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Court prefers political correctness rather than justice in case of a Muslim solicitor and a parking fine

Justice threatened by political correctness

Yesterday, solicitor Asha Khan was given a suspended prison sentence after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

The public interest in knowing that a member of the legal profession had herself tried to undermine the very integrity of the justice system is overwhelming.

The solicitor's promising legal career today lay in tatters after she lied to police in a speeding points scam

Yet, disgracefully, the case was almost heard under a shroud of secrecy in the latest example of a court obsessing over political correctness.

Khan, a Muslim who was accused of helping her father dodge a speeding fine, had claimed that for ‘cultural reasons’ she could not speak freely in front of the Press – and, incredibly, Judge Peter Hughes agreed.

It was only after the intervention of this newspaper that the judge accepted he had made a mistake and reversed what risked setting a terrible precedent.

The Mail is glad that – belatedly – the sacred principle of open and transparent justice was upheld.

But doesn’t it speak volumes about how the insidious culture of political correctness has infected every limb of the justice system – from the police and Crown Prosecution Service to the judiciary – that a ban was ever considered acceptable in the first place? 

Language barrier

Figures obtained from the Education Department reveal that, in one in every nine schools in England, most pupils now speak English as a second language.

The number of children from Eastern Europe has increased from 44,000 to 123,000 in just five years, after Labour deliberately encouraged mass immigration from the ex-Eastern Bloc.

And, now restrictions have been lifted on families from Romania and Bulgaria, the total is expected to climb further.

We applaud the teachers who are making heroic efforts to educate often hard-working children from overseas who, between them, speak an astonishing 300 languages.

But aren’t the politicians increasingly expecting our polyglot schools to do an impossible job?

What is certain is that the current squabbles at Westminster over how to try to control EU migration, without upsetting Brussels, are comparable to arguing over who should shut the stable door long after the horse bolted.

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Comment from Paul Collings

Lying to avoid a parking ticket would bring 'shame' on this women. I haven't heard anyone talk of being shamed by all the Grooming gang convictions.

How could the judge allow this case to be held in private on 'Cultural grounds'.  I think its in the public interest to see how a wealthy Muslim Father is prepared to shove his daughter under the bus to avoid 3 points and a small fine.

It's not the first time the Courts have given muslim criminals special treatment. When Sikhs attacked a muslim restaurant in Leicester, over the grooming/rape of a Sikh girl, the courts banned publication of the names of the attackers, which is exceptional.  The local newspaper had to get a ruling to make the court permit the publication of their names.


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