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Kuffarphobia in Sweden


Kuffarphobia in Sweden

Att organisera kampen för medborgerliga rättigheter och sekulär lag i Sverige

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Swedish woman gang raped until she is disabled by Afghan refugees.This is how asylum seekers reward those that try help them.


Sweden Descends into Anarchy

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av Alan Lake Aug 20, 2018. 5 Svar

One Week in Sweden

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av Philip Smeeton Nov 15, 2017. 2 Svar

Will Someone fight back?

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Pat Condell: Goodbye Sweden

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av paul collings Mar 12, 2017. 2 Svar

On- The Muslim Brotherhood Of Sweden. Magnus Norell.

Startad av Philip Smeeton. Senaste svar av Philip Smeeton Jul 10, 2016. 1 Svar


Startad av OldWarDog. Senaste svar av Alan Lake Mar 21, 2016. 6 Svar

Sweden: Death by Immigration

Startad av Herman Van Keer Feb 4, 2016. 0 Svar

Sweden's suicide

Startad av Herman Van Keer. Senaste svar av Antony Jan 22, 2016. 1 Svar

Protecting a you girl, boy murdered by rapefugee

Startad av Herman Van Keer Jan 20, 2016. 0 Svar

Sweden's lie "refugee children"

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Julia Caesar in English

Startad av Oscar Friberg. Senaste svar av Philip Smeeton Okt 6, 2015. 3 Svar

Kuffarphobes target Lars Vilks

Startad av paul collings. Senaste svar av paul collings Sep 5, 2013. 12 Svar

They should be Hung.

Startad av shiva Jul 3, 2012. 0 Svar



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Kommentar av Alan Lake den 2 December 2019 kl. 19.02
There have always been people throughout history that have decided that they would rather die than betray their principles- It looks like Sweden has made that choice.

If I might rephrase this somewhat:

There have always been people throughout history that have decided that they would rather die than betray their betrayal of their original principles (of egalitarianism, secularism, non-discrimination and equality before the law).
Since they've already betrayed those original core principles. Now they are refusing to get back to them.
Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 1 December 2019 kl. 8.55
The Sweden Democrats are excluded from the upcoming Nobel awards festival in Stockholm because:"The party's background in right-wing extremism (...) shows a lack of respect for the basic principles that all people have equal value and equal rights, regardless of skin color, origin or religion,".
The Swedish Democrats' leader Jimmie Åkesson is the only party leader from a parliamentary party that is not welcome at the annual party on December 10 in Stockholm, Expressen writes.
In mid-November, a poll showed that the Swedish Democrats had more support than the Social Democrats and were most popular in the country.
(Sverigedemokraternas leder Jimmie Åkesson er den eneste partilederen fra et riksdagsparti som ikke er velkommen på den årlige festen 10. desember i Stockholm, skriver Expressen.
I midten av november viste en meningsmåling at Sverigedemokraterna hadde større oppslutning enn Socialdemokraterna og var mest populær i landet.)

There have always been people up through history that have decided that they would rather die than betray their principles- It looks like Sweden has made that choice.

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 15 November 2019 kl. 18.35
Historisk svensk måling: Sverigedemokraterna største parti
(Historical Swedish survey: Sweden Democrats largest party)
I am happy to see that the far-right Sweden Democrats are now in theory the largest political party in Sweden. With 24%. The Social Democrats stand at 22% in this opinion poll.

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 13 November 2019 kl. 18.33
The local government of the municipality of Staffanstorp has been slammed by the Swedish establishment as acting in a Nazi-like way for advertising itself as a pleasant alternative to the insecurity of crime-ridden cities.
(The Swedish authorities are in denial, their motto is: "If you're white you have no right").
Sweden used to be a peaceful white country.

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 8 Oktober 2019 kl. 18.18
"In a rare move, Swedish police published photos of two suspects in an assault rape case leading to both men being quickly arrested following a flood of tips from the public."

"The broadcaster claimed as many as eight out of ten assault rapes were perpetrated by migrants, half of whom had lived in Sweden less than a year before their attack."
(The truth will out. The factual truth, not just someone's version of the truth).

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 2 Oktober 2019 kl. 12.22
After Years of Open Borders, Sweden Unemployment Rate Approaches Highest in EU.
Anyone that really thought about it would predict that the liberal socialistic immigration policies of Sweden would eventually result in the complete collapse og the economy.
Unless the ultra-nationalists take over Sweden is going to become just another backward Muslim country, torn with ethnic conflict.

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 25 September 2019 kl. 19.35

Sweden has a prime minister that is personally responsible for every immigrant attack.  The socialists refuse to accept any blame, even though all of this is without question a result of their indifference to the fate of the native swedes.

Stefan Löfven and Angela Merkel.

Hearts of Stone.

Hang them!

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 25 September 2019 kl. 16.52

11-year-old girl gang raped in Sweden – Perpetrators walk free and laugh in her face

Swedish independent journalist Joakim Lamotte has talked to a mother whose 11-year-old daughter was raped by two men.

The girl was forced to both anal and oral sex. The young men were arrested, but released shortly after. Several times the daughter has met the boys when she walks to school. They laughed in her face.

The mother has just been informed that the investigation has been closed, and that her daughter will not be redressed.

Her daughter’s life has been destroyed, she says, and the only resort they see is to move to another town. She is strongly critical of how the police have handled the case.

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 25 September 2019 kl. 16.49

Sweden: Military-aged Somali migrant arrested for assaulting 21 people

Police in Sweden have arrested a 22-year-old Somali migrant who is suspected of carrying out several unprovoked assaults against women in Eskilstuna this month.

The military-aged Somali migrant first was brought to the attention of police after several women in the area had reported having been hit in the face and spit on by a “very dark-skinned man” who was traveling on a bicycle. 

Investigators reportedly had named the elusive Somalian ‘the bicycle man’.

It wasn’t until this week when police were able to catch up to ‘the bicycle man’ and arrest him. 

On Friday, the man was arrested on probable cause for a large number of cases of abuse and fraud, and making illegal threats, Fria Tider reports.

‘The bicycle man’ is believed have attacked at least 21 people since last summer. Most of his victims are said to have been women. Police were able to arrest him following his most recent attack on September 17th.

According to the arrest report, the man is 22-years-old with Somalian citizenship, and has required an interpreter in Somali. Prosecutors say that there’s reason to believe that the migrant will continue to commit crimes.

The motive behind the attacks remains unclear.

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 13 September 2019 kl. 8.08

Not a word about the vast numbers of white and other slaves that the Muslims owned and traded.
The tribute of 100 virgins (Spanish: tributo de las cien doncellas) was a legendary annual tribute of one hundred virgin maidens paid by the Christian kingdom of Asturias to the Muslim emirate of Córdoba. Fifty were to be of noble birth and fifty commoners.[1] The tribute has been called "historically apocryphal but ideologically accurate... It plays an intriguing role in the formation and affirmation of reconquista ideology in the later Middle Ages, and also remains a powerful site in Spanish national cultural memory to this day."[2]
It took hundreds of years but they finally rid themselves of the Muslims in Spain and Portugal.

Statue of Gerald the Fearless. A Portuguese folk hero with the head of a Moor.


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