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I'm not sure of the actual date of this.  I think it might be a year old. It doesn't contain all the recent politically-motivated trials against Tommy.

But the fact that Liberty has not taken up his case, the fact the the media simply ignore what is going on with him, just shows how the elite will draw ranks to destroy those who get in the way of their plans.  These concerted actions require collusion not just by the police and CPS, but all the mainstream media, all the political parties (EDL is not aligned to any party) and all the human rights organisations.  If Tommy was black or Irish or a muslim, then Liberty would be knocking at his door to represent him.

Current link for info and to offer support

Until I joined the EDL, I thought state persecution was something that happened in places like Russia, China or Iran, but it seems that I was wrong.  It’s happening right here in Britain.  Here is the truth about one man’s persecution.  It was written whilst on remand for another trumped up, overblown charge.  In Tommy’s own words, his persecution at the hands of the Police and of the British State.

Where did it start? When did it start?……….

After our first demonstration back in May 2009, in response to the appalling scenes during the royal Anglian homecoming parade, we decided to leaflet our disgust at what the council and police had facilitated.

I organised a protest in Luton town centre, under the banner of the United People of Luton (UPL), calling for people in power to explain why the police and council had facilitated hostile individuals with known links to terrorist organisations to spit and hurl abuse at our soldiers.

The initial demo was very successful with about 500 in attendance.  But still the police and council were silent on the matter and instead prosecuted normal citizens who reacted to the abuse from the group of Jihadists.  We decided to call another demonstration. But a week before our 2nddemonstration (at the end of May) the police visited 4 addresses in Luton, one being my mother and father’s.  I was not at home at the time of the police visits so avoided arrest but  13 others were arrested and questioned on public order offences relating to the initial demo at the start of May.   All 13 were given a bail date 3 months away with bail conditions banning them from Luton town centre for 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Does this sound familiar?

The police seem to be using this tactic quite commonly these days.  I was not arrested so when we attended our second demonstration in Luton at the end of May a few of us decided to wear balaclavas.

This was for two reasons:

1.    I had a warrant out for my arrest post the first demo.

2.    Because some of the 13 who were arrested and banned wanted to attend the demo.

The day after our 2nd UPL demo I called the police to hand myself in.  I was then called back by the officer dealing with the incidents and he informed me I no longer had to hand myself in.  It was at this point the Home Secretary instigated a ban on marches in Luton for 30 days.  The reason for coming to my mum and dad’s house was simply to ban me from the town centre!

There was a 3rd date put out for a UPL demonstration, but that was cancelled.  On the date of the planned demo 200 Muslims had gathered in the Bury Park area of Luton and had decided to attack police and hurl bricks and fireworks at them for no apparent reason.

I was on my own driving through town and noticed a huge riot police presence near the entrance to Bury Park area, when I was pulled over by a police car.  I was driving my wife’s family car which was purchased direct from Vauxhall two years before.  When I got out of the car I could hear explosions going off and could see missiles being thrown.  I asked the officer what was going on and he said “nothing”.  I actually started to laugh and said your answer could not have been more ridiculous as it looked like a war zone in front of me.  He just turned and said the last thing we need is “your lot” coming down here.  By “your lot” I presume he meant the people who were opposed to the violent Islamic extremists who spat at our soldiers, call for death to the west, and were currently creating a war zone in the middle of the town?

At this point I was arrested – apparently for driving a ringed car?  My car was impounded and I was held in the cells for 12 hours.  Police then raided my mum’s house again, this time to look for number plates supposedly and guess what… my car was fine and I was released without charge. But I had to collect my car which was in a compound 20 miles away from Luton and I was supposed to be going to centre parks with my kids that morning!

I realise now that this was only the beginning of police persecution against me in an attempt to silence me.

What we were starting was only going to increase.

The UPL quickly turned into the EDL, and I soon found there were thousands of people just like me who were sick and tired of our spineless politicians and senior police officers who were too scared to stand up for our culture or our human rights when faced with the threat of militant Islam.

It was February 2010 and I was at Luton airport travelling to Scotland for the first Scottish Defence League demo.  When I went to check in I was pulled in and held by special branch.  When I got into the room I was told I was being arrested for racially aggravated public order and criminal damage!

