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Kuffarphobia in Norway


Kuffarphobia in Norway

For gjenerobring og beskytte de 4 friheter i Norge

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  • Our politicians measure their own moral goodness by how much of our money they can give away and by how many of our natural rights they can deny us - Philip Smeeton 


The Trial of Anders Breivik

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Unwanted immigration.

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The Breivik Affair & Media Bias in Norway

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Norway: Anti-racism head seized on fraud charges

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Why Liberals are Terrified by Anders Breivik

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Arctic mosque plan iced over Saudi funding

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Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 4 juli 2023 kl. 23.02
On June 16th, Bjørnar Moxnes is at Gardermoen in connection with a private trip. This afternoon he is caught for the theft of a pair of Hugo Boss sunglasses worth 1199 kroner.
Two weeks later, the matter becomes public knowledge, and the Red leader has to explain what he has done. The video of the theft is eventually made public.
(The norwegian communist party/"Red" leader was caught on camera stealing a pair of expensive sunglasses from an airport shop. Strangely his fans are all defending his actions. Even though he admitted the offence, after first lying and claiming that he forgot to pay.
Believing that "property is theft" he probably felt justified in stealing from capitalists, after all everything belongs to everyone. Which would tend to indicate that socialism is theft, taking and using money that you have not yourself earned.)

Blacks and muslims have a similar attitude towards us.

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 26 juni 2023 kl. 15.48

I'm glad that I do not live in Oslo.
Forced to listen to Koran reading on the bus. Story by Lily Bandehy.
"Last week, bus route 37 on the way to downtown Oslo... The bus driver listened to the Koran. Because he was so pleasant, I ventured to ask why there was now Koranic reading on the bus...With a smile, he explained that in the summer there were many scantily clad ladies on the bus..."When I listen to the Koran, I don't sin," the bus driver said.
"What is to sin?" I asked.
"To sin? It's looking at the ladies and losing concentration. Or have sinful thoughts about them."
(It's bad enough to have to listen to other people's telephone conversations on a bus, but to have a Muslim in a seat opposite saying his prayers out loud or the buss driver listening to Koran reading is intolerable).

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 8 juni 2023 kl. 10.31
Kerry warns against world population growth
He has been in Oslo this week, where he attended the Nor-Shipping conference and met Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap) and Climate Minister Espen Barth Eide (Ap).
In an interview with the AFP news agency, Kerry warns against the environmental burden caused by the world's growing population. The global population passed 8 billion in November, and the UN estimates that in 2050 we will be almost 10 billion people on earth.
(Anyone can see this problem and conclude where it will end. There is no way that this population growth can be stopped. Which means food, water and other resources will run out. Health services will collapse, Nature will be devastated beyond repair, billions will starve to death, there will be war and conflict and all systems and societies will collapse).
We are simply breeding ourselves out of existence. And nothing can stop it.

Kommentert av Alan Lake den 2 november 2022 kl. 0.02

The modern generations simply cannot grasp the concept of deterrence. 

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 1 november 2022 kl. 8.47
"Politiet: Rundt 50 ungdommer lagde bråk - ingen pågrepet"
The police: Around 50 young people caused a disturbance - no one was arrested
Late sunday night fifty immigrant youths attacked a bus with fifteen passengers onboard. Reason unknown and the police showed up and did nothing. This is a densely immigrant populated area.
"- We are there with a good number of units and want to create peace and order. We hope the young people will come to their senses, that they will understand that you cannot behave like that, says Stokkli." a pathetic response from the police.
This problem will grow and the flow of immigrants into the country continues.

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 2 september 2022 kl. 15.56

I was at school in Oslo some years ago when a Afghani teenage pupil walked into the schoolyard carrying a gun and pointed it at a teacher. About the same time a Somali held a knife to a norwegian boy's throat and took his money, I was out on guard duty nearby and saw nothing, the norwegian boy had to change schools and the somali was given a good talking to. In a way we deserve this because nothing real is done to end these problems. The solution is simple but our leaders are cowards.

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 2 september 2022 kl. 15.48

Teenagers prosecuted for having a loaded revolver at Hellerud upper secondary school
14 June 2022..
The weapon was a Smith § Wesson revolver, and the teenagers are accused of carrying a machete and two folding knives.
The revolver must have been visible in front while the teenagers walked or ran through the school yard. The boys are 16 and 17 years old.
- In this case, a charge of complicity has been brought because the police are of the opinion that the defendants were together in the act, and that the act was planned in that they were there to threaten someone, says police attorney Marie Steen Habberstad at Enhet øst, to Oslo newspaper.
The 16-year-old pleads not guilty. The boy's lawyer, Carl Rieber-Mohn, says the boy was not in possession of any weapon when he was arrested. The 16-year-old has been in custody since the incident on 14 June.
Will imprison teenagers charged with weapon possession for two new weeks: - It's tough for them.
The director of education for Oslo students: - It is safe to come to school.
(These were not native norwegians and we are somehow expected tp feel sorry for these criminals. This is what innocent norwegians are expected to live with without complaining.
Recently a muslim shot, killed and wounded gays celebrating pride in an Oslo bar, The poor terrorist had "psychological" problems and had not been given the treatment he had a right to expect. They always manage to make these terrorist criminals look like the real victims).

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 6 juli 2022 kl. 16.41
14 per cent of population(of Norway) are immigrants.
(As the native norwegian population has ceased to grow, all population growth in Norway is now due to immigration. I believe the same is true of Britain).

Most people allowed to live in our countries, for whatever reason, never return to country of origin. They are also allowed to fetch family members.

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 25 juni 2022 kl. 18.11

I still have not understood what gays are fighting for?

The emphasis is that this poor muslim refugee(terrorist) had psychological problems, which means he will not go to jail. Just being a muslim is a psychlogical problem.

Kommentert av Alan Lake den 25 juni 2022 kl. 16.59

Yes, I read that news story before they started to admit it was Islamic and thought "It must be Islam and they must be hiding it". The media's attempt to absolve Islam of the evil of some Muslims, has only backfired now, since we just assume it.

I was more disgusted by the report that the killer was held and handed over to the police. So decent! So law abiding! So well behaved! So Western! So loser!!

The Pride demo the next day was cancelled, yet still Gays say they haven't lost.


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