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It takes a nation to protect the nation

Many Americans ask themselves, why do the Muslims hate us so much that they had to attack us on 9/11 in this mind-boggling manner? But very few can zero down on the precise reason.

The first attack on our Homeland was with hijacked airplanes. The next terrorist attack on the USA could be with trucks and truck-trailers. Unseen and unreported in the media, many persons of Middle Eastern origins have been acquiring driving licenses for heavy vehicles and especially for inflammable, combustible and Hazardous chemicals.


Some of us seek the causes in the foreign policy followed by our administration, across the globe. Some like Michael Moore and others of his ilk, come up with answers that the reason for this schizophrenic and paranoid hatred lies in our support for the Arab regimes in the Middle East, our control of the oil infrastructure in the Gulf region, the presence of our troops in that region, our relative prosperity and free and liberated way of life which the masses of the Arab world cannot share, and the greatest bugbear of all of them – our support to Israel.

But all these cannot explain why (counting from the year 2006) nearly 1372 years back in the year 634, the Muslims launched their first merciless attack on the Christian kingdom of Byzantine, and converted the local Christian population to Islam at the point of the sword, after capturing Jerusalem, Damascus, Cesaria, Antioch and Cairo (then called Babylon and later Al Fustat).

Why was this first unprovoked attack on Christendom unleashed?

The Byzantine Christians had not attacked Arabia, they had not attacked Muslims. Then why were they attacked by the Muslims? The reason for this attack lies in the rejection of the Dawat-ul-Islam (Invitation to embrace Islam) sent to the Christian Byzantine Emperor Heraclius (Heraclios) by Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah, the lecherous mass murderer who was the founder of Islam.

This invitation was in fact an ultimatum to either embrace Islam, or surrender to the Muslim armies and pay protection money to the Muslims through a penal tax called Jaziya or to prepare for war. (It is in the same spirit that the beastlike Ayman Al Zawahiri calls upon President George Bush to embrace Islam). Since Heraclius rejected all these demands, the Muslims launched their first major attack on a Christian kingdom in the year 634 (they had launched a smaller attack five years earlier in 629 at Mu’ta and had been defeated).

The orgy of the jihadists burning of the Stars and Stripes is a barometer of the hatred which they have for us. Had it been possible, they would have burnt us instead of our flag, as they in fact do with each other among Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq. Islam is based on hate and expresses itself through hate and hate alone. The demented mentality will be erased through hate, when we learn to hate Islam and express our hatred through nukes and neutrons.

Publicly burning our national symbol, should have been enough cause for us to launch an unmanned drone to release a nuclear payload on these murderous Muslim mobs. The Muslims respect only the language of blood and death. It is high time that we spoke to them in that language alone.


This story of Muslim aggression and occupation of Christian lands, repeated itself over the next 1372 years when the Muslims launched unprovoked attacks on Christian Egypt in 640, on Christian Nubia in 650, on Christian North Africa in 650, on Christian Spain in 711 and again on 3/11), on Christian France (under Frankish rule) in 732, on Christian Sicily in 812, on Christian Byzantine again in 1071 to 1453, on Christian Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Hungary Austria, Poland Russia in the period between 1389 to 1683 and on Christian America on 9/11.

All these Christian nations were invaded by the Muslims not because they had any grievance against them, not because they had attacked the Muslims, but because it was in the world view of the beastlike Muslims to attack all non-Muslims and convert them to Islam. That was the reason why we were attacked on 9/11.

Any attempt by traitors to humanity like Moore and his ilk along with the communists, Islamofascists (Jihadists), the Greens, the Peaceniks, the no war brigade, to link 9/11 with any illusory, imagined grievance of the Arab Muslims against us is done deliberately to lead us away from defending our homeland and defending civilization.

These folks know that in a face-to-face confrontation with Islam today, Islam is bound to lose and be destroyed. So to enable Islam to acquire Nuclear capability, the communists, Islamofascists, the Greens, the Peaceniks, the no war brigade keep up with their Road Shows, lengthy articles in the NYT, the Guardian and other media that is under the shade of “Code Pink”. If we fail to Stay-the-course and do-whatever-it-takes to defeat and destroy Islam once and forever, then folks we are done in for.

It is high time we face the fact that the Muslims will keep attacking us till either we submit to Islam or we destroy Islam utterly. This defining statement is going to decide the way the war on terror, or the war on Islam progresses in the 21st century.

Many American strategists argue that the grievance that Osama bin Laden has against America is because we have stationed American troops marines in the Arab nations. This is not the reason why Osama is gunning for us. Yes, he does not want us there, but he will not stop at that. He wants us out, so that he could engineer the fall of the existing regimes and replace them with a Caliphate that will rule over a Muslim Super-state (Khilafah). This again will not be the end of the story.

The Islamic Agenda for Global Islam

Osama and after his death his one billion co-religionists, would want to carry on the aggression to re-conquer the erstwhile Muslim occupied nations like Israel, Spain, India, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, etc.

