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The 4F timelines allow you to get an overview and understanding of macro historic trends.  But also, thanks to the ability to zoom in and out, the detailed micro level can be analysed as well.

The Full Jihad Timeline shows all 1400 years of Islamic Jihad.  This is then broken down into Phase 1Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4, which makes it possible to see that at Phase 4 the cycle is starting to repeat.

The following timelines focus on areas of geographical interest.  They deliberately do not align with the Jihad phases, since the time at which Jihad hits a particular country, is related to accidents of geographical location.  Also, since the US is such a young nation, it is possible to show the entire history in a timeline of just 250 years.  We hope to add further European countries to this collection as resources permit.

UK Islamisation Timeline

US Islamisation Timeline

We have some static, non-zoomable timelines to reveal further insights.  The previous timelines used smallish quantities of rich data - with photos and videos to aid understanding.  The following timelines use large amounts of simple data, and the point is made by quantity, not description.

Jihad Displacement Timeline

Pakistan - Failed State Timeline

Finally, we have the timeline of human civilisation.  This allows one to see just how rare and transitory are the democratic freedoms we currently enjoy in the West.  

Human Civilisation Timeline  [Originally published in 1931, so probably out of copyright]

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