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Kuffarphobia in Norway


Kuffarphobia in Norway

For gjenerobring og beskytte de 4 friheter i Norge

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  • Our politicians measure their own moral goodness by how much of our money they can give away and by how many of our natural rights they can deny us - Philip Smeeton 


Unwanted immigration.

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Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 11 oktober 2020 kl. 8.12

Leftist websites in Norway refer to Dan-Eivind Lid as a neo-nazi.

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 11 oktober 2020 kl. 8.09
Sian leader Lars Thorsen confirms to Document that it was Lid who was behind the red pig's head on the mosque's stairs:
- It was Dan-Eivind who put the pig's head there and it was a response to the hospital's initiative to remove the image of the pig in the pediatric ward. It was a form of sharia adaptation that the hospital itself did. There are officials and politicians who adapt our society to Islam, allowing the hijab on passport photos and removing pictures of pigs are part of a sharia adaptation, which some of us do not like. And Dan-Eivind responded in his own way, to the specific case.
Sian is a non-violent organization, but provokes a lot.
- If you conclude that we are engaged in provocation, then you can say that, there is nothing we can say, which is not provocation, Thorsen answers.

(Sian-leder Lars Thorsen bekrefter overfor Document at det var Lid som stod bak det røde grisehodet på moskeens trapp:
– Det var Dan-Eivind som la grisehodet der og det var en respons på sykehusets initiativ til å fjerne bildet av grisen på barneavdelingen. Det var en form for sharia-tilpasning som sykehuset selv gjorde. Det er funksjonærer og politikere som tilpasser samfunnet vårt til islam, å tillate hijab på passfoto og det å fjerne bilder av griser, er ledd i en sharia-tilpasning, som noen av oss ikke liker. Og Dan-Eivind responderte på sin måte, på den konkrete saken.
Sian er en ikke-voldelig organisasjon, men provoserer stort.
– Dersom du konkluderer med at vi driver med provokasjon, så kan du jo si at, det finnes ingenting vi kan si, som ikke er provokasjon, svarer Thorsen.)

Kommentert av Alan Lake den 10 oktober 2020 kl. 15.45

SIAN (Stop Islamisation of Norway) leader found murdered.

The organisation Stop Islamisation of Norway, of which the deceased was an active member, seeks to counter the proliferation of Islam, which it sees as a totalitarian ideology that violates the Norwegian Constitution and contradicts democratic and humanitarian values.

Dan-Eivind Lid, 48, one of the centrepieces of the anti-Islam organisation Stop Islamisation of Noway (SIAN), has been found dead. The police suspect foul play, the Norwegian broadcaster NRK reported.

Lid was found dead in his apartment in Suldalen in Kristiansand, with what has been reported as "visible damage to the body".

Both the security service PST and the National Criminal Police Kripos have joined in investigating the incident. Dan-Eivind Lid was last seen alive on Friday.

"One of our hypotheses is that the person has been subjected to a serious criminal act and died as a result of it", a police spokesperson said at a press conference.

The police have several leads, but rejected to dwell on them. So far, no one has been charged or arrested in the case.

"The police are still in the initial phase of the investigation. This means that the police are working broadly and based on several hypotheses", a police spokesman said.

SIAN leader Lars Thorsen described Lid as "an active member of many years", with whom he had a close relationship. Thorsen emphasised that Lid was "friendly and polite" and stressed that based on his knowledge of the deceased, he sees no visible motives other than political ones.

"There is nothing about his nature that can explain why he should end up in a situation where someone would like to take his life", Thorsen told the newspaper Nettavisen.

Former SIAN leader Arne Tumyr described Lid as a "key figure" who was "always ready to make an effort".

​Tweet: "It is with great sadness that we confirm that Dan-Eivind Lid has been torn away from us. We will come back with more information later. Our thoughts and sympathy now go to the family in this difficult time".

Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN) dates back to the early 2000s. Its stated goal is to counter the proliferation of Islam, which it views as a totalitarian political ideology that violates the Norwegian Constitution as well as contradicts democratic and humanitarian values.

SIAN is known for their public manifestations in celebration of free speech that at times include Quran-burnings and other symbolic acts. Most recently, a SIAN activist publicly torn up the Quran, spat on its pages and called the Prophet Muhammad "a paedophile and warmonger", inciting Muslim riots.

SIAN has had altercations with their enemies before and were pelted with eggs and tomatoes by Muslims and anti-racists during previous demonstrations. As recently as August, SIAN's leader Lars Thorsen was beaten to a bloody pulp by a Muslim mob in connection with a demonstration in Bergen.

Norway's Muslim community has grown exponentially, reaching close to 6 percent of the country's population in a matter of several decades, and accounting for well over 10 percent or higher in some municipalities in Greater Oslo.

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 8 september 2020 kl. 17.36
A Mosque (islamic cultural centre) in a lokal town here, Sarpsborg, has been reported to the police by health authorities for violation of Corona virus regulations, thereby causing a larger outbreak in the area including two large towns. They had an arrangement in August attended by hundreds of Muslims every day and took no precautions. They say they did, because the men and women were housed in separate buildings!
The concept of decent and responsible behaviour is unknown to them.

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 10 juli 2020 kl. 13.42

The first mistake is trying to be a nice person; considerate and fair. (or believing that you are one).

Life is a tiger; try being nice, considerate and kind, when you meet a tiger, unarmed, along a lonely path in the jungle.

Bjørn is trying to be a good and fair person. Those that hate him and us are not playing by the same rules, or any rules of decent and reasonable behaviour at all.

Kommentert av Alan Lake den 10 juli 2020 kl. 13.23

Bjorn was one of those pure souls that didn't realise just how vicious and corrupted the Western world had become.

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 6 juli 2020 kl. 22.05
I will not be silenced - a reupload about positive masculinity
Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen has been accused of hate-speech for this video.

-I think- That some hate Freedom is hard to believe. But the hard socialists and islamists want to force everyone to submit their irrational blind faith and want to control every aspect of an individuals life, so that individuality is exterminated.

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 21 mars 2020 kl. 9.52

The greens just do not get it, the best method to save the planet is contraception, less humans.

I know from personal experience amongst health food, socialist, save nature and christian groups- that though worthy endeavours in moderation, the causes tend to attract fanatics that thrive on pointing the moral condemnation finger at even people that do care about health, the destruction of nature and the bad ways people behave. They believe themselves to own a monopoly on sanctity and see everyone else as ignorant, stupid and uncaring.

Kommentert av Alan Lake den 20 mars 2020 kl. 17.03

Ha ha Philip, since he was probably also a Green, you should have asked him if the poor dying planet needed more people to add to its burden.

Kommentert av Philip Smeeton den 20 mars 2020 kl. 15.36

Do-gooders can never do enough "good". I had an encounter with an MSF years ago Kinana, he wanted me to sign a petition, something about Africa. I told him they were doing more harm than good saving lives there and that they should have been providing contraception instead. He got angry and I could tell that he would have liked to have punched me.


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