And this again would lead to the final leg of his journey of terror, to spread the rule of Terror (Islam) to the Western World (Europe USA, Latin America, Australia) and the rest of the non-Muslim world (India, China, Japan, Southern Africa). And on this journey of terror, he and his ilk would have no qualms to use any weapon whatever the death toll.


The sequence of shots that display the beheading of Nick Berg. Can anyone in one’s right mind want to negotiate with such scum who behead members of their own species?

The Muslims have in them not one ounce of compassion to reflect our common humanness. Such shit-pieces can only be remorselessly hunted down with nukes and neutrons


Osama and his thugs would like to see the USA and the rest of the non-Muslim world terrorized with mass deaths thru dirty bombs and with proper nuclear weapons, whenever he is able to lay his hands on them. With this kind of a ruthless and soulless enemy, we need to aim at not having any kind of a dialogue, but to find ways and means of how to destroy our enemy totally and permanently, with least damage to ourselves.

Al Qaeda’s Economic Warfare

America’s endurance lies in our economic strength. Osama wants to undermine that. He understands the value of economic warfare, and so his latest missive is for the destruction of the oil infrastructure in the Middle East. He wants to cripple the global economy, by pushing up oil prices by damaging and disrupting the production of oil. In this context we need to strike at the heart of the matter – literally. Our aim should not be to damage the enemy’s infrastructure, their command and control apparatus, but to aim for a highest possible death toll among the enemy with every strike, using conventional or non-conventional weapons. We are sorry to state this brutal reality: The only way the world can ensure a peaceful co-existence with the Muslims will be when all Muslims Rest-in-Peace. The only way to a Muslim heart is to put a bullet in to it. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.

Only a "Killer of all Muslims" can become the "Destroyer of Islam". Only when there is a mindset visible to the Muslims that is prepared to kill all Muslims, will they some of them submit and give up Islam, after most other Muslims are killed.

The Muslims who will give up Islam will include those Muslims who are in their heart of hearts convinced that Islam is evil, but do not have the courage to speak out, for the fear of being killed by other Muslims. The irony here is that only when the world develops and displays a mindset that is ready to kill all Muslims, will it NOT be necessary to kill off all of them, but Islam will be destroyed as the sensible among the Muslims, give up Islam. Till such a mindset prevails and is displayed to the Muslims, the stranglehold of Islam over the minds of the billion and a half Muslims cannot be smashed.So only when the death-glorifying Muslims realize that they too are facing a death-dealing adversary, can they (or some of them) relent. There can be no compassion while fighting a cold dispassionate enemy like Islam.

The Novelty of the Jihad against America

The history of Jihad that we have traced through its bloodied march across various countries in this site, has undergone a transformation when it comes to America. So far the Jihadist hounds came howling and shrieking in an open Jihad like wild beasts. But the Jihad against America though it was heralded with 9/11, was not a result of an open invasion, following the Dawat-ul-Islam to President George Bush. Although some Islamic clerics have asked President Bush to repent and seek refuge in Islam and make himself safe, as were the Sassanid and Byzantine Emperors and as have many Kings, and Chieftains been threatened before the formal Muslim invasion could start.

The Howling Jihad gives way to the Creeping Jihad

But in today’s situation where the USA is the sole hyperpower, the Jihadis cannot be that stupid to have an army massed at American borders, give an ultimatum to the American President to embrace Islam, failing which the Jihadists would invade the USA shrieking and screaming across American cities like Boston, Chicago, Detroit to ultimately stop at Washington DC, where the Americans would be given the choice of Islam, death or Jiziya, as had the hapless Zoroastrian Sassanid Persians, the Syrian Christians of Byzantine, the Hindus of India, the Visigoths of Spain, the Serbs, Croats, Bulgars of Europe.

This cannot happen today simply because the Jihadists cannot match American firepower. This is the Sole Reason why the Jihadists have not started a land invasion of the USA. If they did then they would be pulverized into atomic dust with the US nuclear arsenal. And if the Jihadists had the kind of firepower to outmatch America’s, then the fate of the Americans would have been no different from those of Islam’s earlier victims.

The only thing that stops the Jihadists is that their capability trails their intentions.

The Jihadists have started creeping into the USA stealthily, so that at the right time, when no one suspects them, they could strike in a dramatic way, as they did on 9/11. The beasts of yesteryear will operate like termites, by corroding the structure of their adversary from within, silently, and bring down the roof. When nobody expects it to fall.

But we need not be all that surprised, since the declared aim of the Muslims is to Islamize America. Some Jihadi schools have chided the Al Qaeda for acting prematurely and upsetting the applecart of deceit of corroding America from within, so that in a few decades Islam would have been in a position to take over the USA from within.

In fact Saudi government literature collected during the past year from American mosques also tells Muslims living in the United States to "behave as if on a mission “Behind Enemy Lines” says an 89-page report released by Freedom House, a Human Rights Group, founded by Eleanor Roosevelt. (Freedom House is one of the oldest human rights groups in the United States.)

This is no hearsay, but has been published in the American Media. Our Administration better take preventive action without further delay. 9/11 and the pronouncements of bleeding America with a thousand cuts from the Muslim leaders points in an eerie direction.

