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Six months ago I had no idea who the Coptics were. Today I almost wish that I didn't know, for they are yet another group of victims of the so called Religion of Peace known as Islam. I continually encounter horror stories of the murderous act of Muslims, which are, oddly enough defended by the politically correct elitists in America and Europe.

When looking up the definitions of liberals, I naturally find various definitions, but the most striking is:
liberal - a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties

Many are not aware of the fact that Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams were liberals, but in their day they were. They were advocates for progress, reform and the protection of our civil liberties. Will that definition fit today's liberals? I think not, as their main interest is their civil liberties, and they have no trouble turning their back on the violation of the civil liberties of the victims of Islam. Yet they protest loudly, demanding rights for illegal aliens and flag burning Muslims. These "liberals" have in essence become accessories in the abuse and murder of innocent citizens in Islamic nations. He who will not bow before the black stone of Allah faces torture and death at the hands of his countrymen.

Admittedly not many liberals read my essays, so why should you, a conservative, care what goes on in Egypt? Why should you care about Coptics, of whom you may know nothing? I will tell you why, but in doing so I shall borrow the words of another. Never, could I hope to say it as well as it was once said by a man named John Donne, who so eloquently expressed the meaning of humanity.

"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were. Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee..."

Somehow, I do not think the meaning of that beautiful paragraph could ever be understood by anyone who follows the ways of Mohammad ... and that is sad.

Alright! You have discovered that I am an idealist...Guilty as charged! But let's leave my idealism behind and look at it from a practical point of view. Every head of a Coptic that Muslims remove in Egypt or Iran puts them just one head closer to you and your family, and I am of the opinion that it is best to oppose evil as far from home as possible. Let there be no doubt, the Muslims are proliferating and spreading, and one of them is making plans right now to live in your home, after you are laid to rest of course. I do subscribe to the adage that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," so let us take a look at what our enemies are doing to our friends, the Coptics.

Due to the politically correct of the western nations, Islam holds a status never before known in world history. They are a protected and pampered enemy. All of the civilized nations of the west pamper this death cult to the point that the liberal elite will ignore the suffering that this enemy inflicts upon Christians, and Obama directs NASA to devote the talents and budgets of rocket scientists to making Muslims "Feel good about themselves." He need not waste all of those resources and talent for I can tell the Muslims how to feel better about themselves...Stop killing innocent men, women, and children! The less you glorify death the more you might appreciate life!

We all complain of taxes! The Muslims of Egypt complain about their taxes, but the Coptics of Egypt must endure a tax the followers of Islam are exempted from. It is a special tax called the jizyah. Non-Muslims are offered the following choices: Follow the teachings of Mohammad...Pay jizyah...Be killed.

This jizyah is described in the Qur'an as a degrading tax, reserved for second class citizens, and it is supposed to afford them a certain amount of legal protection. Slavery, rape, and murder are not among the list of protections offered to those who pay this tributte, and that is what brings us to today's crisis. The Coptics are always abused to one degree or the other, but today the persecution is reaching whole new levels of atrocities and they are crying out to the civilized world for help.

There is a well known policy of Barrack Obama who insists that "We are not at war with Islam, and will never be at war with Islam" and "This is not a religious war." What he neglects to mention is that Islam is at war with us, and all of the rest of the civilization, and to them this jihad is very much a religious war. While he jaunts around the world in style searching in vain for foreign support for his disastrous economic policies, innocent human beings in the lands of Islam are subjected to more torture and death at the hands of his friends, the peace loving Muslims.

This link will take you to a town in Pakistan where a Christian is shot eight times in July of 2009 for refusing to give $2500.00 to two armed Muslims. There is not a western nation who would regard this as anything less than armed robbery, but the man's assailant invoked jisyah and therefore the armed assault was ignored by officials.

Also in Pakistan, a Christian woman is sentenced to death for Blasphemy. This is a case that perfectly depicts the utter lack of logic in both the beliefs of Islam and today's politically correct liberals. This woman was being taunted by co-workers to abandon her Christian faith and embrace Islam. I see nothing wrong with anyone or any group advocating, in a rational way, their point of view. That is exactly what I am doing right now. The problem was that the Muslim women would not accept No for an answer, and so this woman was brought up on blasphemy charges and then sentenced to death.

If a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, or a person of any other belief puts forth a religious thought they are to be killed for it. If a Muslim advocates that a person of another belief accept Islam and that person refuses the result is the same...Death. This is turning a blind eye on logic, and when this is coming from an illiterate person in Pakistan it is a tragedy. When a western educated liberal defends such behavior it is a crime against humanity. Where are this woman's civil liberties that the liberals so loudly proclaim for themselves, and yet casually deny them to others?