As soon as I heard this I immediately though what an absolute stitch up, I was then taken to Luton police station where I asked to make a phone call.  It was at this point the arresting officer said I was not allowed a call.  I asked why and his response was “we are raiding houses linked to you”.  I then said, “criminal damage? What can you possibly be looking for and what house are you raiding?”

The criminal damage charge was for £30 damage to a door in a budget hotel In Sheffield I had stayed at 3 months earlier.  The damage was not even for my door, but another entirely different door in the hotel.  I thought this just didn’t stack up but soon it would get even more unbelievable.

A huge number of police raided my parents’ house (for the 3rdtime since I had started organising demonstrations and I had not even lived with my parents for over 4 years).  My parents are in their 50’s and 60’s and they entered the house basically ripping up everything searching through cupboards and wardrobes – for what exactly? Remember that this was supposedly all about a criminal damage charge after all.  They then packaged up my dad’s computer and laptop into evidence bags and took them back to the station.

Armed police then went and raided my house leaving my wife and children crying and petrified with the surrounding neighbours thinking they were living next door to Fred West!  They then removed all electronic devices, mobile phones and computers and even an EDL t-shirt from my house and placed it into evidence bags and then released me on bail.

Whilst in custody I asked them why it had taken 3 months to arrest me and told them that they had planned these raids to prevent me attending the SDL demo.  They said that was not the case and had been trying to locate my whereabouts for a while. Three days prior to this raid I was pulled over in my car by 3 police vans (this actually happens weekly since I started the EDL!).  They asked me to get out of my car while they stripped and searched it.  They would not provide me with a reason for the stop and search on my car.

I informed the police that the officers who had pulled me over had run my name through their system and if there was a warrant out for my arrest, then why didn’t they arrest me then?  What they did was deliberately hold off my arrest for these fabricated charges until I was at the airport in order to stop me traveling to meet with some patriots of the SDL.

My bail date was set for the bank holiday weekend and was timed for the exact same date as the Bradford demo with my bail set in Sheffield.  My bail conditions were that I could not meet with 3 or more members of the EDL!

At first I thought was what had the EDL got to do with this arrest? But in fact the EDL had everything to with this arrest.  The entire reason for these somewhat ridiculous heavy handed tactics was purely due to my involvement in the EDL.

When I spoke to my solicitor he could not quite believe what had happened and had the bail conditions listed in court within 48 hours.  Guess what… they were dropped as the judge said they were totally irrelevant to the case.

Three weeks later guess what… the police dropped all the charges and returned all our possessions.  I filed a complaint with the Independents Police Complaints Commission which is still to this day ‘pending’.  I demanded to know how they gained a warrant to raid both my parents’ and my house on completely fabricated charges.  My solicitor said in his entire career he had never heard of a police raid for supposed criminal damage, let alone one that involved nearly 40 police officers and an armed response team!

The police were clearly fishing for intelligence and wanted to intimidate my family and me.

A couple of months later I was awoken by the sound of the police smashing my door in yet again!  This time I was arrested on suspicion of money laundering.  The police also arrested my wife in front of our children.  We were both taken to separate stations and held for ten hours in custody.  Police seized any valuables (even my engagement ring) as they said I had financial irregularities between 2007 and 2009.

They then froze all of my bank accounts including business and left us as a family to live on a £250 a week restriction. In short if I spend more than £250 a week they will send me to prison.  I researched this and these tactics are referred to as ‘disruption’ tactics.  It has now been over a year and my family are still on the same restrictions, I am still on bail with no charge having been placed and they are financially crippling me.  I cannot even have direct debits and this causes serious problems on normal things such as mortgage payments or car insurance.

All of the police actions around this have been to intimidate and target the EDL.  The level of police harassment since the very first UPL demonstration has been quite unbelievable.

Last year a school friend of mine was arrested by the police, he was arrested in possession of 3 firearms and £140,000.  I had been on a lad’s holiday with him a year before this arrest, and he had a holiday picture on display in his lounge with me in it.