If the far less dangerous Japanese Americans could be interned during World War 2, then the far more virulent American Muslims should all be Interned in Gitmo Bay like camps.

The Muslim-leftist takeover of American Universities

”Code Pink” has already sunk its claws into American Universities. Many of the influential Chairs at leading American Universities are occupied by those who favor terrorism. Be it Yale, Harvard, Ann Arbor, we find many Deans openly displaying pro-terrorist tendencies in the kind of curriculums, they devise, the kind of questions they ask in the semesters, the content of the lectures they deliver in classes.

Organizations like CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) have been richly funded by the Saudis to cultivate important media personalities, journalists, even the judiciary is being undermined with the use of legal cases that pit the African-American community against the rest. Prisons, are being used to hunt for convicts who nurse an imaginary grudge against the society of their birth. In addition to all these, more sinister and nefarious designs are being undertaken. Designs that escape our notice.

Middle Eastern men qualify in droves to be drivers of truck trailers ferrying hazardous chemicals. Why is this so?

One tendency is to get driving licenses for Truck-Trailer driver to carry hazardous chemicals and combustible material by men of Middle Eastern origins. The next terrorist attack on the USA could be with trucks and truck-trailers.

EMP attack coming to America when the Jihadists get a nuclear devise from Iranian regime or a rouge Pakistani general

The next attack on the USA could start with an EMP explosion with some nuclear devise supplied by Iranian regime or a rouge Pakistani general to the Jihadists. The EMP attack would immobilize our overwhelmingly electronic based lives. It would immobilize our telecommunication network, the Internet, the Financial money transfer systems like SWIFT, broadcasting services (TV and Radio).

This would be followed by hundreds if not thousands of near simultaneous attacks through trucks ramming, Federal and State Administrative Headquarters, Courts, Landmark Buildings, Universities, Major Libraries, Gas Stations, Banks and Financial Institutions.

The Dry Run in Bangladesh for hundreds of coordinated bomb attacks

We are not trying to create a scare or panic, by saying all this. This is precisely what had happened in Bangladesh last year when more than 450 small bomb blasts were exploded almost simultaneously to demonstrate the reach of the terror network.

This, we believe, was a dry run for what has been planned in the USA after our networks are immobilized after an EMP attack. So we need to strike at the terror networks and their nuclear capabilities in Iran and Pakistan (if Musharraf regime is upturned by a Jihadist coup), before they can strike us in a manner that will make 9/11 seem like kid-stuff. Is America ready to do this? Is anyone at the Oval Office or the Pentagon listening?

The First terrorist attack on American interests took place more than 200 years before 9/11

In the midst of current events, we should not be mistaken that the first terrorist attack on the USA was the first abortive WTC bomb attack in 1993, or that American interests were first targetted in the Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. The first attack took place much earlier, even before what many believe was the first terror attack.The one that took place in 1983 on the American barracks at Beirut in which the death toll was 241 American servicemen. This attack was the first major one against Americans in the 20th century and took place in the aftermath of the Lebanese Civil War between the Maronite Christians and Muslims. But this was not the first attack against us. The first attack took place in 1785 when the Dey (Chieftain) of Algiers seized an American ship and jailed its crew for refusing to submit to Muslim extortion in the form of payment of tribute to the Dey!

Another canard by which we are taken in is that the attacks of 9/11, were a result of American policy in the Middle East. We should realize that Muslim animosity with America, started the day the USA was born in 1776. In fact Muslim animosity against all non-Muslims (Kafirs) had started the day Islam was born in 622.

In an article titled "Terrorism In Early America - The U.S. Wages War Against The Barbary States to end International Blackmail and Terrorism" Thomas Jewett wites as under:

The events of September 11, 2001 shocked the United States out of its complacency concerning its invulnerability. Even though the U.S. has the most powerful military machine on earth, it might be of little avail; it seems that a new type of war will be fought. A war that will need resolve, years of effort, and new tactics.

This is not the first conflict in which America has faced such deprivations against life and property. There was another time when it was determined that diplomacy would not only be futile, but humiliating and in the long run disastrous. A time when ransom or tribute would not buy peace. A time when war was considered more effective and honorable. And, a time when war would be fought, not with large concentrations of military might, but by small bands peopled with individuals of indomitable spirit.

Almost 200 years ago our infant country attacked Tripoli under circumstances that are eerily similar to contemporary times. That conflict, immortalized in the Marine Corps Hymn, "From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli" called the Tripolitan War or the Barbary Pirate War, came shortly after we gained our independence from England. The United States chose to fight the pirates of Barbary, rather than pay tribute, as did all the other nations who traded in the Mediterranean Sea. The decision was bold, but the eventual victory by the tiny United States Navy broke a pattern of international blackmail and terrorism dating back more than one hundred and fifty years.

