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ACT: Car horns to serve as an audible memorial to all who have died at the hands of Islamic Supremacists.

"We must be ready to dare all for our country. For history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid. We must acquire proficiency in defense and display stamina in purpose". - Dwight D. Eisenhower

We must emphasize at the outset that the approach which is set forth below is intended as a memorial and is not to be interpreted as any form of political communication. If others pick up this approach and disseminate it, it is hoped that they would keep this key point in mind. The reader may note that this concept is somewhat similar to the one we have put forth which utilizes cellular telephone ringtones. Therefore, a substantial portion of the text is the same as in those posts. It also bears some similarities, to a lesser degree, with the concept we have presented on watch alarms.

A review of various websites on the internet will reveal irrefutable evidence of Islamic Supremacist involvement in the deaths of thousands of people in recent decades and also untold millions in the many centuries which have passed since Islam came into existence. These victims deserve some form of an audible memorial, so that their sacrifices will not be forgotten. Therefore, 1683 AD encourages everyone to have their automobiles affixed with musical air horns set to play the orchestral version (without voices) of an anthem of resistance or liberation ( ), whenever the button to the horn is pressed. A single tone option could also be considered due to legal concerns (see text below). The purpose of having one's car horn play a specific song (or distinctive single tone) is to enhance the ability of the car owner to mourn effectively and to have an audible form of memorial to the victims of Islamic Supremacist terror attacks (and other assaults). Mourning is seen by most people as something which draws upon their religious belief system. And since our Muslim friends have generally been accorded the right to issue calls to prayer over high decibel loudspeakers throughout Europe, well, our expectation seems reasonable. Of course, if we were to mistakenly assign a political intent for this action, a comparison of it with the government approved Muslim calls to prayer would not stand and it might be subject to bans.

Of the available song options, an arbitrary selection of "Hymnos eis ten Eleutherian"( ) by Dionysios Solomos ( ) might be appropriate. It is also known as the "Hymn to Liberty" ( ) for Greece. Nikolaos Mantzaros set the piece to music in 1865. The first three stanzas are the Greek national anthem. A description of the lyrics may be found here ( ) and here ( ). The composition can be heard here ( ) and here ( ). A unique thing about this piece is that it tells the story of Greece overthrowing the rule of the Muslim Turks. Another option to be weighed and considered, as touched upon above, is the use of car horns which emit a tone which is similar to that of a train horn or the sound which tripods emitted in the latest "War of the Worlds" movie ( If these specific options are not suitable (or legal), then perhaps some other commercially available and legal horn with a tone of a truly distinct and uncommon quality can be found. The advantage of the train/tripod options is that the sounds would be distinctive among all car horns on the road and would likely meet the requirement in many nations of a car horn to be of one tone.

Let's examine the potential effect of car horns emitting "Hymn to Liberty" or a distinctive single tone. First and foremost, most people at this time would be outdoors or in close proximity to the sounds of the street. In each of these instances it is highly probable that the person who hears the tune may hear it again on another occasion. Eventually, they might investigate why there is a sudden popularity of the tune (or tone). When they learn of the association, they, too, may decide to install a similar car air horn. And so on.

The ultimate effect of all of this is that individual members of the general public will gradually become aware of a considerable amount of sympathy among their fellow citizens for the victims of Islamic Supremacist terror attacks and other assaults throughout history. They may then find the sound to be therapeutic and helpful in their own mourning. At some point, this level of sympathy will be impressed upon the media and government officials who unfortunately control and limit much of our public discourse.

Now, we will get into some specifics. A review of "musical car horns", "musical air horns" and other search terms reveals that many car horns of this type are designed to play only one tune or song. Others can play a predetermined series of tunes (excluding "Hymn for Liberty"). And a few enable the user to program their own tunes. We are interested in the latter. Examples of the suitable ones are as follows: the Wolo Juke Box Musical Horn Model #336 ( ); and the options at These are apparently available primarily in the U.S.. We would welcome input regarding European sources. As for car horns which sound like train horns, they may be found at the following:, , and other locations. A forum on train horns can be found here: . There is a significant disadvantage to train horns: cost. This might be due to the mechanical requirements for a high volume. This problem might be resolved if lower volume train horns, at the same level as found on a standard care, were available. We have not listed any options for distinctive, legal, single tone car horns which are commercially available. The selection of a precise tone from the available options would need to be addressed by any pioneers in this effort who may get together and communicate with one another. This option would likely have the lowest cost of the options we have presented.

Despite a lack of restrictions against musical car horns in much of the U.S., it appears that the law does not allow them in places like the United Kingdom and France. Countries such as these only allow car horns to emit a single tone. But what exactly is a "car horn". Check out these definitions: : ; ; and They all describe a car horn as a device which is "on a vehicle". It would appear that if a device such as the ones mentioned above, and others, would not qualify as "car horns" if they sat inside of a car and were not affixed or bolted to it. For example, hanging from a passenger side headrest and pointed outside. Under such circumstances, it would not be too much different from having a loud stereo speaker. The driver would certainly want to consider wear hearing protection. A device under this setup would obviously not be in a position to warn someone ahead of an emergency driving situation, since it would not be located in the usual site for a car horn. And it could definitely not be considered as a "primary" car horn. To test the viability of this approach in each country, we would need someone to volunteer being cited for the use of one of these devices and see where it goes (see final paragraph, below). We would obviously want confederates to get video of police officials reacting to the test incident.

If the arrangement as suggested is ruled illegal, then we might proceed on other options, such as stereo speakers and PA systems situated inside vehicles. In fact, we might as well have people start using those options, too (again, see last paragraph, below).

Regarding any potential government bans for all of the preceding, we might want to look into the freedom which has been granted to our Islamic Supremacist friends to issue high decibel calls to prayer. We could presume they have been exempted from sound level laws for religious reasons. There is no reason that we could not pursue the same type of exemption, since this proposal pertains to mourning and therefore has religious associations.

It is regrettable that some would view the car horn devices and the other options mentioned above to be political tactics. Again, it must be emphasized that our intent is solely to mourn in accordance with our respective religious beliefs.

Finally, we must state that we have no guarantee that any of the above-mentioned options for having sound creation devices within a car would be safe. If you follow the steps and instructions outlined above for interior positioning of such devices it is possible that you may place yourself or others at risk for harm. Therefore, we urge you to carefully evaluate the laws in your area and consult with law enforcement officials to confirm whether following the above suggestions would be legal and safe to you and others. Do not try this strategy if manufacturer instructions for the devices state otherwise. If your own insights or the sources you consult suggest that these instructions are not suitable, we encourage you to abide by their advice and not implement them.

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Comment by Ruhannah on August 6, 2010 at 11:07
A really innovative idea, great example of thinking outside the box....Thanks, 1693 Ad.
While we have lots of analysis appearing, this is something that involves action which potentially could bring lots of people to connect outside the domain of the internet.

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