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This forum is for capturing some of the campaigns that Britain first run.  They bravely go out and stick it to the enemy, whether its a corrupt/complicit police force, a duplicitous mosque or sharia court, or child grooming take-away shop.

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Activists from our North of England team have exposed another migrant hotel, this time in Southport, near Liverpool.

Once again, the hotel is crawling with illegal immigrants, none of whom could speak English.

After leaving, our team faced the usual harassment from the local gestapo.

This is a video you won't want to miss:

PS: If you enjoyed this video and want to see more street activism videos, consider giving a small one-time donation to help power and fuel our activities, demonstrations and recruitment drives. We cannot do this alone, we need our supporters to provide the resources so we can get out on the streets and take our country back! Our brave activists are depending on you:

After exposing a migrant hotel in Southport, a team of our North of England activists were pulled over by the local gestapo and treated to the usual harassment.

However, our team, led by North of England regional organiser Ashlea Simon, mocked and ridiculed these jumped-up police bullies.

The policemen in question were actually at the hotel investigating with an act of alleged criminality by the illegal immigrants, before they promptly left and followed our team.

This video shows how patriots should handle police bullies.

Watch the hilarious video report below:

Britain First is about to launch into a hectic summer of activities, just watch what unfolds over the next few months!

Britain First realises that, to transition into a mass political movement, we need to become more "mainstream" and "political".

That's why we plan to hold a wave of local socials, leafleting sessions and small indoor meetings in every corner of the country.

We will shortly be launching a recruitment drive for new branch organisers nationwide. 

We need to start rebuilding our People's Army of patriots who want to make a difference!

Britain First is the only credible nationalist movement with a household name.

Britain First is also the only credible party that can fill the huge vacuum in British politics that now exists with the implosion of UKIP and the Brexit Party.

HQ is going to re-craft this historic movement over the summer months, becoming, as we said before, more "mainstream" and "political".

This is why we need to recruit hundreds of new activists in every region.

Maybe you have thought at some point before that Britain First street activities are a bit fiery and high-octane?

Well now is the time to jump onboard as we begin to launch an entirely new "political" foundation for our movement.

Britain First is our country's only hope and to broaden our appeal, we intend on revamping our entire organisation, strategy and tactics.

So without delay sign up as an activist so that you can be part of this new revolution.

It really is up to you how much time you can give - and what activities you volunteer for.

When you sign up, you will be forwarded to your Regional Organiser and you will be invited out on upcoming activities.

You will be joining this country's largest and most active patriot family and a warm welcome awaits you.

Don't delay any longer, visit the link below and take the plunge:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

We have some spectacular news for all Britain First supporters today.

At 2pm this afternoon, HQ received an email from the Electoral Commission.

The Britain First application to be registered as a political party has been APPROVED!

Britain First can now fight elections and is a fully fledged political party, just like the rest of them.

This is our registration page on the Electoral Commission website:

It has taken nine applications over four years – including a High Court case – to finally get the Electoral Commission to do the right thing.

We have waited six months but finally we have been approved.

This is a stupendous victory for the Britain First movement.

We have fought long and hard against unbelievable corruption and leftist bias to get to this point." alt="" width="600" class="CToWUd a6T"/>

Britain First can start building an elections machine capable of taking on the treacherous Old-Gang parties.

Local council elections take place on Thursday 5th May 2022 and we can begin the task of building the electoral arm of our party.

We couldn’t have got this far without your support Alan.

Our supporters have donated huge amounts so we could fight the Electoral Commission inside and outside of court for four years solid.

Today is the day that we triumph over the corrupt Electoral Commission and British democracy is restored.

This day will go down in British history as a landmark day for liberty and democracy.

We have struck a mighty blow against the establishment plan to bar patriotic political parties from fighting elections." alt="" width="600" class="CToWUd a6T"/>

The voters can vote for who they choose, not the narrow line-up of approved leftist parties they wanted you to.

Several weeks ago, Britain First activists in the Battle Bus were harassed by the police in the city of Leicester.

Today, a large team of Britain First activists descended on Leicester with all three Battle Buses and held a flash protest outside the main police station.

Watch the report below, then share it across social media:

Share the link below on social media:


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Muslim Terrorism Count

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Mission Overview

Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

Islam, operating at the micro and macro levels, is unstoppable by individuals, hence: "It takes a nation to protect the nation". There is not enough time to fight all its attacks, nor to read them nor even to record them. So the members of 4F try to curate a representative subset of these events.

We need to capture this information before it is removed.  The site already contains sufficient information to cover most issues, but our members add further updates when possible.

We hope that free nations will wake up to stop the threat, and force the separation of (Islamic) Church and State. This will also allow moderate Muslims to escape from their totalitarian political system.

The 4 Freedoms

These 4 freedoms are designed to close 4 vulnerabilities in Secular Democracy, by making them SP or Self-Protecting (see Hobbes's first law of nature). But Democracy also requires - in addition to the standard divisions of Executive, Legislature & Judiciary - a fourth body, Protector of the Open Society (POS), to monitor all its vulnerabilities (see also Popper). 
1. SP Freedom of Speech
Any speech is allowed - except that advocating the end of these freedoms
2. SP Freedom of Election
Any party is allowed - except one advocating the end of these freedoms
3. SP Freedom from Voter Importation
Immigration is allowed - except where that changes the political demography (this is electoral fraud)
4. SP Freedom from Debt
The Central Bank is allowed to create debt - except where that debt burden can pass across a generation (25 years).

An additional Freedom from Religion is deducible if the law is applied equally to everyone:

  • Religious and cultural activities are exempt from legal oversight except where they intrude into the public sphere (Res Publica)"

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