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The 9-11 attack on the US Pentagon: Did Bin Laden make a strategic mistake?

This is a very tedious video, which could easily be compressed into 5 minutes, if you remove the repetitions and flannel.  However, there are some interesting tid bits.  One comment stood out for me:

"We were determined to rebuild the Pentagon by Sept 11, 2002, to show the terrorists how America responds to this kind of threat."

Bin laden must have pissed himself at this perfect example of the non-martial thinking of secular democracy.   So someone attacks the very heart of your country and people, is posing an existential threat to your existence, and the way you show him how angry you are is to demonstrate your efficient building skills?  When he saw those Americans working 20 hour days and sleeping on the site, staying calm and relaxed and refusing to judge the 'religion of peace', he must have been scared stiff (not)!  

Of course, bin Laden would have referred to guidance from Mohammed.  The prophet said that there will be some people who don't want to fight, but would rather stay at home and do constructive things like farming, making tools, building homes and so on.  But that activity is the inclination of the timid coward.  The true Muslim is more inclined to go out and fight and kill the kaffir, and that is the true Jihad, the only sure way of getting to heaven.  The wimp that just wants to stay at home and create things in peace instead of destroying things in war,  will never be a true Muslim, and may even feel the wrath of Mohammed descend upon him, if he's not careful!


The attack on the Pentagon was far more of a national security risk than I imagined.  If the fire had reached the roof, it would have knocked out the global communications equipment for the entire pentagon, thus rendering US forces worldwide blind, and unable to seek orders.  That blackout could also have been achieved by knocking out (or overloading) the generators, or the cooling system, or perhaps even the water supplies.  Imagine if China took that opportunity to take some of the disputed islands, or even Taiwan, and the US is without clear command and control for 24 hours or more?

I think bin Laden made a mistake.  If he'd directed 3 jets at the pentagon, he could have wiped it out completely.  With just 2 jets, he could have disabled the entire communications system.  He could have knocked out the US military!  That surely, is a far more symbolic event than the twin towers.  It may even have been enough to wake the kaffir cattle from their grass grazing, and make them acknowledge an ideological threat, not just a physical one.  But maybe my natural optimism is getting the better of me :-)

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Yes a bit of tedious video, but still quite revealing.  Although i'm sure America would have a secondary command  unit set up for just such an event, that will be a seperate arguement.

I think the attacks would have had to have been authorised from the top, so the targets were all dicussed and agreed. The reasoning behind the targets can only be guessed at, and the reason multiple targets were chosen instead of just  one were probably based on the law of averages theory.  At least one would be successful.

Bin Ladin would have known that he couldn't win a war against America by crashing a few planes into buildings. The aim surely would be a terror tactic. Let the Americans know that Islam was prepared to carry out this sort of suicide attack on their soil.

All the targets were symbolic in their own way, but the Twin Towers were extre special because 1) it was the second attempt, which showed they would endeavor to finnish what they'd started. 2) The political gains made for years by trying to build a (victory) Mosque right next to the site. Which exposed all the islamophobia of the American people, and divided the  different religious communities.

Islam can't deliever a decisive  blow just yet, it just keeps chipping away. Any security issues the attact on the pentagon exposed did it a favour.



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