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Mister President
Dear Mister Beck,

There was once a time when colonists in New England strained to hear the words of Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin as they spoke of a tomorrow when free men would never again have to bow before a monarch, or to pay an unjust tax, or to be regarded as a subject instead of a citizen. We know this to be true because you have taught these things to those who did not know our history, and reminded many of us who had forgotten, that it was these men, who gave us the things we now accept as ours by right.

It has been your words, your faith, and your love of liberty, that have inspired millions of my fellow Americans and brought us together as a unified group, believing that we can and will stand against the tyranny that now threatens to rip this nation asunder.

A few short years ago I stood alone, helpless, and frightened by the onslaught of this oppressive machine that I now know as Progressives. They, with cunning, patience, and malice aforethought have bided their time for the last century. They have pursued and nipped at a great nation like jackals following and slowly plundering a noble creature in nature's wild.

Many years ago, when I was young, a man had the right to say what he chose, and if he spoke the truth then none could demand his silence. In the years since, our ways have changed and silence is the norm, for to speak freely is no longer correct. What would John Adams and Thomas Paine say today? Would they even be allowed to speak? Would they be ridiculed for their outdated mode of thought? Would they be taken before a court of law and punished for warning of the dangers that our enemies present? The same enemies that we protect and nourish. The dangers that men, such as our founders would face today, is only a suggestion of what lies hidden in the gloom of freedom lost.

I look about me and perceive a gathering storm. Those dark clouds have for years been waiting to merge into the frightful scourge called social justice. They burst forth as from the gates of hell claiming the sanctity of brotherhood while defiling all that is noble in man's spirit. Mister Beck, you stand before millions every day and you speak of things hideous, and of things noble, and on occasion I have seen you choked with emotion. For this, the worst among us deride you. They, the callous, the weak, the parasites who exist on the labors of better men than they, laugh heartily at what they perceive as weakness.

It is sad that those without morality cannot distinguish the difference between the weak who cry from fear, and those of greatness who shed tears for the glory ... or for the failings, of mankind. These are the people who fault right while doing wrong. They with ease, change the meaning of our words to justify the evil they propagate, but how they, from their depths of despair, can look upwards and ridicule a man of vision is beyond belief.

The reason I write this letter, Sir, is not to discuss the unworthy, but to speak for those who stand ready. Any and all are prepared to do anything, and everything, that is needed to bring a rebirth of liberty to this great nation. Our forefathers sacrificed and died that we might know the joys of freedom, and we are prepared, if need be, to follow in their footsteps. A great evil assails us as our leaders no longer lead, but follow the path to their own enrichment and show a willingness to enslave us in the process.

There are many millions of us who are prepared to do whatever is necessary to guarantee that our grandchildren will never have to live under the threat that now looms above our heads. There is no danger we will not face, no price we will not pay, and no sacrifice is to much to endure for the name of liberty. We, the multitude, who have heard your words stand as a group, as a nation, and if required, as an army. We lack but one thing...A leader.

You to this point have been the guiding light for all who would be free. You have given knowledge and you have shown the way. You have lit a candle in the darkness that promises to be a glorious sunrise but we need more. Please do not show us the promised land and say "Go!" ... Lead us there! The people cry out for another Reagan and there is none but you who could follow in his wake. Politicians are plentiful and of them we have had a full measure and now need relief.

The people of America have grown lax and we are now paying for our folly, but you have brought inspiration to many who will make a difference and shun the mistakes of yesterday. From you words a new appreciation of what it means to be free will arise and we will never let that love of liberty fade again as we now have come so close to losing it.

There is none but you who could truly unite and inspire America in her hour of need. Only you can lift the hearts of millions and be true to your own beliefs. So many people, for so many years have sought power and would say anything to acquire it. Power is something you do not want, and that Mister Beck, is why we need you now. He who can turn his back on power and embrace the morality and trust that brings a country together is what we must have, and none but you can offer this to our troubled nation, so tired of the power hungry and their lies.

I have long thought that in regards to power there are three kinds of people. Those who crave it and would use their authority to enslave others. There are those who are afraid to lead and to wield the power at hand. Such weak men lead people only to despair. The third type is the man who realizes that power is a wonderful tool and with it he can build a better world. You, Mister Beck, are one who would build.

You, Sir, speak with reverence when discussing George Washington and in your voice I hear an awe when you tell of how they went to him and asked for his continued leadership. You must relate well to this great man for I hear the pain in your voice that must have been in his when you repeat the words he said..."Have I not done enough for my country?" You might ask the same and the answer would be "Yes! You most certainly have." Even with that reply, I would still ask you to do yet more, for there is none other who can.

Whether or not you will step forward and do for us a service by leading America out of this time of strife, none would fault you. I have heard you speak of the danger of entering national politics and losing one's soul. You are one of the few who would have nothing to fear. Integrity runs through every fiber of your being and were you ever in a position where you were required to sell our people out, you would resign.

You may feel yourself unworthy...You are not. You have the vision that America needs.
You may feel yourself unqualified...You are not. You do not yet hold office yet millions follow.
You may feel that you are not Presidential material. You are! You are already the most hated and the most loved man in this nation. Who could ask for better qualifications than that?
You are also the most trusted. Even those who tell vicious lies about you know that you are telling the truth.

It was an America, sick and tired of Jimmy Carter's incompetence that elected Ronald Reagan and look what he did for us. We stand here on the threshold of history repeating itself except instead of an incompetent leader we have one who is a danger to the entire world. All of the pieces can fall into place if you just say "Come on America. Follow me!

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Comment by Danny Jeffrey on December 15, 2010 at 2:46

Unfortunately Glenn Beck does not want the job of President and I wish that he did. There is so much about him the reminds me of Ronald Reagan. He undoubtedly loves this country along with the American people and he has the ability to inspire. Three to five million people watch his program five days a week and with his announcement of a rally, Americans flock to Washington.


Glenn Beck has an outstanding knowledge of American history, and more than mere knowledge, he understands our history and is able to apply it to current events. But most of all, he delivers a realistic warning of future woes alongside a firm belief that America will survive as a free nation. This realistic optimism is refreshing after all of the lies and half truths fed to us by both parties. He would not choose to run for office, but if he did I believe that once again the song "Proud To Be An American" would hit number one one the charts.


As for Sarah Palin I have an abiding respect. She is a loyal dedicated American and quite a few people that I have discussed this with have voiced the opinion that the greatest thing that could happen to the USA would be a Beck/Palin ticket.

Comment by Kinana on November 22, 2010 at 21:58
I know so little of him. What is his biography? Would he compete against the likes of Sarah Palin, assuming he is in that fold? 2012 national elections in the USA will come quite quickly and I imagine people are already manoeuvring for positions in the Political spectrum.

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