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Re: Consideration of a Mosque in Your Community

Dear Sir,
I do not live in your community, but I have concerns about intolerance in America.

Islam is a total life-encompassing doctrine, addressing cultural and religious matters as well as political issues that is governed by Islamic sharia law, a law based on the koran, sira and hadith (the biography and traditions of Mohammed, or "sunnah").

It must be recognized that this theo-political doctrine of Islam makes the attainment of political objectives a religious duty. The political objective is to bring the entire world under the "divine" law of sharia; to eradicate man-made law. And according to Islam, sharia is applied to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

The theo-political doctrine of Islam fully implemented under sharia law, consistent with the koran and sunnah, condemns freedom (of speech, religion, association, press, petition of government), forbids equality (between men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims) and denies traditional sovereignty (national boundaries based on language, culture and shared history). In sum, sharia violates our cultural values as well as our laws.

So, the thrust of my comment is that bringing a mosque into your community will inevitably bring sharia, including elements of sharia that are inconsistent and irreconcilably in conflict with the US Constitution and your state constitution, and will not simply be offensive to your community, but be destructive of it.

This message is not borne of bigotry, racism or hatred, only a concern that our great nation will continue to be a haven for human liberty.

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Comment by Civilus Defendus on May 11, 2010 at 2:49
The traditions and "values" of islam share nothing with the traditions and values of the West, from Athens and Rome through the Renaissance...individual liberty and responsibility, spiritual nurturing, intellectual curiosity, and a zest for life, science, creativity, art, music, dance, expression and love. Islam's mo, allah and sharia stamp out all that as offensive and unnecessary. Take a good look at Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and see what islam/sharia brings to humanity. Nothing.
Comment by casual green on May 11, 2010 at 0:53
They knocked down an old english farmers barn and in its place built a mormons church. Naturally the faith did not take amongst this old english Citys common population. The church was abandoned after a decade or so. About seven years ago we began to see members of the citys asian community looking over the buildings . It was converted into a mosque sortly after. Many are the members of this community that myself and others in my family gave a whole hearted welcome to. However , a few months ago a women has been spotted driveing to the mosque in full covering, only her eyes showing!! All I ask is that the lives and the suffering of all the women of my family and the ancient common community that i was reared and am surrounded by, be accorded the respect it is due. To cover a women in such away speaks onl;y of the need for modesty, and that must say in such a place as my ancestral home, that my mother, sister, lover and daughters, are imoral. I and others around me learn every day that we are considered far below a muslim. Soon we will speak loud and clear, No Burqas, no headscarfs, no imorality.

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