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Frank Gaffney is one of the few people in DC with whom I would trust my life or the welfare of my country. He has spent many years in service to this nation and when he speaks, he can back his statement with proof. This man knows full well what he is talking about and should you have any doubts about his credentials or loyalties, feel free to check his background.

Obama is the greatest danger that this nation has ever faced! Since he took office I, and many others, have become bloggers, trying to warn inert Americans about what he is doing. The Tea Parties have formed as a means of self defense in a nations where the populace now lives in fear, and Frank Gaffney has assembled and financed a think tank called The Center For Security Policy. Its purpose is to find the truth and to publish it. The man who reigns supreme in Washington is changing this nation beyond recognition, and now Frank Gaffney's group warns us that Barrack Obama may very well be planning the destruction of Israel.

The following is a list of the members of Frank Gaffney's think tank. You need not read it all. A quick scan should convince you that the people he has gathered know the score. They are the cream of the crop, and when they speak, we all should listen.

I apologize in advance if I have misspelled anyone's name. The format with which I was working from was a photo image that was a little less than crystal clear.

Lieutenant General William G. "Jerry" Boykin--US Army (Ret.), Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence
Lieutenant General Harry Edward Soyster --US Army (Ret.), Former Director Defense Intelligence Agency
Christine Brim--Chief Operating Officer for,Center For Security Policy
Ambassador Henry Cooper--Former Chief Negotiator, Defense ans Space Talks, Former Director, Strategic Defense Initiative
Stephen C. Coughlin Esq.--Major (Res) USA, Former Senior Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Michael Del Rosso--Senior Fellow, Claremont University, Center for Security Policy
Frank J. Gaffney Jr.--Former Assistant Secretary of Defense For International Security Policy,(Acting), President, Center for Security Policies
John Guandolo--Former Special Agent, Counter Terrorism Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Brian Kennedy, President Claremont Institute
Clare M. Lopez--Senior Fellow, Center For Security Policy.
Admiral James a. "Ace" Lyons, US Navey (Ret.), Former Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet
Andrew C. McCarthy--Former Chief Assistant US Attorney (Southern District of New York), Senior
Fellow National Review Institute, Contributing Editor, National Review
Patric L. Poole--Consultant to the military and law enforcement on anti terrorism issues
Joseph E. Schmitz--Former Inspector General, Department of Defense
Tom Trento--Executive Director, Florida Security Council
J. Michael Waller--Annenberg Professor Of International Communications, Institute of World Politics, and Vice President for Information Operations, Center for Security Policy
Diana West-- Author and Columnist
R. James Woolsey--Former Director of Central Intelligence Agency
David Yerushalmi, Esq.--General Council to The Center For Security Policy

I sincerely hope that you read the whole article that I am presenting, so I am first going to show one paragraph from near the end of their analysis. This will indicate the serious danger Israel faces and why the Muslim world is pushing so hard for the Israelis to withdraw from the West Bank.

"The truth is that, either way, Mister Obama will have dealt Israel a potentially mortal blow," the report said. "Without control of the high ground and water aquifers of the West Bank, the Jewish state is simply indefensible and unsustainable."

Now this is the report, as delivered by the World Tribune:

Click here to read The Center For Security Policy report.

My whole purpose in writing is to get those who are politically left of me to come over to a more conservative view point, and about now they are saying "No way! Not even a bad President would do something like this." I am uncertain where The Center For Security Policy got all of the evidence that led them to these conclusions but I do trust their judgement on the issue. My research on this matter uncovered yet more material that would further substantiate the work of Mister Gaffney's dream team. In doing so I discover none other than UNESCO involved in an apparent conspiracy.

UNESCO means United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. They are supposed to be unbiased and non political, but expecting anything like that from the UN in today's world is out of the question. Five Arab states were involved in their latest announcement about Israel's West Bank. Many sites in the Middle East are sacred to Christians. Jews and Muslims alike. Israel attempts to allow those of all faiths access to such places that are within the borders of Israel.

Cave of the Patriarchs
One of these sites is The Matriarch Rachel's tomb, another is the Cave of the Patriarchs. Muslims and Jews alike have been coming to this site to pray for thousands of years and now UNESCO tells us that it is no longer there. In an absurd effort to delegitimise Israel, they are now claiming that Rachel's tomb is actually in Bethlehem. Benjamin Netanyahu's answer to this is that this is an "attempt to detach the people of Israel from their heritage."

This action is the result of a plan put forth by Arab states and in a vote by the UNESCO executive board these sites were declared to be Palestinian. The final vote on the issue was 44 - 1 with twelve members abstaining.

