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The supposedly right-wing, supposedly jew-friendly Telegraph has a blog about an book written by a France-honoured Brit, who writes for The Guardian and the BBC.

The French Intifada: the Long War Between France and its Arabs by Andrew Hussey, Dean of the University of London Institute in Paris. Hussey, liberal-Left in outlook, has been given an OBE for “services to cultural relations between the UK and France”. But his new book is unlikely to improve relations any further.

Before I read Hussey, I knew that French anti-Semitism, nurtured by Dreyfus and Vichy, was alive and well: it still flavours French traditionalist Catholicism and the Front National. I also knew that attacks on synagogues and cemeteries are predominantly the work of young males of north African descent (something the EU has tried to conceal).

The French Intifada joins the dots between the two. You might think that, given the gruesome racism of French Algeria, the Arab gangs of the banlieues (squalid housing estates encircling Paris and other cities) would despise no one more than the nominally Christian descendents of their colonial oppressors.

Wrong. It’s French Jews they really hate. Worse, Jew-hatred isn’t confined to gangs. Hussey spells this out in uncompromising language that you don’t expect from a contributor to the BBC and Guardian, which shy away from exposing non-white racism.

Hussey (and the Telegraph) blame the jew-hatred from muslims on France and the French.

Never mind that the first massacres and pogroms against jews on European soil, were conducted by muslims over a period of 300 years.  Only after this, did European christians start killing jews.  The European christians learned from islam.

People in the comments at The Telegraph point this out.  But the elite are impervious.  The revolution in thinking and knowledge will come from below.

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4 muslims in France attempt to strangle a man on a train.  They explicitly identified him as a jew before attacking him.

Prominent leftwing British jew: every jew I know has emigrated from Paris.

'Every single French Jew I know has left Paris': Editor of Britain's Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing terror-hit French capital 

In a series of tweets he said: 'Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave'.

'So, it's a fluke that the latest target is a kosher grocer, is it?

'What's going on in France - outrages that have been getting worse for years - put our antisemitism problems in perspective'. 

Read more:

The leftwing jews have done their bit to bring this about.  The leftwing Jewish CST is joined at the hip to Tell Mama. Thanks to the complicity of leftwing jews with the Left in general, it's only a matter of time before Britain is just as dangerous for jews as is France.

I've even heard of non-jews who have been repeatedly designated "jew" by muslims and then attacked, have left Paris.

Main synagogue in Paris closes for first time since WW2.

That's because we are a few short years away from something even bigger than WW2.

People will no doubt have seen the headlines, that a new survey shows rising jew-hatred in Britain.

Well, here's the survey.

Note they break down religious belief into: none, christian, catholic, other.

Those in the "other" category are significantly more hateful towards jews.

What is principally in the "other" group: muslims

On many of the questions, that group are 2x or 3x more hateful towards muslims than the christians/atheists are.

So take them out of the survey, and the survey would probably show that the number of people hostile to jews in Britain has not changed over the past 40 years.

Well, you leftist jews, this is the future you have brought on your children and grandchildren.  They will flee the UK and be concentrated in Israel.  Making it all the more easy for the muslim world to wipe out the jews.

Here's the actual survey, in case the link stops working.


After murderous attacks on jews by muslims in Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen and Toulouse, jews in Germany are being told that even delivering a letter to someone which indicates the recipient is jewish, risks the recipient being attacked.

When a jewish reporter walked through the suburbs of Paris looking identifiably jewish, he was abused.

When he was interviewed on Channel 4 News, the "journalist" claimed he had provoked the abuse by looking jewish.

So this is how the elite are going to protect the jews of europe: tell them to go into hiding or they bear responsibility for any violence inflicted on them.

3 years ago, I was with a jewish friend, on a tiny demo opposing 3000 muslims.  They baracked and abused us all day long. Some of the muslims threatened to kill us. When we told the police of this, they said: "it's your own fault" (we had the Israeli flag with us). This happened outside the House of Commons.

It is clear: the elite are not going to be protecting jews from muslims.

Jew hatred in Europe has reached 1930s levels.


With today's news of muslims in Israel using can openers to stab jews, it seems that anything and everything is a weapon for muslims.

The result: the Mayor of Jersualem has asked all jews to carry guns.

As Vlad reminds us, one of the JDL's slogans is "every jew, a .22".   

Ever since I was told who Kahane was, and what his politics were, I've said that Israel will end up implementing Kahane's policies. When the citizens become a militia, you are in a civil war.


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