His partner contacted me and what she then went onto tell me was truly unbelievable in spite of all the police harassment I had already received.  Whilst this old school friend was on remand in prison the Serious Organised Crime agency (SOCA) had visited him in prison and offered him a deal: he could walk free if he provided a witness statement that the guns found in his possession were actually mine!

This is 100% the gospel truth – evidence of all these arrests with zero resulting in charges can be provided.

More recently I was arrested for an offence relating to a demo outside Luton council when a contingent of Euro MPs came on an anti-EDL crusade, with the aim of calling all citizens who are concerned about their own culture being eroded violent racist islamophobes.  This dross is pretty boring now.  I was subsequently arrested and charged under section 4 of the Public Order Act.  Again I had committed NO crime and surprise surprise… the bail conditions for this fabricated charge was that I do not attend any demonstrations within 10 miles of Luton!

On that very same day Lancashire police charged me with assault and the two forces had clearly cooperated as the bail conditions I was given for this second offence was that I cannot be involved in any EDL demonstration (removing my right to freedom of assembly – can you ever see them doing this to a Muslim extremist? – they would have lawyers queuing up to defend their human rights), I cannot use the internet, email or text message to participate in anything EDL related.

I went to Luton magistrates and pleaded not guilty to section 4.  Then 6 weeks later I received a letter saying it was not in the public interest to pursue this case and guess what? The case was dropped.  Are you noticing a bit of a pattern?

A short while after this the police raided my house again – I wish they would just knock it would be a whole lot easier and cheaper as it happens so bloody often.  I was arrested for another ‘alleged’ assault.  I pleaded not guilty and went to Luton magistrate’s court.  Guess what?  Yes you guessed it thrown out of court for lack of evidence.  There are so many instances of this you might think I am exaggerating but these are all factual.

I have now just spent 8 days in prison for breaching the bail conditions from the Lancashire police (a charge which again is fabricated and will not hold up in court) by attending the peaceful protest at Tower Hamlets.  This is the 3rd time the police have restricted my democratic rights – have any Muslims had their rights restricted?

Anjem Choudary and his merry men turn up on Armistice Day burning poppies and shouting through the two minutes silence and yet they are still free to turn up at the 9-11 memorial and repeat the same disgusting behaviour, burning American flags and shouting obscenities through the service.  Does this sound like a two tier legal system to you?

The government and the police can do what they like to white British citizens even hit them with police batons for attending peaceful demonstrations, but Muslims extremists can march with faces covered at a time when there is a supposed marching ban in London. They can carry sticks, shout disgusting abuse and praise terrorists, wave the black terrorist flag of Jihad in London’s streets and the police are scared stiff to even touch them.

Now let me talk about my two circus-like convictions earlier in the year which the press love to mention at every given opportunity (Football Hooligan).  Bearing in mind what I have just explained about the police action towards me, have a think about this case and make your own mind up.

I was arrested outside Luton Town football stadium because apparently there was a warrant out for my arrest for an apparent assault which was laughed out of court as mentioned above.  I was taken to the station, questioned about this so called assault, and bailed for 8 weeks.  I was at no time questioned about any football violence.  I answered bail 8 weeks later and when I did this they then arrested me for supposedly being involved in football violence 8 weeks prior on the night they actually arrested me for something entirely different!  If this was the case would you not think I would have been arrested for the supposed football violence on the night it happened as they had me in custody?

What was my crime that night?  To have my hands in the air and shout the C word (which I am not particularly proud about) at a group of opposing fans who were goading Luton fans.  In my charge sheet the crime which magically changed from a supposed assault in Luton (which I was arrested for) to leading a 100 man fight outside a football ground in the 8 weeks I was on bail.

So I was accused of leading a 100 man punch up – a 100 man punch up would be serious disorder so how many arrests did the police make, both on the night and since this serious violent 100 man brawl?  That’s right, 1 arrest – me!  Was there any video footage of this huge brawl – No!  In a world where everyone has a camera phone you would think a 100 people fighting right outside a football stadium would have found its way onto YouTube – No!  Was I going to be able to get the chance to have a jury – No!  They charged me with an offence which could only be settled in magistrates.

