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ACT: Forming a group and making it grow.

"To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men". - Abraham Lincoln

In order for our movement to take hold, it needs to boldly move out from the confines of internet discussions and become recognized as a viable force which is clearly visible in the "real world". It is only through a manifestation in the real world that we will be taken seriously by government and media "leaders" and became an inspiring force for those in the public who support our positions but are currently afraid to take a public stand.

Essential to creating a public presence in any country is the formation of a group or organization. In this text we will set forth possible strategies which can assist any potential (or existing) organizer in that regard. You are encouraged to consider two things while reviewing this presentation. First, it only takes one person to get a group going. Second, everyone can't always expect "the other guy" to be that person. Therefore, please read this with the perspective that you are the one person in your area or nation whom destiny has chosen to help save Civilization from ruin.

At this point in time (early 2010 as of this writing), only one organization in the entire world has arisen and made itself consistently present in the streets to fight the Islamic Supremacist threat. That organization is the English Defence League (EDL). Since this organization has been quite successful, with a seemingly meteoric rise, we shall look to the manner in which it was formed as a possible template for all potential group organizers to consider. The most receptive nations for the EDL-style approach would be in Europe. We shall also set forth another path for creating groups. Anyone attempting to form a group will have to determine which of these two basic launch strategies would be most appropriate for them. Of course, alternative strategies would be welcomed for consideration by 1683 AD. Expansion of the depth and breadth of a group which was started through one of our two options will essentially consist of eventually grafting on the path which was not selected for launching the group, at a suitable point in time.

Our discussion on strategies for group formation begins with the fan club approach, as pioneered by the EDL. First, some background. The EDL came forth when the fans for English soccer teams became disgusted by the outrageous actions being taken in the United Kingdom by advocates of Islamic Supremacism. They decided to set aside team rivalries and work towards the common goal of defending their nation against a common foe. Retrospectively, we can see why such a potent force came to the fore. First, the founders were devout sports fans. As such, it is reasonable to deduce that they are believers in competition and earnestly striving towards goals. They understand that it is only through risk and hard work that desired goals can be attained. Furthermore, they have a strong loyalty mindset, as demonstrated by an intense devotion to their respective teams. Contrast these qualities with what is generally found in Leftists. It is safe to assert the most of them eschew sports and the pursuit of goals through fair competition in any endeavor. Their take on sports is that everyone should receive "participation trophies" and that there be no winners. As for loyalty, they are typically the first in line to denounce their own nation's traditions, culture and achievements. Burning their own nation's flag is a virtual rite of passage. The result of all this is that when considering sports fans, one has a virtually self-selected pool of people who are pre-disposed towards standing up for their nation against any enemy. Add to this the youth factor and you have considerable dynamism.

In contemplating the preceding, it would behoove any potential organizer of a group against Islamification and the Islamic Supremacist agenda in a country besides England, who favors the EDL precedent, to begin by seeking out compatriots and like-minded individuals among fellow sports fans. Of course, this does not mean you would arbitrarily limit yourself solely to sports fans. But they should have a strong emphasis. Thus, if you are a member of an active sports fan club, pub group or simply have a large number of friends who are sports fans, you can start by initiating discussions with them and gauge their interest. Open their eyes to what is going on. Steer them to facts and information on the internet. Gradually, your core group will grow. In any case, you will need to begin with a period of education and consensus building, as mentioned above.

Let's assume you have been able to form a small, core group of aware individuals from your sports fan associations, perhaps a dozen or so. This would appear to be a sufficient number for the commencement of visible, uncomplicated public activities which could draw many others into the group. Initially, such activities could simply involve the wearing of attire which is reflective of your beliefs at any fan club meetings, pub gatherings, tailgate parties or at the games themselves (while seated together). This will help facilitate discussions among those whom you encounter; discussions which will likely be sympathetic due to the basic attitudes of sports fans as discussed above. Your trusted, core membership could discretely evaluate people during such encounters for membership. Eventually, a good sized organization with an outlook similar to the EDL will arise. Once you feel confident of having established a good foundation for your group, promotion on the internet via and could be contemplated. Discussions could be started on internet forums.

The one advantage that the EDL had in its formation was the actions of Islamic Supremacists which so outraged many in the nation, spurring rapid growth. Similar instances will almost certainly happen again. When they do, use them as a focus point and follow the EDL example.

Another way to engender sports fan involvement would depend on an active exportation of the movement from the UK by the EDL or independent sports fan clubs. Essentially, the membership of such groups could, when traveling to Europe to watch various games, abandon or reduce all cheering for their home team and instead chant to the opposition fans something like "join us" or "wake up". The "two beat" strategy as discussed in another post could be used with effect in the stadiums. UK coordinators could make a concerted effort to have their traveling fans dress in EDL or similar attire; or perhaps defence league attire which is designed to be reflective of the host country. They would be urged to set aside all team rivalry and be overtly friendly to the host team fans. Basically, they should be urged to see themselves as doing something which will actually make an impact on the world. Which they will be doing. Of course, it would help to communicate these intentions in advance to any prospective allies abroad. The beauty of this general approach, should it take hold in European sports stadiums, is that it would be difficult for the press to hide. The home television audience would see a great awakening live, on television, and become emboldened to join in.

Coupled with these overt and highly visible public actions, leaders in the UK could use the internet and urge the leaders of fan clubs in other nations to take up the banner and begin promoting the cause from within their own clubs. UK members could be encouraged to make supportive posts on host team forums. We could essentially create a new D-Day invasion from a U.K. launching pad. Of course, interested groups in Europe could take the initiative and ask the EDL for participation and guidance in any contemplated efforts.

