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"One day, a King will come, and the sword will rise ... again". - King Arthur, in "Excalibur"

Throughout many nations in Europe, legend speaks of unspecific future national calamaties which will be averted through the last minute return of a renowned hero or king from the pages of history or myth. Examples of these legends are touched upon in the following:;; and In many cases, these great leaders are said to be sleeping within a mountain or cave, waiting for a time in which their people are in dire need of rescue. Regrettably, the nations of the West will soon come into such desperate circumstances with their rapidly encroaching Islamification.

With this danger in mind, one wonders if we could retain liberty with the assistance of esteemed leaders of yore; not through a direct physical appearance, of course, but through an appeal by the people of each nation to their respective leader's memory, ideals, sense of self-sacrifice and persistent will to overcome all enemies and their threats. It should be glaringly obvious that few, if any, of our present members of royalty (or elected officials) give any indication of possessing the courage to take a stand against the Islamic Supremacism agenda and Islamification. Therefore, through an appeal to these ancient kings and heroes, we would basically be asserting our lack of confidence in any of our present "leaders" to ever address the situation. And the fact that we would consider such unique measures should readily impart to the general public a great sense of urgency.

Our appeals to ancient leaders of legend could be conveyed publicly through various forums, including demonstrations (see below). There would be a major tactical advantage in our side making appeals to these leaders and their immortal spirit of resistance; namely, an awareness of their status as patriots and protectors is already deeply embedded in the collective consciousness of each nation's population. Thus, there would be no need to educate the public as to their significance or meaning. As well known personages, the association of an appeal to all that they once were, juxtaposed with the specific impending danger of Islamification, would likely strike a certain responsive chord within many people. An appeal to these leaders would also have a propensity to instill a mindset of vigilance and also engender a strong sense of unity. It would awaken a desire among people to take an active role in a great endeavor which transcends all other concerns of the day. And should anyone condemn the memory of these heroes and kings, they would effectively be condemning the entire cultural heritage of each respective nation and be subject to considerable castigation from all quarters of society (including those who are apathetic regarding Islamification).

An incorporation of this theme into protests would be of particular benefit, as it would add a unique quality of emotion which would stand out from what most other protests on our side usually entail. Never before has anyone made open appeals involving legendary leaders. Besides the use of a different theme in these protests than what is found in standard protests, they would be distinct in their geographic settings and use of props. With respect to protest settings, they should be conducted at locations which have an established connection with each respective leader, such as near places where they are said to be sleeping, sites where battles were fought or castles from which they ruled. As for props, various options could be considered. For example, since most of the legendary leaders were great warriors, such as King Arthur, reproduction swords could be used in protests. A good reproduction sword could easily be made in considerable quantities by a handful of individuals from rigid foam sheets or rigid poster boards, at minimal cost. Since they cannot cause physical harm, they should be immune to confiscation by the authorities. Night protests could use illuminated swords ("light sabers"), easily made by attaching a capped length of rigid, translucent tubing at the end of a flaslight/torch with tape and a few bent wire clothes hangers (to secure the tube to the flashlight/torch base). If the tube is deemed a weapon by the authorities, a slit down one side might weaken its weapon potential. Or, the "tube" could consist of the center extension of a closely coiled sheet of plastic, in which a long cone shape is formed. In the case of Sir Francis Drake and "Drake's Drum" ( ), sheets of paper which depict the entire circumference of the drum could be printed and then distributed to march participants to attach to the sides of inexpensive plastic buckets, which would act as drums in a march. All one needs to do is explore any pertinent legend and find a unique prop angle to it.

In closing, we would like to point out that there is a large subset of the populations in Western nations which have a deep and abiding reverence for these heroes and kings of the past, as well as more recent fictional or fantasy characters who echo the bravery of our historical leaders. The line between history and fiction, from their perspective, is often blurred. They idolize their lives and accomplishments in fighting evil (including fictional endeavors) and would relish any opportunity to become involved in real-world activities which can bring them into close association with heroes of this type and their ideals. All which has been at their disposal to fill this void, thus far, has been conventions, DVDs, books and associated collectables. If questioned in depth, they would likely acknowledge that none of those activities, merchandise and so forth has been truly fulfilling with respect to an inner, unspoken desire to emulate or align with heroes of renown. We believe that their attention can be drawn to our own fight through the above-mentioned associations. Furthermore, once they realize the extent of the evil which faces us with Islamification and that they can play a role in fighting it, they will be drawn to our side. Such individuals would tend to have a strong interest in history and as such, they could easily recognize where appeasement and submission to tyranny has lead in the past.

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Comment by Kinana on May 9, 2010 at 10:25
'In many cases, these great leaders are said to be sleeping within a mountain or cave, waiting for a time in which their people are in dire need of rescue.' Or down a well (!) as in the long awaited Mahdi in Shiite Islam. The Hidden Imam.
i agree that heroes and symbols are important and should not be neglected in this fight. Cartoon heroes are part of this need for imagining a struggle that we can participate in and in which there is a hope for victory.

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