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Don't expect the anti-racists, or the anti-slavery movement, or the UAF, or the Ramdadan Foundation to object to this.


referencing for the Arabic info on the advert:

Anyone who believes that slavery in Saudi Arabia is history, think again. I came across this on a Facebook posting in Finnish, where academics fluent in Arabic discuss the Middle-East. None of them questioned the authenticity of the screen capture and the blogger’s post (in Arabic) about it.

The Arabic blogger at Basees.blogspot has the following: (google trans)

I saw this ad on facebook and publication not know how his health, but it seems to me that it is real. This site link advertising – Click here – and although removed from the site, but the ad title: “chip for sale (very special)” still exist in the top of the page and prove that he really is Matrouh.

The ad:

Peace be upon you …

I have a [male] slave I bought from an African country and arranged for his visa and stay till I got him to Saudi [Arabia]

His discription:

1 – Black skin. Tall 172 sm. Weight 60 kilos.
2 – Castrated (excellent for working with a family) you can check him with a doctor our yourself if you have experience in the matter.
3 – [His] health is quite undamaged and has no imperfections.
4 – Age 26 years.
5 – Religion muslim and [he is] obedient and will not disobey you except in what displeases God. Please, the matter is very serious and is not a joke.

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‘Outrageous’: Saudi diplomat who kept workers in ‘slavery’ immune from law

Published time: February 06, 2015 11:07  Get short URL

Reuters/Stephane Mahe

A Saudi diplomat who was accused of trafficking two women and treating them like slaves has been told he will not have to compensate them because he is protected by diplomatic immunity.

Titin Suryadi and Cherrylyn Reyes alleged they had been treated as domestic slaves, working up to 17 hours a day and being paid below minimum wage by Jarallah al-Malki and his wife.

The Court of Appeal recognized that the decision “may seem unfair,” but insisted that the need to respect diplomatic immunity outweighed the women’s claim.

Zuber Yazdani, a solicitor who assisted in the case, said the decision was “outrageous.”

Reyes, a Philippine national, worked for the couple from the day she arrived in the UK in January 2011 until March 14 that year, when she left with the assistance of the police.

Suryadi, who is from Indonesia, replaced Reyes and worked for four months until September 19, 2011, when she escaped the residence while Al-Malki was away and his wife was asleep.

During their time working for the couple their passports were confiscated, they were forbidden to leave the property, and they were not allowed to contact their families, they said.

While the court acknowledged that Reyes was a victim of trafficking, they nonetheless upheld an earlier decision made by an Employment Tribunal, that Al-Malki was protected because of his diplomatic status.

Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London (Photo from

Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London (Photo from

If the women had been employed by an embassy rather than personally by diplomats, the work would have been defined as “commercial activity” and the women would have been covered by EU law, the court said.

In a summary of the decision, the court said, “The court recognizes that this may seem unfair to Ms. Reyes. But the outcome reflects policy choices that have been made on the international plane.

The international community believes that diplomatic immunity not only ensures the efficient functioning of diplomatic missions in foreign states. It also fosters goodwill and enhances relations between nations.

Sometimes the apparent unfairness to an individual is outweighed by the harm that would be caused by a failure to give effect to diplomatic immunity in circumstances such as those that have arisen in this case.”

READ MOREGive modern slavery victims petty crime immunity, build case agains...

Solicitor Zuber Yazdani said the decision was “outrageous” and “disappointing.”

Despite the UK recognizing that the appellants were subjected to treatment amounting to trafficking, the court has denied them a remedy preferring to uphold the immunity of a diplomat.

It would seem outrageous to anyone that the law should defend such abhorrent conduct,” he added.

Kalayaan, a charity which gives support and advice to migrant domestic workers, said the UK needs to bring in new policies to protect workers like Reyes and Suryadi.

READ MORE: Up to 13,000 in UK: Modern slavery estimate by Home Office quadrupl...

The court’s unanimous ruling follows the airing of ITV documentary Britain’s Secret Slaves last month, in which one anonymous Filipina said life as a domestic worker in the UK is “worse than in Saudi Arabia.”

They never even give me a single pound … I'm starting working around 4:30 in the morning, until 1 o'clock in the morning. I'm sleeping only in the kitchen. I'm crying the whole time that I'm lying on the floor,” she added.

Indian domestic servant: Saudi employer 'cut off my arm'

9 October 2015 Last updated at 15:50 BST 

An Indian domestic servant said her Saudi employer "cut off her arm" when she was trying to escape, having been locked in.

Kasturi Munirathinam said she "understood that they are going to harm me" before her employer locked her in.

She says she tried to escape through a window, using saris as a rope and then her employer saw and "cut off my hand".

Activists of All India Democratic Women's Association shout slogans during a protest outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in New Delhi, India

Saudi Arabia-India row over abuse allegations

10 September 2015 Last updated at 18:58 BST 

Women's groups in India have been protesting outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in Delhi after allegations that a Saudi diplomat raped and abused two housemaids.

The two women, who are Nepali, were rescued by police from the diplomat's home earlier this week and have since been sent back to Nepal.

Sanjoy Majumder reports.

Kenyan domestic workers who have returned home

Kenyan domestic workers 'abused in Saudi Arabia'

1 September 2015 Last updated at 21:21 BST 

The BBC has been speaking to a group of Kenyan domestic workers who say they have faced abuse - including physical assaults and rape - at the hands of their employers in Saudi Arabia.

Activists posted a video of women begging for help on social media, which cannot be independently verified. 

It sparked an online campaign and the intervention of the government in Nairobi. 

The BBC's Tomi Oladipo reports.

Saudi woman posts video of husband sexually abusing maid – and now faces jail 

© cheta meta
A woman in Saudi Arabia has secretly filmed her husband cheating on her at their home by groping a housemaid. The vengeful wife published the video online, but now faces up to one year in prison according to the kingdom’s laws against revenge videos.

In the scandalous video, a man in traditional Saudi white robes is seen apparently putting his hands all over a female maid in a room that looks like a kitchen. At one point, when the woman's hands are busy as she's holding a tray or a plate, the man tries to kiss her, while she attempts to pull away. 

READ MORE: Saudi diplomat accused of rape in India claims immunity,...

The alleged encounter of the husband with his domestic staff was apparently secretly filmed by the man's wife with a phone camera. She then posted it online, local media reported this week, saying that before the original clip was taken down from the internet it had gone viral in the Arab state. 

"The minimum punishment for this husband is to scandalize him," the unnamed wife wrote in her caption to the video, Emirates 24/7 News reported.

Her public revenge has divided social media users in Saudi Arabia, Gulf News reported, saying that her actions have been both condemned and supported by people in the devout Muslim society. 

"What she did in fact was to expose her private life and problems for everyone to see," the media cited one blogger as saying. "She has to live with the consequences of what she did.” 

"I salute you warmly for your valiant courage," another blogger reportedly wrote, adding that "there was an urgent need for revenge and your revenge is the best."

But in what might come as a surprise to a western audience, the revenge is now upon the Saudi woman herself, as according to the Gulf state’s laws she might be jailed for up to a year. 

According to Saudi lawyer Majid Qaroob, cited by Emirates 24/7, the man’s wife "faces up to one year in prison or a fine of SR [Saudi Riyal] 500,000 [around $133,000] for defaming her husband."

The law "on information technology crimes" stipulates "stiff punishment" for anyone who films others with various devices, including smartphones with cameras, in order to "defame them," the Saudi lawyer said.

Saudi arabia still sells castrated black slaves ;


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