We will now move to a different focus. Depending on your situation, it could be a way to expand membership rolls beyond a sports team foundation (had you had you started with the sports fan approach), or it can be seen as an alternative approach to what has been discussed thus far for starting a group. If you had started with a sports fan approach, you should seriously consider the following and not rest on your laurels. In order to truly reach society you need representation from as many sectors as possible. For example, the fan club approach will primarily bring a lot of young people. Therefore, we cannot neglect reaching out to the massive number of people of older generations.

In this second of two approaches, we begin with one person having a concern with the Islamic Supremacist threat and the overall Islamification of the West. The first instinct might be for such a person to promote the formation of a real-world group on or, with invitations for people to meet somewhere. However, such an approach in which the intent to organize is open for all to see would make the organizing effort immediately vulnerable to disruption, infiltration or both. There is a better way.

The organizer should first consider seeking potential participants in settings where there is a significant likelihood of finding like-minded people. In having the organizer approach likely candidates in these settings, they can be reasonably assured of receiving honest responses; the prospect of any approached person to instantly create a scheme to infiltrate would be a bit implausible. This strategy relies upon basic generalizations about the membership of different groups. It may not be 100% accurate, but it should be close.

Settings which would be worth exploring include meetings or conventions of the following: veterans; retired police officers; Tea Party members (in the U.S.); pro-life advocates; anti-Mosque groups; pro-Israel groups; anti-immigration groups; hunters and gun enthusiasts. Meetings of certain political parties are also an obvious choice. Meetings and gatherings of the fans of conservative talk radio show hosts are a possibility, particularly in the U.S..

Approaches to the congregations of various religions could bear fruit. However, introductions to such individuals should be made in a humble manner on nearby sidewalks and not within their respective houses of worship. Liberal congregations, like those which fall for the trap of seeking "understanding" (in other words, appeasement and surrender) should be avoided. The list of potentially receptive religions can be quite extensive and include: Judaism; Hinduism; Buddhism; Christianity; Animism; Zoroastrianism; Santeria; Paganism; Baha'i; Sikhism; Wicca and others. Atheists, Agnostics and Humanists might also be worthy of approach. We must also consider religions which are often castigated by society as a whole, such as Scientology, Hare Krishna, the Unification Church and others. All of the preceding have one thing in common: they are guaranteed to be subjugated under Islamic Supremacist rule in the new Talibanate. If you have any personal difficulties with any or all of these religions or beliefs, we would ask that you sublimate them and keep in mind that you do not believe any human being should be subject to the fate which Sharia law holds for non-Muslims. None of these listed religions promote the conquest and subjugation of others.

Finding the appropriate organizations for potential members can be facilitated through

Even speaking with employees at the factory gates or doors of companies which would be certain to disappear under Islamification, such as gambling institutions, pork producers, alcohol producers, bars, and various "sin" enterprises could reap positive responses.

In contemplating all of the above options, it would be preferred that the people making the approaches also be from the corresponding community or at least have a firm grounding in their specific beliefs or concerns.

Assuming that various introductions have been made and contact information secured (particularly e-mail addresses), the next step would be to conduct periodic meetings to get acquainted and formulate plans. In those meetings, various tactics as discussed in other 1683 AD posts, as well as self-generated ideas, could be entertained.

If a group had started out in a non-sports fan approach and established a degree of stability, it should at some point seriously consider using its resources to help jumpstart a sports fan revolution, as discussed previously, to bring tremendous energy and vitality. Likewise, as discussed above, those groups which have begun with sports fans should diversify its membership base to include the recently described strategy of approaching various groups. The goal of all of this is to bring about a greater exposure of our cause into more diverse sectors of the population. We are ending up with a type of ying-yang approach.

No matter what approach is taken at the outset, a worthwhile goal in the early stages is to attain a level of passion and enthusiasm for our cause within the general population which parallels what was attained within the U.S. in 2009 and 2010 with the Tea Party movement. The main reason that it attained such a degree of success is that people were starting to see how the plans of the Marxist U.S. President and his allies were going to affect them directly, in an adverse manner. With this in mind, we need to find effective ways to impress upon people the horror which awaits the entirety of Civilization within only a few decades if Islamification and the Islamic Supremacist Agenda are not halted. Since many in the Western nations are effectively lacking in free speech through restrictive laws and the media is in a full appeasement mode, the fight will be exceedingly difficult. But there are tools which our grassroots organizations can use to break through the barrier. 1683 AD will do its best to offer them for utilization.

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Comment by linda jamshidi on March 25, 2010 at 22:10
Thanks, Kinana
I'll keep you updated.
Comment by Kinana on March 25, 2010 at 9:06
Cassandra was right in the end! keep 'shouting'!
i would keen to attend the meeting too but am a bit far away. Let us know how it goes.
all the best
Comment by linda jamshidi on March 25, 2010 at 2:01
ACT is having a luncheon in Philadelphia in April. I 'm excited about meeting people who are aware of whats' going on. In the US, people don't have a clue about the Islamic threat and dont seem to care. This is due to the fact that George W. referred to Islam as the religion as peace and most Americans are scared to death of being called a racist. Unfortunately, I'm perceived as being a Cassandra or a wierdo for trying to inform people, But I'm undaunted and will keep plugging away. I worked for many years as a wound care specialist in the ghettos of Phila. and had many run in's with Muslims and Muslimas (wahabees) It was real thriling experiencel (LOL).

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