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The Barbary States was a collective name given to a string of North African seaports stretching from Tangiers to Tripoli. These ports were under the nominal control of the Ottoman Empire, but their real rulers were sea rovers or corsairs who sallied forth from the coast cities to plunder Mediterranean shipping and capture slaves for labor or ransom. Among the famous prisoners ransomed from the shackles of Barbary were St. Vincent de Paul, and Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote (Castor, 1971).

Common piracy by the Barbary States blossomed into a sophisticated racket in 1662, when England revived the ancient custom of paying tribute. The corsairs agreed to spare English ships for an annual bribe paid in gold, jewels, arms, and supplies. The custom spread to all countries trading in the Mediterranean.

England paid tribute for the vessels of her American colonies, and France guaranteed it for them during the War of Independence. The new United States awoke abruptly to an ugly responsibility of independence when in 1785 the Dey of Algiers seized an American ship and jailed its crew for nonpayment of tribute (Channing, 1968).

The Dey was in no hurry to wring tribute from this new source of revenue. The capture of American ships would be more profitable, and in view of the naval weakness of the United States, a rather safe venture. Eleven of the first unfortunate Americans to fall into his hands died before their country ransomed the rest ten years later.

To the sea hawks of Barbary, the American ships in the Mediterranean were "fat ducks" prime for the plucking. In this view, they were encouraged by England and France whose trade was being hurt by the upstart Yankees (Castor, 1971). Turkey, overlord of Barbary, was an ally of Britain. The North Africans depended on free trade with France for supplies. Hence the pirates were forbidden to attack British shipping and in plain self-interest could not raid the French. With targets so limited, the American "fat ducks" were a godsend. By 1794, the Dey of Algiers had plundered eleven American ships and held one hundred and nineteen of their survivors for ransom.

President George Washington tried to reach an agreement with the Barbary States but with little success. His agents, one of whom was John Paul Jones, had diplomatic doors slammed in their faces.

Washington's ambassadors in Europe worked to free Americans enslaved in Barbary dungeons, but John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson were ridiculed.

In 1785, the exasperated Jefferson suggested that war was the only solution. His mind was "absolutely suspended between indignation and impotence." Jefferson declared that tribute was "money thrown away" and that the most convincing argument that these outlaws would understand was gunpowder and shot. The future president proposed a multi-national effort between European powers and America that would in effect economically blockade North Africa and ultimately provide for a multi-national military force to combat pirate terrorism. The European powers chose to continue paying tribute to the Barbary States (Irwin, 1970).

John Adams, the next President, went along with the Europeans and paid for peace in the Mediterranean. Congress, in 1795, authorized payment of tribute. Algiers was granted the equivalent of $642,500 in cash, munitions, and a 36-gun frigate, besides a yearly tribute of $21,600 worth of naval supplies. Ransom rates were officially set for those Americans already in Barbary prisons-$4,000 for each passenger, $1,400 for each cabin boy. Sunday after Sunday, a sad roll of names was read out in the churches of Salem, Newport, and Boston, listing the men in irons. Congress would only pay $200 for their freedom, the rest of the money had to be raised privately. Eventually, at long last, the American captives of the Dey of Algiers walked into the light, except for thirty-seven dead, whose ransoms had to be paid nevertheless (Malone, 1951).

Adam's acquiescence to Algiers prompted Tunis and Tripoli to demand and be promised their own blood money. Tripoli, especially, was piqued at the Dey of Algiers' good fortune.

The payment of blackmail did not end the indignities perpetrated by Barbary. An absurd episode in 1800 pointed up the futility of giving in to the pirates. When the frigate George Washington docked in Algiers with a consignment of tribute, the Dey, to impress his master, the Sultan of Turkey, shanghaied the American ship to run an errand for him. The captain of the luckless ship, William Bainbridge, was forced to haul down the American flag and to run up the Algerian colors. The George Washington was commandeered to take a shipment of treasure, livestock, and some lions to the Sultan in Istanbul (Irwin, 1970).

Yusuf, the Pasha of Tripoli, seeing the weakness of the Americans, decided to increase demands on the United States. Among the trifles he ordered as part of the American tribute were several diamond-studded guns. On the occasion of the death of George Washington the Pasha informed President Adams that it was customary when a great man passed away from a tributary state to make a gift in his name to the crown of Tripoli. Yusuf estimated Washington to be worth about $10,000.

By the spring of 1801, Yusuf had heard nothing about his $10,000 and his impatience with America had grown to a fine rage. The Pasha summoned the American representative to his court, made him kiss his hand and decreed that, as a penalty, tribute would be raised to $225,000, plus $25,000 annually in goods of his choice. If refused, the alternative was war. To make his point, Yusuf had his soldiers chop down the flagpole in front of the American consulate, a significant gesture in a land of no tall trees-and one that meant war (Channing, 1968).

The reason for Yusuf's lack of tribute was that the United States had a new president — the former frustrated ambassador, Thomas Jefferson. Upon entering office, Jefferson had been appalled to discover that tribute and ransoms paid to Barbary had exceeded $2,000,000, or about one-fifth, of the entire annual income of the United States government.

