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I read with horror the fate  of teacher Gary Smith for daring to do his job , not preaching hate or inciting there was a right or wrong path to follow , just showing the different beliefs people follow in the world today .

  Yet for his innocent teaching practice he wasn't killed thankfully (although a non Muslim who proselytize for there religion among Muslims faces the death penalty according to Islamic law) but was slashed across the face and received a fractured skull , no this didn't happen in an Islamic state this happened in the UK YESTERDAY  what is happening in a our country , are the powers that be going to stand and watch as innocent men and women are attacked for going about there daily business ?

  Personal im flabbergast that this has happened and concerned where it will end, unless we all take note and stand together as one  i fear for the future of England indeed the world at the mercy of the merciless  Islam .

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Comment by joe hawkins on February 24, 2011 at 0:21

 The whole Ideology of Islam relies on fear , all attacks it would appear, from stoning to decapitation to the helpless child i saw pictures of haveing his arm ran over by a truck for stealing a pice of bread are done by groups or mob of people baying for  blood.

  This is why i picked up on the plight of Gary Smith,to emphazie the fact that it is begginig to happen here , we have allowed  sharia law to be bought on to the the twentith centuary streets of Great Briton without any court involvement sharia or otherwise so now i ponder the question when is the first Briton stoned to death at the hands of Islamics in this country ? .

Comment by Danny Jeffrey on February 23, 2011 at 0:55

Joe, I was about to post an essay here at 4F when I saw your post and had to go back and modify mine.


My essay is about the overall trend of Europe being Islamified and contains multiple links to what is taking place in Europe, but your one story of one man led me to the Daily Mail UK where I picked up yet another link and before adding it to my essay, I prefixed it with this:


PS...This was supposed to be the end of this essay but an incident has just been reported from the UK that simply must be added. It is not an earth shaking event, nor is it a report on mob violence or the fall of a nation. This is simply one vicious attack by the forces of Islam on one man. That one man was a teacher who was  trying to teach an openness about religion, and that it prohibited in their culture. This type of incident shows why they are still third world nations and do not belong among the civilized people of this world, and they will continue as such until they abandon that evil Qur'an they follow.
The reason that I have added this attack on one man...It is a Personal attack on all of the people of the Western Nations.! It would serve us all well to regard it as such!

Comment by John Sobieski on February 22, 2011 at 13:19

What is quite interesting Joe is that all these State funded (by tax payers) school inspectors all say of Muslim Schools that they teach respect for other religions? You don't think these educated people are being lyed to do you - or is it they just don't have the courage to admit the opposite - that Madras schools are a hot bed of sedition and a reflection of the evil of Islam and would be closed by any Government with any common sense. And all those Muslims that will not integrate into our society should be given a free trip to North Africa - One way.


John S.

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