitable".

The people who think it inevitable think it will be over islam (after all, muslims have rioted en masse at least 6 times in the last 20 years).  Those people have not even thought about what will happen when the welfare state doesn't exist any more, when politicians are unable to continue buying people off with the house price Ponzi scheme, with the university Ponzi scheme.

These are the things the political elite have in mind.  The know what is coming.

Scotland gets independence, we can expect to see an increase in the number of muslim MPs in an English parliament.

History shows that the larger the government unit size, the more it is able to ignore the wishes of its people.  To have an effective feedback mechanism, you need a small demographic.  The Swiss Cantons make a perfect virtuous example of this phenomenon.  For a vicious example, consider the over-reach of the federal government in the US.  And even cunning devices like the US Constitution, can be eroded, weakened, circumvented and finally ignored over time.

  • Feedback Mechanism:
    The only way of limiting the power of the rulers over the people, is by keeping the governmental unit (size / demographic) small
  • Over-reach Barrier:
    The only barrier that is able to stop a governmental unit over-reaching its authority is the nation state barrier.  The US constitution attempted to stop over-reach of the federal government on the state government, but after 250 years, that too has failed.  However, if each of those US States was a separate nation state, they could tell the federal government to get lost.

So I'm all for it!  Go Scotland!

As for all this bleating about the Faslane nuclear base - well the Guantanamo lease in Cuba has worked amazingly well, and those two countries hate each other.  Guys, let's please have a bit more creative thinking on this :-)

The "right wing" media in Britain will not even permit comments on a story about Pakistan killing non-muslims for "blasphemy". And people think there won't be a civil war in Britain?

Islam is a blasphemy against the foundations of western civilisation.  Yet the British media conceal the existence and scale of support for Hizb ut Tahrir. Yet the media won't even allow Brits to comment on an execution in Pakistan which goes against the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

The message that the elite are sending to the population, is that "in Britain muslims are the overlords", and the rest of us are inferior beings.  The elite are telling the non-muslim population of Britain: "the only thing that works is terrorism".

The irony is: this story is about Pakistan being too scared of muslims to repeal the blasphemy laws. Yet our authorities are too scared of muslims to allow Brits to even comment on this story.

It's clear, the story was not even up on the DT website for more than 5 hours, before all the top-ranking comments were deleted, followed by all the newest comments.  Then the DT shut the comments.

It's going to be a great day when the media turn round and realise that there a no more comments from The Resistance.  That will be the point at which the public will go dark - they will have given up on the pretence that we live in a democracy with free speech and the rule of law.


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