Jefferson decided that a little "showing of the flage" in the Mediterranean was more appropriate than tribute. He ordered the frigates President, Essex, and Philadelphia and the sloop Enterprise to blockade Tripoli and convoy American shipping (Malone, 1970). This squadron, under Commodore Richard Dale, had to patrol and control a coastline over 1,200 miles in distance, which resulted in a "most desultory blockade." The lone success of the force was the defeat of a larger Tripolitan ship by Enterprise. Since there had been no declaration of war by the United States, the Barbary cruiser could not be taken as a prize. However, the captain of the Enterprise did have all of the corsair's guns thrown overboard before allowing the ship to continue on its way, with sixty casualties to his none (Channing, 1968).

Yusuf was so furious at his captain's defeat at the hand of the American "fat ducks" that he had him bastinadoed (beaten on the soles of his feet) and paraded backward on a donkey, his neck festooned with sheep's entrails (Castor, 1971).

At this time, U.S. naval enlistments were for only one year, so in March 1802, Commodore Dale sailed home. Congress still refused to declare war against Tripoli, but did levy a light war tax and proclaimed "protection of commerce" by the navy.

Command of the American effort evolved in September 1803 to Captain Edward Preble, who immediately set about on the offensive. He scored a bloodless victory at Tangier by convincing the Sultan of Morocco that it would be to his benefit not to molest American shipping in the future. Preble accomplished this feat by sailing the Constitution into Tangier harbor, opening up the gun ports, running out the cannon, and pointing them at the Sultan's palace. The Sultan hastened to agree, and to seal the bargain, supplied the crew of the ship with provisions (Channing, 1968).

The glow of success was soon tarnished when news reached Preble of the capture of the frigate Philadelphia. The Philadelphia arrived on station in the Mediterranean ahead of the rest of the squadron. Its captain, William Bainbridge, unwisely set about trying to blockade Tripoli alone. On October 31, while pursuing a corsair under full sail, Philadelphia grounded on a sandbar about two miles offshore. Despite five hours of desperate work by her crew, she stuck fast. With her broadsides tilted at crazy angles, her firing was harmless to the pirates' small craft that quickly swarmed about her.

Bainbridge, after jettisoning his useless cannon, and thinking the ship's carpenter had scuttled the ship, surrendered to prevent a massacre. Three hundred and seven Americans were taken prisoner, put in chains, and forced to slave in the building of Tripoli's fortifications (Irwin, 1970).

Preble's hands were tied. Any action by the Americans might result in the Pasha murdering Philadelphia's crewmen in reprisal. So, Preble first offered $50,000 and then $100,000 for their release, but was scornfully refused. Whereupon, Preble released his own seahawk, Stephen Decatur.

In December, young Lieutenant Decatur, captain of the Enterprise, had apprehended an enemy ketch, a four-gun vessel of shallow draft, which could be rowed. Decatur planned a raid to destroy the unlucky Philadelphia, whom the pirates had refloated and were rigging for action against the Americans. Decatur's plan called for the use of a native vessel, and the captured ketch filled the bill.

Decatur and his small crew disguised as North Africans sailed the Barbary ketch into Tripoli harbor on the night of February 15, 1804. The tiny craft bumped into the Philadelphia, and Decatur's boarding party flung grappling hooks to lash the rails together. Then yelling and screaming, they leaped onto the deck of the frigate. As a pirate reported later, the Americans "sent Decatur on a dark night, with a band of Christian dogs fierce and cruel as the tiger, who killed our brothers and burnt our ships before our eyes." Decatur's men wielded tomahawks and killed twenty pirates in as many minutes, chasing the rest over the side. Only one raider was wounded before the Philadelphia was set afire in four places. Then the Americans withdrew (Castor, 1971).

Decatur's luck held in the even more perilous escape from the harbor. The Pasha's artillery thundered wildly after the brazen Americans, but the little ketch, scarcely scratched, was rowed through the storm, to rejoin the American squadron (Castor, 1971).

When British Admiral Lord Nelson heard of the raid, he called it "the most bold and daring act of the age." Decatur, just twenty-five, won promotion to captain-then the highest rank in the navy-and remains the youngest man ever to be so honored (Bobby-Evans, 2001).

Decatur's act, no matter how bold and daring, did not alter radically the situation in the Mediterranean. Tripoli was defended by 25,000 soldiers and 115 cannon ashore, and 24 warships guarded the harbor. Against them Preble could pit only 1,060 men aboard seven ships, of which only the Constitution was heavy-gunned. Without troops to storm the port, all that Preble and his men could do was to disrupt the Pasha's economy by not allowing the pirates to practice their trade and to keep the pasha on the defensive (Channing, 1968).

On August 3, Preble's squadron sailed into Tripoli harbor to open bombardment of the city. The pirates were sheltered safe behind thick walled defenses, some of which had been constructed by Philadelphia's crew under the lash.