In early September it was announced that Hezbollah has 15,000 rockets along the Lebanon-Israeli border. Recently there were rumors that the attack might be aimed at Beirut in an attempted take over of that nation by Syria, instead of an assault on Israel.

One might assume that the number of rockets has increased by now, and this new turn of events with the UNESCO-Palestinian Authority maneuver increases the likelihood of an attack in the near future. That attack, when it comes, will almost certainly be more devastating than previous assaults by Hezbollah. If you will take a few minutes and watch this video you will see how Hezbollah has used civilian, women and children, as cover in their attacks. Their plan is that Israel will have to return fire and quite naturally there will be errant projectiles. When one hits a nearby target killing the innocent, CNN, the best friend a terrorist could hope for, assails Israel before the world.

The one oddity with the news reporting of such incidents is how efficient they are. Within 15 or 20 minutes of the time when fire from Israel hits a building full of children they are on site with their equipment and people displaying the carnage. There is never enough time to evacuate the children before the firing begins but through the smoke, fire, and shrapnel of a man made hell, these video news teams get to the scene before the smoke clears. It seems so well choreographed, almost like the director is telling the news people to get back out of the expected impact area, telling someone else to lock the doors so the kids can't escape, and then telling the troops to fire their rockets at Israel and run like hell.

The next time that Hezbollah attacks will be even more devastating for the innocent because they have now learned what works best for their cause. Hospitals and schools have been underpinned and rocket silos are stored beneath, or built nearby to encourage high civilian casualties, thus blaming Israel with barbarism and this is promoted by such media as CNN and Al Jazeera.

Twenty years ago, if I had read something like I am writing, I would have concluded that the author was insane. Today I know that these things are true. In 2002 teenage girls were forced back into a burning building in Saudi Arabia because they were not properly dressed. Such things are hard for the western mind to believe, but then again, so is wide spread pedophilia, and worse yet, the fact that it is approved of even by the parents of a four year old child.

It is hard for us, with a western mindset, to conceive of such things, but it is all there waiting for anyone who cares to look. It envelopes the Islamic culture and precludes all forms of decency. The Jewish people have long had friends in the American government but that cooperation was weakened during the Carter administration, and has now been abandoned by the current resident of the White House.

Know this! Anyone who advocates Israel relinquishing the West Bank to the Palestinians is in the same breath advocating the destruction of Israel. The latest Pope has added his name to the long list of the enemies of Israel after assembling the bishops of the Middle East. Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, Danny Ayalon, commented that "The synod was hijacked by an anti-Israeli majority." Yigal Palmor, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry added that it is "absurd that the Jewish state had been condemned since Israel is the only country where Christians are actually thriving."

His statement was in response to the synod's charge that Christians are fleeing the region. The fact of the matter is that this is true, due to the fact that the Arab states in the Middle East have stepped up their persecution of the Christians living within Muslim borders. According to Mister Ayalon the Christian population in Israel is actually increasing. The statistics he provided indicated that twenty years ago Israel's Christian population was 107,000. It had increased to 132,000 in 1999 and last year the number had grown to 151,7000.

There is a fact that I have never heard stated by anyone from Israel, because it would not be politically correct to say such a thing. I myself, am not politically correct, so I will tell the world this: If you advocate the destruction of Israel, then you are advocating nuclear war, and the horrors that accompany it! No nation has ever been conquered until it had used its best resources. Israel is a nuclear power, and her people are not going to meekly vacate the only bastion of freedom in the Middle East until they extract a very great toll from their enemies. They arrived there persecuted and decimated, bringing with them only what they could carry, and a vow...."Never Again!"

Basking is his own glory
I begin to believe that Barrack Obama and his Muslim allies are willing to pay the price of nuclear war to see Israel, "wiped off the face of the earth" to quote Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, If anyone who is reading this is in the position to communicate with Obama, please pass this danger on to him. I know that he is not a very intelligent man in spite of his speaking ability, but perhaps if someone were to point out the obvious, this catastrophic outcome might be avoided.

In 1962, the world was on the precipice of nuclear war. It was John F. Kennedy who resided in the White House at that time, and through the wisdom and courage of that great President, such a calamity was avoided. Today the man who occupies the White House lacks the wisdom to be President, and his hatred of Israel could once again take us to that precipice of nuclear war, or beyond. This man, so full of hatred and so obsessed with his own self importance is a grave danger, not only to the American people, but also to all of humanity.

Recommended reading:

Reuters More time on the peace talks
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Comment by Danny Jeffrey on November 8, 2010 at 2:02
I wanted to post this as a discussion in the Israel Room but it defaulted back to Europe so I know it works here and if anyone can get it to Israel it would be appreciated

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