So there you go – I went to magistrates and was convicted of having my hands in the air and swearing.  The police statement also said I was shouting ‘EDL, EDL’ – get real why would I be shouting this at a Luton game?  I received a ban from football for 3 years just another little inconvenience the police have managed to place on me, and I am banned from Luton town centre and bury park on a Saturday.

The arresting officer also wrote in his statement that he witnessed me fighting.  He somehow did a u turn in court when interrogated by my defence solicitor and said that he did not see me fighting.  A police officer lying in his statement in order to get me convicted – whatever next?  You can see evidence of this U-turn in an article by a Guardian journalist who sat in on the trial.

Now to the earlier conviction when the EDL counter protested the Muslim Extremists that burned the poppies through the armistice two minutes silence.  The police happily facilitated these animals to burn poppies and hurl abuse through the two minutes silence shouting for our fallen heroes to burn in hell and worse.  Again we have instances where an ex-soldier burns a Qur’an.  Now I am not agreeing with the burning of a Qur’an, but at the end of the day it is just a book.  This guy was arrested and is now serving time at her majesty’s pleasure.  What happens to the animals that burn poppies on the streets of London?  That’s right a £50 fine which he refused to pay even though the scum bag gets £800 a month in benefits from tax payers.  Two tier system in full view!

The terrorists were waving the black war flag of Jihad which is the same flag that the Islamic terrorist organisations have above victims like Ken Bigley before they severed their heads.  I just cannot understand why the police are so scared that they let these people walk through the streets of London waving terrorist flags.  I decided to jump the barrier and pull down one of these flags.  When I did this I was man handled by a number of police officers and one office actually smashed my head against the metal railings.

I was arrested for the incident and then at the station to my surprise they were arresting me for assaulting a police officer!  When my solicitor asked for the CCTV footage he was told there was none but instead they had the statements from two officers which said I assaulted one of them.  The protest happened on exhibition road, right outside an embassy in London with 40 of Britain’s most extreme Muslims, yet there was no CCTV?  I personally saw police surveillance officers filming through hand held cameras but the police insisted there was no video footage.

I was actually concerned as I knew that my word against two police officers would not stand up in court and I would get a few years in jail for something I had not done.  We contacted some of the film crews who were covering the event and to my relief ITV had filmed the whole incident which clearly shows the only thing I assaulted was a black terrorist flag.

I turned up at court with the video footage which the police conveniently did not have and guess what?  Yes you know the case got thrown out of court and the assault charge was dropped.  2 months later Scotland Yard came back and re-arrested me for the same incident but this time for public order (causing alarm and distress to the scum that were burning poppies).  It looks like they were determined to get me on something and this time it was a charge which could easily be proven as the police man just had to say when I grabbed the flag I caused him alarm and distress.  I was found guilty and give a fine 7 times larger than that of the extremist who burned the poppies.  So pulling down a terrorist flag is 7 times worse than burning poppies – go work that one out…

Those two instances where the police have actually lied in statements in order to prosecute me for crimes I did not commit.  It makes me wonder if they will get fast tracked in the police force if they nail ‘Tommy Robinson’ and try to put an end to the EDL.  Well the EDL is far bigger than any one person.

Well the police persecution will go on and I know it’s nothing to do with the front line officers, many of which have told me off the record they agree with what we are saying and they are following orders from the top, which in the instance of the poppy burning etc frustrates the life out of them.

It’s political policing from the top and, to be honest, it stinks.  You could be forgiven for thinking we are in China not Britain and we have a police state.  The only thing that has shocked me so far is that no one has planted anything on me such are the lies, persecution and attempts to disrupt and ruin everything in my family life.

At first they tried to intimidate me, then they tried to intimidate my mum and dad, then they arrest my wife, anything in order to break me.

Well you won’t break us, I wrote most of this statement with my head held high in Bedford prison C wing.

Edward Abbey once said, “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government” and Sir Winston Churchill said, “I see the damage done by the enemy but I also see the spirit of an unconquerable people.”