The bombardment caused little damage, but Preble was pleased by the behavior of his crews who had taken on the pirates at their own game. The corsairs were supposed to be invincible at hand-to-hand fighting, but never again would they attempt this, their favorite method of attacking and boarding on an American ship. The "fat ducks" had turned into fierce seahawks. American sailors led by men like Lieutenant John Trippe, outnumbered three to one, killed twenty-one of the pirates and captured fifteen in one engagement alone. Trippe himself took eleven wounds from a Turkish captain before ending the combat with a pike thrust. Three Tripolitan gunboats were captured, and one sunk (Castor, 1971).

Only one American was lost; Decatur's younger brother, James, had been treacherously murdered by the captain of a pirate ship after its surrender. Stephen Decatur avenged his brother by killing the murderer in a savage man-to-man encounter before witnesses (Castor, 1971).

Preble returned five times to harass and bombard Tripoli, but without troops to affect a landing, they were basically ineffectual. His tour of duty over, Preble returned home in modest triumph, to be commended by the President, to receive a gold medal from Congress, and to die of tuberculosis a year later. Pope Pius VII said that under Preble's orders Americans "had done more for the cause of Christianity than the most powerful nations of Christendom have done for ages" (Castor, 1971).

Preble's successor, Captain Samuel Barron, led the largest flotilla assembled under the American flag up to that time: six frigates, seven brigs, and ten gunboats. Barron had another weapon on his flagship, William Eaton, former Consul of Tunis (Irwin, 1970).

Eaton knew that Tripoli could be taken if ground troops were committed or if the political climate of the city could be altered. Eaton planned to do both. His scheme called for fomenting rebellion to supplant Yusuf with his brother Hamet (Channing, 1968).

To achieve his design Eaton had at his disposal $20,000 in cash, the little brig Argus, and a cadre of nine men. One of the latter was a midshipmen-man by the name of Pascal Paoli Peck, and the other eight were United States Marines led by Lieutenant Presley O'Bannon. This handful of men would share in an incredible adventure little recalled today except in the Marine Corps Hymn (Pike, 2001).

Eaton and the puppet Hamet met at Alexandria, Egypt and agreed to attack Yusuf's port of Derna. In that city Hamet had some support. To avoid an exhausting 500-mile march Eaton wanted to transport the American force by sea, but Hamet insisted that his flighty followers might disappear if the Americans did not march with him.

By promising riches and plunder after victory, "General" Eaton, as Hamet dubbed him, recruited probably the strangest army to march under the stars and stripes. The men were mostly Arabs and Levantine brigands, with some Greeks and other European soldiers of fortune. There were about six hundred in all (Bobby-Evans, 2001).

The expedition would be supplied by sea, and the Argus would pace the marchers just offshore. The Argus' cannon would provide Eaton with minimal naval support, and her eight marines were added to the rabble army.

The motley force moved out of Alexandria on March 8, 1805, along a route now made famous during World War II. Two of Eaton's rest stops were at Tobruk and El Alamein. Eaton's army, like those of the future would suffer from the sandstorms of the khamsin wind, which brings darkness at midday (Castor, 1971).

On the march Eaton's Arab cavalry threatened to mutiny. Eaton outfaced the horde with a show of bayonets from his squad of eight marines. Eventually Eaton's $20,000 was drained, and at times, he had to borrow money from his marines and Greek mercenaries to keep the expedition going (Irwin, 1970).

The Argus lost contact with the march about 90 miles from Derna, just as the land forces' food gave out. Some of the mercenaries vowed to quit, but Eaton coaxed them to eat a pack camel and wait a day or so. Fortunately the Argus reappeared on April 16, followed by the Hornet, with food and munitions. After a few days rest, Eaton resumed his advance, and arrived outside of Derna on April 25 (Irwin, 1970).

To Eaton's demand for surrender, the captain of Derna's defenses replied, "My head or yours!" After two days of maneuvering, Eaton's lone cannon opened on Derna's stonewalls and houses. The noise was impressive, dust flew, and in their excitement the Greek artillerymen burst the cannon by firing it with the rammer still in the tube (Castor, 1971).

At four in the afternoon, Eaton ordered a frontal attack, and with his tiny force of eight marines and fifty Greeks charged the walls. The town was won but at a high cost of fourteen dead, two of them marines. Eaton took a musket ball through the wrist in the assault, which captured the first city in the Old World by Americans (Bobby-Evans, 2001).

The victors were besieged in Derna throughout the month of May, but Hamet's cavalry repulsed the attacks. Eaton begged Commodore Barron to proclaim Hamet the new ruler of Tripoli, and to reinforce his troops for the 700-mile march on the Pasha's capital. Barron refused both requests because Yusuf had reopened negotiations with the American consul for the release of the Philadelphia's crew (Bobby-Evans, 2001).

An agreement was reached. Eaton and Hamet fled from the shores of Tripoli with the marines and Christian mercenaries to escape certain death at the hands of their angry followers, for whom peace would end all prospects of loot. What the fearless Eaton might have accomplished with the one hundred or more marines who were idle aboard Barron's squadron is tantalizing to imagine (Bobby-Evans, 2001).

The negotiated treaty with Yusuf called for the release of all prisoners, an end to slave taking and ship seizure, and a final ransom of $60,000. Yusuf was more than eager to sign. American naval presence had destroyed his normal source of revenue, and he had been alarmed at the success of Eaton's ragtag army (Irwin, 1970).

