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Since the request by Turkey to join the EU (in 2004?), I have asked German people if they will actually approve of membership.  They all said the same thing.  If the people were to decide by referendum then the answer would be NO.  However, most believed that something political would happen which would grant Turkey membership anyway.  Most believed that their own political leaders would betray them. 

Now it seems that the EU bureaucracy is not confident about the compliance/connivance of the German politicians to proceed with membership so they have contrived this solution.  Voting about such things is such a bother after all!  Will these new immigrants, with ‘the same residency and labour rights’, also have voting rights?  If so, then it looks like a ploy to import voters to ensure more friendly politicians for the EU and Eurabia project.

What will happen when the native German people feel even more pressed against the wall?



Commission decision taken last week

Brussels bringing Turkey into EU under the radar

Detailed plans to extend the same rights to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel

The Slog has obtained sight of an official Brussels Commission document which, while not confidential, has not as far as I can tell been the subject of MSM coverage, or indeed any vote at all among MEPs. Although dated March 30th 2012 as a ‘proposal for a decision’, I can reveal that the decision has been approved and is already going ahead. It is to grant Turkish citizens the same residency and labour rights in Europe as existing EU citizens.

The unelected European Commission has repealed the 1980 Ankara Accord between what was then the EEC and Turkey, and replaced it with a major change to the rights of Turkish citizens in the EU. The proposal was presented to a working group (we know not who) eleven days ago on March 30th, and approved by that same anonymous gathering. It specifically adds that ‘A first package with similar proposals in respect of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel was adopted by the Council in October 2010′ and that this too will be updated to bring it into line with the Turkish proposals.

I was certainly not aware of the October 2010 ‘package’, and I doubt very much if even the eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party is up to speed with the fact that this Turkish grant of rights is about to pass quietly into law – as so many of these lunatic Commission decisions have a tendency to do. But the clauses in relation to non-eurozone members like the UK (already sinking under the weight of unrestricted migration) are truly mind-boggling. For example: (my emphasis)

‘this [Turkish accord] will facilitate the application of these provisions by Member States’ social security institutions. This Decision shall apply:

 (a) to Turkish workers who are or have been legally employed in the territory of a

Member State and who are or have been subject to the legislation of one or more

Member Statesand their survivors;

 (b) to the members of the family of workers referred to in point(a) provided that these

family members are or have been legally resident with the worker concerned while

the worker is employed in a Member State;

This gives Home Secretary Theresa May-and-very-probably-will something of a problem: despite her protestations of ‘cracking down’ on migrant numbers and the rights of their dependents, as a Member State Britain will have to obey the diktat. Does Theresa even know about it, I ask?

I do not employ the phrase  ‘ lunatic Commission decisions’ above lightly. Any unelected and yet sovereign body happy to take on the welfare needs of these workers at a time of euro meltdown must be deranged at least. To enumerate the idiocy involved here:

1. Turkey’s economy under the closet Islamist Recep Erdogan is about to go bang. Enter millions of jobless Turks stage left.

2. Turkey has already threatened to annex Cyprus…both parts of which represent an existing EU member.

3. Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia are all recently destablised States with growing Islamist power in their politics.

4. Um, none of them – including Israel – are in Europe. Small point, but worth bringing up I feel.

5. All four of the above States are anti-Israel in the most bellicose manner.

6. Germany has just passed a law denying these very rights to unemployed ClubMed citizens. How are they now going to feel in the light of this new law? How is Gunter Grass going to feel, having just been banned by the Israeli Government?

7. The anti-Islamist security ramifications of the new law would be horrendous. Yet Theresa May tells us that GCHQ must listen to and read all our online and telcom communications even without such a potty increase in the risks involved. (Only media outrage stopped Camerlot from slipping this little number through the Lobby Fodder).

Zero alignment with the map of Europe, the financial chaos of the eurozone, the political powder keg that is the middle east, and real life in the 3D Universe lies – as ever – behind the adoption of this proposal. It is time the Camerlot Establishment stopped complacently referring to unthinking EU madness as “an imponderable”. It is time William Hague started looking for a way out come what may. And that includes Theresa May.