The one thing I was thinking when in Bedford on hunger strike for the 8 days was that I miss my wife, I miss my kids and I miss Nandos…

Has it all been worth it? Of course it f*cking has!

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It looks like he is going to prison for mortgage fraud.

Meanwhile Lord Mandelson is still hectoring the demos about our inability to think.  He never got prosecuted for mortgage fraud.,,112756,00.html

18 months for Tommy.

He'll be lucky to come out alive.  That's our democracy.  It is estimated that 1 million people did what Tommy and Mandelson did. They can be sure with the amount of information they have on people, that anyone who steps out of line and is a threat to the agenda of the elite will end up being prosecuted for something the rest are allowed to get away with -- until their time comes.

Is that a normal sentence? It seems HUGE. Has he been set up? I know the temptation is to think that he has been. But has he been?

I think he was advised to leave EDL (possibly destroying it in the process), and the courts would go lightly on him.  His tweet from earlier today was "this was a stitch up".  If it was only his barrister who had suggested he leave EDL, I can't imagine he would say it was a stitch-up.  Thus, I'm concluding that the CPS, police, etc. might have made him this offer.  But they wouldn't be so stupid as to put it in writing.  What I've heard from those who have needed defence lawyers, is that quite often they are working in cahoots with the police & CPS.

And we should remember: the tax evasion cases against him failed (after the CPS keeping Tommy and his family on a max of £250 per week for the last 3 years).  They clearly were trawling through everything and anything associated with his life, in order to get him on something.

[Archived from 2013]

Armed Islamic Supremacists Attempt to Terrorize Englishman’s Family At His Home – Police Arrest Englishman

On Monday night, an armed mob of islamic supremacist thugs showed up at the home ofTommy Robinson in an attempt to terrorize him and his family. British police showed up on the scene and without even bothering to search or question the armed mob of islamic supremacist thugs, they arrested their intended victim.


This is Roger #ibrahim Anderson, a white convert to Islamic fascism.  He came to Tommy's secret location to assault him, then reported to the police that he felt threatened, so the government robots arrested Tommy instead.  God knows how his family felt with armed thugs like this coming to their home.

Tommy: "I've actually been arrested on causing roger #ibrahim Anderson alarm and distress . U couldn't make it up"

Couple this event with the conversion of the PVV deputy leader to Islam recently, and you see Ibn Ishaq starting to kick into play in front of our very eyes.

  1. Islamic fascists bully and threaten the society till most objectors are silenced
  2. Islamic fascists terrorise the society till they are given concessions by the weak government, hoping to appease them
  3. Thugs like Roger Anderson calculate that they get the best deal with the stronger gangster mob (which only requires a 20% cut), than with the dumb society and its weak leaders.
  4. Fearful people like the PVV deputy leader, are eventually exhausted by the threats to themselves and their family and cross over to the other side simply for protection and relief from the stress.

What the Leftist fascists don't seem to realise, is that when Ibrahim has finished mopping up the Tommy's of this world, he'll start on them, as he has done for 1400 years, and as he did in Iran and Lebanon in our time.

I don't understand. If he's received an offer why has he got 18 months? The deal about leaving the EDL didn't work out, did it? Or do you mean that deal was a fraud.

But why hasn't his barrister shown the duplicity if it's a stitch-up. Surely not all barristers are in on this too... or are they? Or do you mean he won't sit out his 18 months?

From Tommy's tweets, it looks like he was not expecting this.  The rest is surmise on my part. 

I've seen people say that they were given bad advice by their solicitor/barrister in criminal cases, only to then see "their lawyer" drinking in the pub with the police afterwards.  Certainly members of my family who have been in court for criminal cases have said half the time they ignore their own lawyer because he appears to be working for the prosecution.

Former English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon, who uses the alias Tommy Robinson, has been jailed for 18 months for mortgage fraud.

Lennon, 31, from Bedfordshire, who stood down from the EDL last year, was sentenced at St Albans Crown Court after pleading guilty last November.

The fraud amounted to £160,000 over a period of six months.

Lennon left the EDL in October, citing concerns over the "dangers of far-right extremism".

The court was told his life was in danger, and he would have to spend his prison time in solitary confinement.