The Dey of Tunis, seeing what had happened to Tripoli, sent a blooded horse to Jefferson as a sign of peace and the end of tribute. Jefferson, a horseman, refused the gift. The Americans now thought that the Mediterranean was safe for United States' shipping, and brought Barron's squadron home (Castor, 1971).

However, in the fall of 1807, Algiers detained three vessels. Freedom was bought for the ships and crew for a mere $18,000 but it signaled the resumption of two bad habits, pirate terrorism and tribute. The renewal of these would last for many years and cause the American navy to once again sail against Barbary.

The war with England during 1812-14 pushed the Barbary pirates into the back of American concerns. In any event, retaliation against the corsairs would have been impossible, for after 1812 the American navy was swept from the seas by the British.

As soon as the American navy was no longer a threat, the Dey of Algiers announced a "policy to increase the number of my American slaves," whereupon he captured the brig Edwin and its crew in August 1812. This situation lasted until the end of the war with England (Irwin, 1970).

On March 2, 1815, ten weeks after the end of the War of 1812, the United States formally declared hostilities against Algiers. Retribution, long delayed but richly deserved, was dispatched in the form of ten tall ships under the command of the scourge of Barbary, Stephen Decatur (Pike, 2001).

The punitive expedition arrived off Algiers in June. Decatur promptly shot up the flagship of the Dey's fleet, capturing it with 486 prisoners. He then sent an ultimatum to the Dey: Free every slave at once, pay an indemnity of $10,000 to the survivors of the brig Edwin, and cease all demands for tribute forever.

Numbed by Decatur's ferocity, the Dey whined that perhaps there had been a "misunderstanding" which he would like to correct with "the amiable James Madison, the Emperor of America" (Castor, 1971).

Tunis and Tripoli were next on Decatur's list. The Dey of Tunis groomed his beard with a diamond-encrusted comb and complained, "Why do they send wild young men to treat for peace with the old powers?" Still, he paid the Americans $46,000 to go away. In its turn, Tripoli felt Decatur's wrath, paying him a $25,000 indemnity and freeing its slaves (Castor, 1971).

The "old powers" never again molested any American ships. Decatur's swift and firm action impelled the other European powers to follow the American example. The degrading yoke of tribute and the raiding of the Barbary corsairs were over.

America's involvement in the Tripolitan War suppressed pirate terrorism in the Mediterranean only after resolute action. It also saw the development of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps with their proud traditions, and for the first time America made its presence known, not as a "fat duck" but as an eagle in the world of the old empires. All these events took place 2 centuries before 9/11, events of which we have only faint memories, if at all!

What the World Owes to America

Today we see American soldiers dying at the hands of the Jihadists, especially in Iraq. Yes the Jihadists consider all non-Muslims to be their enemies be they Filipinos, Australians, Russians, Israelis, Indians, Serbs, Croats, etc. But it is the Americans who are taking the maximum losses in terms of lives lost.

The world over, it is American casualties that are taking place in these initial battles of Iraq and Afghanistan, that presage a long drawn World War 3. In future, these sacrifices would be looked at in hindsight as those who laid down their lives to ensure that the world remained free, free of Islamic savagery. History will redeem their memory along with those who died on D Day at Normandy.

Islam, Fanatic Islam and Islamic Terrorism

Today many the world over are innocent of how Islam was founded, how it grew and what Islam implies for the future of Humankind. So there are endless debates that Islam is a religion of peace, that all Muslims are not fanatical, and that we need to differentiate between, Muslims and terrorists.

The reading of the story of Islam so far should be enough to dispel the notion that Islam differs from Islamic fanaticism, or that Islam is a religion of peace and that the Terrorists have hijacked a peaceful religion. No it is not. It is Islam which gave birth to Terrorism, which started from the evil mind of its founder Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro - may his name and memory be obliterated) and has filtered down to the last follower (Muslim) today. Islam is Fanaticism, it is high time we woke up to this chilling reality.

How Islam prevents Muslims from leaving Islam – Murder any Muslim leaving Islam

Mohammed (yimach shmo…) was a shrewd man who knew that there was always a danger of Muslims deserting Islam and reverting to some other less blood-thirsty religion, so he made it an offense punishable with death for anyone leaving Islam, having once accepted it. According to the Shariah, a Murtad (Muslim Apostate) has to be killed, and it is the duty of a Muslim to kill any other Muslim who leaves Islam.

The murderous Quran is the inviolable word of god

There can also never ever be any discussion on the murderous commands of the Quran, since it is the word of god, or so Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro - may his name and memory be obliterated) told his followers.

Assemble five times a day to swear your loyalty to Islam

To be doubly sure that his flock remains together in to its murderous ken (prison), he decreed that it was compulsory for all Muslims to come together and pray five times during the day. So there wasn’t any chance for his followers to leave Islam and emancipate themselves.

Getting into Islam was a one way street.