I recall a song depicting Women's Liberation, "I Am Woman...hear me roar." Where is that strength, that determination, and that unity today? Where is that roar of indignation in a time when so many women in Muslim states are not even allowed to speak without permission? And this is the lot of the woman who follows Islam! She is a victim in her own culture, but she is far less a victim than the Coptic Christian.

Words evolve through the years and "Coptic" is no exception. Once it simply meant "Egyptian," many of whom became Christians in the first century. Later, in the seventh century, Egypt was conquered by the followers of Mohammed and those who rejected Islam and were not put to death, continued to be known as Coptics, as opposed to those who chose to become Muslims to avoid facing the executioner.

Today, the offspring of the Coptics are scattered throughout much of the world and are now referred to simply as Copts, yet the largest population remains in Egypt where they form an estimated five to ten per cent of the Egyptian inhabitants. Life for them is a daily struggle, as every day may well be their last. They live by their faith, their courage, and the knowledge that they are the descendants of the original Egyptians, drawing strength from the knowledge that they were Egypt before the Muslims arrived. The following video gives an idea of what it is like to be a Copt in a homeland where persecution is sanctioned by their own government.

The adjoining photograph is of a young man doused in gasoline and set afire in the streets of a Muslim village where the Copts are out numbered 60 to 1. Later his father was murdered and his brother was severely beaten. At the time of this publication there is a media blackout on the issue. Click here for further details. Such events are an ever increasing phenomenon in any Arab state where Christians live, and they, always in the minority, receive little if any protection from local or national law enforcement.
One of so many victims of the "Religion of Peace"

In America and the countries of Europe the liberal left are encouraging more acceptance of such hatred on the streets of civilized nations. Barrack Hussein Obama has recently sent a letter to Congress stating his intentions to allow another 80,000 "refugees" to enter the US in addition to the normal amount that migrate here every year.

This nation is already overburdened with immigrants we cannot afford to feed. It would be one thing if it were to be the Copts fleeing the murder of their people, but he is intent on bringing in prime young breeding Muslims. America! Look closely at this picture of a man on fire. He later died in the hospital. This is a sight that will come to New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. We must stand up for the people around the world who are being persecuted by this cult of evil and stop such people from entering our world.

Recently a new site has been added to Facebook that is well worth a few minutes of your time. It is called Speak Coptics, Tell the World. Additional information will be added with time, but at the moment I will highlight a few of the items that are currently posted. The following video pertains to the lawlessness perpetrated against the Coptics of Egypt on a daily basis.

This link is very revealing of the violence that pervades the nation of Egypt, as law enforcement does little or nothing to prevent the violent assaults on badly outnumbered Coptic Christians. Sadly this is but one of many such events. The violence, gang rapes and kidnappings are occurring at such a rate that I could write twenty four hours a day and still not record it all.

I am learning, and writing a lot about what is going on in that primitive part of the world, but I will never understand or teach anyone about Islam like the woman in the following video. Her name is Wafa Sultan. She was born in Syria, is well experienced in the ways of Islam, and educated in the ways of the West. She was voted one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2006 by Time Magazine, and she speaks as an authority on the dangers of Islam. This video is very revealing of the treachery of Muslims, and a warning to the west about what comes this way with a bloody sword. Listen to her words as she does not differenciate between moderate and militant Muslims. She presents one all inclusive warning against everything that is ISLAM, and begs us to defend America from this spreading disease.

In doing my research I have seen so many videos of the horrors wrought by the followers of Islam that I grow numb to the sight of death and mutilation. There have been whippings, stoning women to death, hanging of homosexuals, a car was driven over a child's arm who had misbehaved, headless bodies, and I have seen a photograph of an adult male standing on the throat and groin of an infant crushing the life out of it. All of these things have led me to the inescapable conclusion that there is nothing approaching the sanctity of religion involved in Islam. It most certainly is not a religion! It is a cult of torture, terror and death.

The following video has nothing like the horrors I have just described, but there was a troubling quality about it nonetheless. That quality is better known as slavery. We abandoned this practice nearly two hundred years ago but it is still common place in the countries of the Middle East. Some months ago I knew nothing of these people, and today I must champion their cause. These Coptic Christians are living under the harsh rule of their Islamic overlords. They are physically assaulted, driven into poverty, and their daughters are kidnapped and forced into marriage. They are supposedly converting to Islam of their own free will,. but not allowed the free will to return to their parents. Reporting such crimes to the police is an effort in futility, as the law enforcement in Muslim nations are complicit in, or at least tolerant of, such criminal behavior.