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Glad you posted this, i read it and was trying to verify if it was true. It is such a underhand ploy by the EU that even for them it seemed low. But there we have it, people who are not from Europe, who have no liking for our way of living but who love our free health care and benefits are about to learn that we welcome them with open hands. We will collapse under the weight of that you can be sure.

Maybe thats the plan all along. One things for sure we are reaching the end of what a society can with stand before it starts to implode. Our infurstructure can not take more people, and there isn't the money to improve our roads, schools hospitals, housing, at the speed required to take an extra 300-400,000  people a year. Net migration continues to be a problem, the time to address it has long since past, the predictions of people like Bat ye'or are now nolonger predictions.

How Gadaffi would have loved to live just a bit longer to see his words come true.  

Dave ! - Why should we surrender our country to muslims and unwanted immigrants ?! - USA,GB,Australia & Europe should ban immigration and start deporting the usurpers !

The redistrubution of wealth is getting well under way.  I think its all a bit one way, we should be going to places like turkey, Iraq, Afganistan and pakistan  demanding the benefits so enjoyed by their people. Rusty tin Housing, ten mile walks for filthy water, 18 hour days working on the local tip, and of course a free thrashing down the local madrasser.

On second thoughts i'm just going to stay sat here, because it won't be long and all those benefits will come to us. At least with Islam we now they are our ideological opposits. The EU is suposed to be for OUR benefit.  

Turkey is obviously the kind of country we need in the EU. And they try to blame israel for everything.

Turkey was the country with the highest number of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) convictions in 2011, the third year in a rowas Today's Zaman reports. ECHR head Nicolas Bratza said at a press briefing on Thursday that Turkey topped the list of countries that violated the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) with 159 cases. . . .

Council of Europe Secretary-General Thorbjorn Jagland recently said during a meeting that there are currently 16,000 ongoing cases against Turkey, making it the country against which the second-highest number of cases have been filed. . . . In its 2010 report, the Strasbourg-based court again listed Turkey as the country most often found to be in violation of the convention. The highest number of judgments finding at least one violation of the ECHR concern cases from Turkey (228) . . .

In 2009, Turkey also topped the list in terms of violations of ECHR articles.

Thanks Paul for this info.  When a final decision re Turkey's membership takes place a report like this should have a bearing on the voting outcome.  So the violations are plain for everyone to see but I can already hear the arguments to over-ride such a report; like: when they join the EU they will be more like us, more civilised because they will be more integrated and closer to Europe's good example and guidance (and money).

 Your absolutly right Kinana. The fact that the EU goes to such trouble to surpress this infomation shows they're already thinking ahead.  Turkey is pushing its islamic connections while courting the EU (for its money)

A majority of the participants in the [International Social Survey Program] research, 67 percent, said they would continue acting in accordance with their religious beliefs if the Parliament passed a law that contradicted religious laws. Twenty-six percent said they would obey the country’s law in this case.

So we can't expect them to want to follow rules as laid out by the EU when the join. This could be problematic.

 A survey  Conducted in 2009 by the Frekans research company as part of a project to promote the Turkish Jewish community and its culture, the poll gauged Turks' views on different ethnic and religious groups in Turkey, the Jewish community in particular. Fifty-seven percent of 1,108 people surveyed in the poll said they did not want to have atheist neighbors, while 42 percent said they did not want Jewish neighbors and 35 percent of respondents were reluctant to have Christian neighbors.

Furthermore, when asked whether they would feel uncomfortable if people from Turkey's non-Muslim communities were employed by top state institutions, 57 percent of respondents expressed discomfort with the idea of someone from these groups being employed by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), while 55 percent stated that they did not want non-Muslims to be members of the judiciary or the police force

The findings on tolerance toward religions are remarkable as well. Ninety percent of the Turkish population reported having a positive view toward Muslims, but this ratio dropped to 13 percent for Christians and around 10 percent for Jews. Those who said they have highly positive views about non-believers of any religion totaled 7 percent.

I don't think anyone should find these findings surprising. Turkey is 99% muslim. Once we've got them trapped into the multi-cultural EU and we've shown them how wonderful it is, it will only be  a matter of a month or two and all these attitudes will change.


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