Islam was a dead end, where you could enter, (in fact you were forced to enter at the pain of death) , but could never leave, since you would be killed. In fact such was the indoctrination and mass hysteria that Mohammed (yimach shmo…) started, that in a generation or so, the new converts forgot that their forefathers were not Muslims, and in fact in North Africa, they even forgot that they were not Arabs. They forgot that their forefathers were made to submit to Islam at the pain of death.

This sealed the fate of all those who were forced to embrace Islam from ever becoming decent thinking humans ever again.

Only the total destruction of non-Muslim heritage and wholesale slaughter of non-Muslims has got the Muslims Victory

With every Muslim military victory, there was not just a change of ruler, but a wholesale slaughter of those who refused to convert or pay Jaziya. There was also a total destruction of the pre-Islamic culture, educational institution, libraries, etc. The planned and deliberately implemented slaughter of the non-Muslim priestly and warrior class was done to enfeeble the conquered populace so much that they would forget who they were their national and cultural identity be subsumed under a newly imposed Arabized Muslim identity.

This kind of tyranny was never known to the human race, with any other conqueror, like Alexander, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, or even those who came after the Muslims like the British Colonialists, or the Spanish Conquistadors. Yes the Spanish Conquistadors were ruthless, but in spite of all they did to he native Americans, the naïve Americans still have preserved their memory of they being a people different from the Spanish Conquistadors, not so with the Egyptians, North Africans, Berbers, et al.

Ask any Egyptian who he is, he will say he is an Arab, were the Pharaohs Arabs? Were the builders of the Pyramids, Arab? Ask any Libyan, Sudanese, Algerian, Tunisian, Somalian, who he is he will say he is an Arab. These are people, whom the conquering Muslim Arab, so Arabized that they have forgotten who they are, their national identities have completely been submerged into the Arab Muslim Ummah.

This has not happened with the native Americans or the Maoris or the Africans, in spite of the fact that apartheid was practiced in South Africa. The Arabs as conquerors totally brainwashed at the point of the sword all the conquered people, Arabized and Islamized them at the pain of death.

Knowing all this is relevant today for those who seek to defeat Islam. To do so we have to first understand the depth of depravity in Islam. If the Muslims have to be saved from Islam, then it is not sufficient to conquer the Muslim countries and try to being democracy to them, we have to de-Islamize these people, if they are to be emancipated into civilized beings.

Islam has brutalized them and made them robotic followers and into robotic killers, narrow-minded individuals, despotic rulers, and cruel sadists by following the injunctions of the Instruction Manual of Terrorism (the Quran). This is proven by the bloodied Shiite-Sunni murders that have started in Iraq despite elections, and elections by people who support a murderous creed throw up murders as their legislators as in the case of Hamas and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Islam is a perverted mentality, a mental sickness based on intimidation to convert all non-Muslims to Islam, and to murder if you refuse to convert. And if you manage to save your head, then you have to live under their dehumanizing tyranny and live as non-Muslims (Dhimmis or Zimmis).

The Retrograde Negative Spirit of Islam pervades all across that Islamic civilization(sic). Although to call it “civilization” is a contradiction in terms

The very first verse uttered by that lecherous mass-murderer, the accursed Mohammed-ibn-abdallah was “La Ilah Il Allah, Mohammed ur Rasoolallah” which translated literally would read “No god but god, Mohammed is prophet of god”. In Arabic “La” connotes “No”. So what can one expect from a mentality whose very first of its five principles is based on negativism?

Negativism permeates all through Islam, its attitudes towards all non-Muslims, its use of dishonesty to portray itself as a victim, its murderous intent towards all those who refuse to convert to Islam, its use of any level of cruelty to Islamize entire humankind.

We can save ourselves from this Malignant Madness of Islam, only if we see it through to its grave. The other option is landing in the grave ourselves along with liberty, progress and free-thinking, freedom of speech and scientific advancement, all of which will be become slaves to that Instruction Manual of Hate and Terror – the Quran.

Why is a threat of death the only way to defeat Islam?

Islam was spread with the use of death threats. The defeated non-Muslims were given the choice of Islam or Death. After having been forced to accept Islam through such terminal coercion, the converted people had no way of renouncing Islam. If they did so, they were targeted as Murtads (apostates) and were killed. It is mandatory in Islam for Muslims to kill anyone who leaves the cult. So the converts were forced to remain Muslims. And as this was their fate, then the best bet for them was to imbibe the murderous attitude themselves and impose it on others.

Today although "Islam or Death" is not possible openly, unless
what is the source/credit for these two postings?
Charles, the history above is a clear picture that surely I should have learned in school. It wasn't taught.
Clearly, the USA has an uphill battle against Jihad. They truly have infiltrated our society, to the point that their behavior is "forgiven" as a "cultural hiccup" and the US face has turned the other way.
I believe it is going to take another attack, probably on the finances or several EMD's to "poke the hornets' nest of the US to wake up the sheep of citizenry.
Your name suggests that you have studied the Turks and history and Didn't Charles Martel "The Hammer" lead a successful campaign against the Turks over-running France?


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