One final thought to any liberal/progressive who began reading this and has made it this far:
Mohammad, in his ranting madness, left behind the Qur'an which is not a guidebook to life, but a manual of perversion and death. The Muslims who have had evil pounded into their sensibilities when they were young, still cannot be forgiven for the hatred they spread, but I can grant them a little understanding, at least to the weak minded ones, but of you ... the educated elite, I am not so tolerant. You and your kind have grown up in a relative life of luxury, enjoying the benefits of the civilized nations of the world. You have had the opportunity to get an education that allows you to distinguish between right and wrong, and it is apparent that you favor the dark side of life and abhor those people who reach for something better.

Due to their teachings these Muslims have never progressed into the present world. They still live by the sword in a reality our forefathers left behind fourteen hundred years ago. These people are still back there, helplessly trapped in time, with nothing to follow but a guidebook to retribution and death. You, the elitists of the world, do them an injustice with your moral equivalence. These, the followers of Mohammad, are not morally equal to any of the civilized people of the world, and the sooner they get that message the better it will be for them and the rest of mankind. If they are to ever face the future as our equals they must forsake the Qur'an.

They, the burgeoning remnant of a violent past, are a fearful sight among civilized human beings. The fact of the matter is that, when comparing the morality of various cultures, the only beings more contemptible than the members of this modern day cult of Mohammad, are today's liberal elitists who have knowingly chosen to reject all that is noble about humanity.

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Comment by Kinana on January 12, 2011 at 13:45

'But tensions within Egypt continue to simmer, with Jan. 11 [2011] reports saying a Muslim policeman opened fire on passengers aboard a Cairo-bound train, killing one Christian man and wounding 5 others.

'Coptic Bishop Marcos told AFP that witnesses relayed to him how the gunman roamed the train looking for Christians and shouted 'Allahu Akbar!' before opening fire.


nb it was a 'Muslim policeman' who committed this murder and assault.  A POLICEMAN.  He was clearly inspired by his Islamic religion and seeking to please his Allah.

The fox is guarding the hen house.

and tensions are only simmering?!

Comment by Danny Jeffrey on November 24, 2010 at 21:22

I shall take your words to those Coptics who have chosen to befriend me. Those words may give them strength.
Comment by Danny Jeffrey on November 24, 2010 at 21:17
I am not a member of any organized church and choose to speak of myself as being spiritual, but not religious. Eliminate both. Take away any vestige of religion, remove any trace of spirituality, and I will stand before the universe as the captain of mine own soul, and I shall still find grievous fault with the forces Islam. There is no religion that is blameless, none that truly speak for God, and none that through the years, can deny the misdeeds of action, or inaction. Purity is a concept, not a reality, and no following, of any nature, can claim its presence. Equally, Islam, in no form can claim even the slightest trace of purity, for its very existence embodies the worst nightmares of all mankind.

I began my writing due to the deteriorating and dangerous political state of America, and through research have been led to the world's greatest danger. My country has long opposed the oppression of communism and yet communism pales when stood beside the teachings of the Qur'an. Those who have embraced the teachings of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels want but to control man's body and mind. Mohammad through his hellish revelations chose to destroy the very soul of mankind. Those who follow this creed of darkness are guilty of ignorance, or stupidity, or a desire to be evil, or perhaps a combination of all three of these issues...None of which can be forgiven.

It is through learning of this plague that is rapidly spreading across our planet, that I at last can finally understand the Christians of first century Rome. Through the magic of Hollywood we see the grandeur that was Vox Populi. Perhaps they should stress more the oppression that led to the early day martyrs and their unflinching willingness to undergo such torture in the name of their beliefs. That was two thousand years ago and it is hard to relate to those long since dead, but I can indeed relate to the suffering of contemporary human beings as they undergo such horrors in modern day Cairo. The words that I read, the photographs that I see, and the videos I watch, scream forth with the reality of such beings as the Muslim hordes who oppress innocents in the name of their bloodthirsty god Allah.

Fear, terror, and oppression oft comes clothed in the garb of benevolence. Such is the case with Islam. They spread claiming to be the "Religion of Peace" while hidden beneath their lies and deception lies a sword, a sword ever ready to chastise non-believers. Perhaps you...perhaps I...shall fall before that sword. If in doing so we have brought a little more light to the world, then let none regard it as a fall from grace.
Comment by Kinana on November 22, 2010 at 21:42
I participated in my first demonstration re Islam on 26 Oct 2007 demo in London organised by SIOE UK. I handed out the following leaflet to the other participants and passersby.

Egypt: Sharia-Inspired Persecution

Hussein el-Akkad (Former prisoner of conscience)

Bahaa el-Din Ahmet Hussein el-Akkad, now 58, was arrested on April 6, 2005 after Egypt’s secret police learned he had converted to Christianity. Formerly a devout, practicing Muslim, El-Akkad eventually managed to send a note out of prison, stating that he had “chosen the Christian faith” after years of research on Islam.