His barrister Charles Sherrard QC said that in January 2013, when Lennon was jailed for 10 months for using someone else's passport to travel to the USA, he had spent the whole time in solitary and was moved to four different jails for his safety.

'Wanted by al-Shabab'

"Even in solitary he was regarded as being in danger," said Mr Sherrard.

Lennon co-founded the EDL in 2009 after a homecoming parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment in Luton was disrupted by Islamist protesters.

Mr Sherrard said Lennon was in even more danger now, having left the organisation.

"He has alienated another large part of the community who saw him as their leader," he said.

Lennon's safety was also at risk from members of Somali insurgent group al-Shabab, he added.

"He is on a wanted list for al-Shabab so the prospect of prison for him takes on another level," said Mr Sherrard.

The political elite will be delighted if he is killed in prison.  Just like they set up Pim Fortuyn to be killed.

The section of the political establishment involved in this stitch-up of a patriot are nothing more than disgusting snides - how on earth can they live with themselves ?

Isn't politics ugly? I think I'm gonna embrace Zen and live out the rest of my life making earrings out of gorilla dung to send to Oxfam.

Today I happened to meet someone who had read the details of the "mortgage fraud" case against Tommy.  The actions of the elite are even more ominous in the light of what I heard.

I was told that Tommy had in fact done no fraud.  He had lent money to people who then used it as a deposit to buy a house. Tommy pleaded guilty to fraud to keep them out of prison.  The establishment wanted Tommy out of the way, and he was not going to let his family be singled out for persecution when the 1 million people who have bought properties in this way are not prosecuted.

Thus, if this was the Mandelson case, the role Tommy played was not even that of Mandelson (who used someone else's money as the deposit for a property).  Tommy played the role of the Labour Minister who lent Mandelson the money used as a deposit to buy a property.

He [Mandelson] was undone on that occasion by the revelation that he had bought a fashionable home in Notting Hill, with the help of an interest-free £373,000 loan from his millionaire ministerial colleague Geoffrey Robinson. When Mr Mandelson filled in a Britannia Building Society mortgage form to buy the house in 1996 he had failed to mention the loan. He admitted being "technically" wrong in not telling his building society about the loan but, even though he resigned, insisted he had done nothing improper.

 So, Mandelson profited from his actions.  Tommy did not profit from his actions.  Yet Tommy is the one in prison.

I've been giving some more thought to what has happened to Tommy and his family.  Since the authorities could not get Tommy for any of these crimes (they had pored over his financial details for 3 years), what they did instead, was get to him through his family.

This is collective punishment.  Tommy had the temerity to lead a working-class movement against his islamophillic overlords, and if they could not punish him for this, the elite decided they would punish his family instead.  Obviously, in this day and age, they cannot (yet) just take a member of his family hostage or kill them.  So, they used the form of collective punishment which was available to them without causing any national outrage: get them for a crime that 1 million households have done.

Well, we've seen this use of collective punishment before in history, and not so long ago.

Collective punishment is the punishment of a group of people as a result of the behavior of one or more other individuals or groups. The punished group may often have no direct association with the other individuals or groups, or direct control over their actions. In times of war and armed conflict, collective punishment has resulted in atrocities, and is a violation of the laws of war and the Geneva Conventions....According to The New York Times, the British planned "'collective punishment' for aiding Reds, rewards and more troops" in Malaya in 1951.[27] The British used collective punishment as an official policy to suppress the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya in 1952.[28] In 1956, Britain officially used collective punishment in Cyprus in the form of evicting families from their homes and closing shops anywhere British soldiers and police had been murdered, to obtain information about the identity(ies) of the attackers[29] Today, it is considered by most nations contradictory to the modern concept of due process, where each individual receives separate treatment based on his or her role in the crime in question. Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention specifically forbids collective punishment.

Collective punishment can be traced back to the Nazis, and all the way back to islam. 

If Leftist organisations like Liberty were not pure scum, they would be on Tommy's case.  Well, never mind.  The precedent the state has now established, is that the family of muslims in Britain can be treated this way in future.  If a muslim blows himself up, the state can execute his family in his place.

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


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