Although the convert was never informed what Egyptian law he was accused of breaking, the official interrogations indicated El-Akkad was arrested for “insulting Islam” by becoming a Christian.

In a surprise move, in May of this year (2007) El-Akkad was released. However, just hours before his release, officers from the State Security Investigation (SSI) had reportedly told El-Akkad that he would remain in prison for another 10 years if he did not return to Islam. According to his lawyer, the convert had responded calmly, saying, “God has brought me to this place, and He alone will let me go to my home. You cannot do anything against God.”

“While I was in prison, my family told me thousands of people were praying for me,” El-Akkad reportedly told his lawyer after his release. “I was sure that was true, because Jesus was with me all through my ordeal.” According to a Christian source in Cairo, El-Akkad is still “closely monitored and under threat all the time.” Radical Islamists from Egypt’s banned but tolerated Muslim Brotherhood had threatened to kill the former Muslim for committing “apostasy” if he was released from prison.

For more than 20 years, the former sheikh was a member of the fundamentalist Islamic group Tabligh and Da’wa, which actively proselytized non-Muslims but strictly opposed violence. He also led a mosque community in Al-Haram, in the Giza area adjacent to Cairo. In 1994 he had published, Islam: the Religion, a 500-page book reviewing the traditional beliefs of the Islamic faith.

But he became disillusioned, and five years ago the sheikh said he began to pray that he could somehow know God personally. It was not until January 2005 that he talked for the first time with someone who explained the tenets of the Christian faith to him. He began intensive study of Christian Scripture, and within weeks he became a follower of Jesus.

“This is a proof to all Muslims,” El-Akkad wrote, “that the person who studies the two religions from an objective and serious perspective will choose the Christian approach.”


Dr. Adel Fawzy and Mr. Peter Izat (Current prisoners of conscience)

Dr Adel Fawzi and Mr. Peter Ezzat were arrested on 8th August 2007 by the Egyptian police in Cairo following police raid of their flats, smashing and damaging their furniture, tearing up mattresses, confiscating desk tops, lap tops computers, and copies the MECA book “Persecuted” which enlists large numbers of crimes committed against Christians in Egypt where police was complacent or complicit. Both Dr Adel Fawzi and Mr. Peter Ezzat were then taken to Egyptian State Security Headquarter in Lazoghly, Cairo.

It is understood that the accusations levelled against them includes that: Dr Adel Fawzi has allegedly taken part in converting and in hiding the converts to Christianity Mohamad Hegazi and his pregnant wife, also allegation that both supervised an internet chat group with Mohamad Hegazi when he strongly rebutted the Egyptian Media false accusations that Mohamad Hegazi made his conversion for worldly gain. Mohamad Hegazi declared that his Christian faith is genuine, that by abandoning Islam he exposes himself and his wife to severe retribution and possible death penalty by Muslim fundamentalists for his apostasy following a smear campaign by the several Egyptian Newspapers to dishonor him.

It is also understood that the charges will include the infamous charge of "Contempt of Heavenly religion" a charge which has been used against Christians and in particular converts from Islam.

In early October, a renewal of the Dr. Adel Fawzy’s and Peter Izat’s arrest for a period of thirty days was decided upon by the SSI, this is supposed to be the last legal extension, after this, they are either set free or sent to an official court and presenting actual convictions to them.

The Egyptian police must stop persecuting converts to Christianity. United Copts GB considers that Freedom of religions is a fundamental Freedom; its provision is mandated under all Human Rights laws and treaties.


Mohammed Ahmed Hegazy

(Threatened with prison and death for conscience sake)

In a move that has caused national uproar, former Muslim Mohammed Ahmed Hegazy is suing Egypt to change the religion listed on his identification papers to Christianity.

Fanatics began harassing Hegazy and his pregnant wife, also a former Muslim, with angry telephone calls, forcing the couple into hiding.

“It’s quite sensitive,” Hegazy’s new lawyer, Rawda Ahmad, told Compass through a translator. “It would be the first time that someone who converted to Christianity would be able to change his ID card.”

Though Egyptian law does not forbid conversion from Islam to Christianity, it provides no legal means to make the change. Converts to Christianity usually hide their identity to avoid torture and forced recantation at the hands of family members and security police.

“I’m full of heartache that in my own country, society has been radicalized to such an extent that I can’t have the right to convert,” Hegazy told Compass this week.

Hegazy and his wife Zeinab hope that their first child, due in January, will be born with Christian papers. Forced to hold an Islamic wedding ceremony because of their legal status as Muslims, Hegazy and his wife know that a Christian ID card would allow their child to take Christian religion classes in school, marry in a church and openly attend services without fear of harassment.


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