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"Mister Gorbachev...Tear down that wall!" Those are words that will echo through the centuries. Only six words, but they conveyed so much. No long winded speech; no two thousand page document, just six words suggesting that peace and understanding were possible between the USA and the USSR. President Reagan had a gift for saying what needed to be said, of bringing opposing parties together and for inspiring a world to believe in a better tomorrow. He was a man for all seasons!

Ronald Reagan was no genius, but he had a talent for putting the right person into the right position, and getting the results he desired. When he was elected, that was just what this country needed. After the divisive last partial term for Richard Nixon, followed by the glaring incompetence of Jimmy Carter, Reagan was himself, the right man in the right position. Bringing back the tune "Hail To The Chief" and restoring dignity to the Presidency, he gave Americans what they so desperately needed: A sense of pride, a feeling of American exceptionalism, and a belief in a better tomorrow.

Now, after Obama's brief period in office we are in far worse condition than the inept Jimmy Carter left us. This new nightmare has led to a frequent comment to the effect of "We need another Ronald Reagan." Many have said and written it, and I wholeheartedly agree.

So many people get so entangled in the details, leading to the old adage, "Can't see the forest for the trees." President Reagan never suffered from that problem because he could handle both. With one eye on the forest and another on the future he relied upon qualified advisors to keep him updated about the trees. With this type of leadership America once more stepped forward as the leader of the free world.

The problem today is that it seems like everything is going wrong all at once, and indeed everything is going wrong. Not having the answers, Barrack Obama tries a new policy that only makes things worse. Then in light of the new disaster he has created, he leans heavily on the "Let's Blame Bush Syndrome," and accomplishes nothing. The ex-actor, ex-Governor, forever American and respected Commander in Chief never felt the need to blame anyone. His attitude was that if things went bad on his shift, it was his fault. If he were in office today, he would figure on an all nighter, gather twenty to thirty of his most trusted advisors in the oval office, reach into his jar of jelly beans and say "Let's talk."

And that was the great talent that Reagan brought to the Presidency. In facing a problem he did not want to create thirteen new committees to study the problem. He knew what the problem was, the question was what is the best way to fix it. The answer was always "Simplify!" He commented about his belief that government not the solution, but the problem. His firm belief of this concept was demonstrated in his methods. An example of the simplicity process would be with the economy.

The man in the White House today knows far more about radical methods for overthrowing a government than he does about economics. He, with smoke and mirrors, cut taxes on some, raised taxes on others and then gave certain exemptions to his special friends and the labor unions he supports. The next plan is to let the "Bush Tax Cut" expire effectively raising taxes on everyone. Meantime he shoved through a dangerous health care bill along with thousands of pages of rules, regulations and exemptions, again for his friends, and with all of this being coordinated by countless committees the economy and health care industry is dying amd millions of Americans are losing their means of support.

Reagan on the other hand would apply common sense and know that the less control that a government exerts on an economy the more efficiently that economy will function. Instead of complicating, he would look at the economy, the tax situation, the jobs crisis, the unstable dollar and foreign economies as a group of related problem with each effecting the other. Less control equals more production and that in turn equals more stability. His methods could be applied defuse the vast majority of America's problems. Before the end of his first term we would be seeing the light of day.

There is one truly huge problem that must be addressed, and none would be able to address it like President Reagan. That problem is Islamic terrorism. The advantage that he would have over any others is that he approached an issue with truth and a no nonsense attitude. Today the man who occupies the White House does not want the words Islam and terrorism used on the same page. Ronald Reagan, however, was never one to deny reality. During his tenure, terrorism was just beginning and when provoked he elected to give Al-Qaddafi a wake up call...with a bomb in his front yard.

There were other terrorists in South America that he was dealing with, the Sandinistas., but they were a different breed altogether. In one capacity or the other, we had been fighting communist aggression since the end of WWll, and this was but another of those conflicts. Under a battering from the liberals and progressives in the Nation's Capital, Reagan did suffer a major attack but survived it well, in fact many Americans found a new hero. Oliver North looking splendid and patriotic stood proudly before his detractors, and once again showed the American public the kind of patriotic heroes who stand ready to defend this nation.

The issues of those days were so simple compared with today. Facing today's problems Reagan's outlook and decisions would remain stolid, but he would adjust to today's new warfare. This heroic American President made the comment "Self defense is not only our right, it is our duty." He believed that. He meant it and he reacted accordingly. Today that comment would just be so passe with the liberal train of thought. Self defense is not at all politically correct.

The power elite of Washington would certainly look in disdain upon such a country bumpkin, but they would be facing a serious problem. Ronald Reagan was not an elitist, and in his mind there would be no room for such a worthless breed of humanity. He would probably suggest they seek work in Kenya.

I can just imagine some of the one liners he could come up with to laugh at these who today live by this self destructive doctrine. There is one thing that you can count on. Reagan would in no way be "Politically Correct." I would even give odds that he would refuse to ride a politically correct horse. You can be certain that this giant, among men with every day common sense, would quickly get around any nonsense such as this.

But just what would this Great Communicator do with today's sorry state of affairs? George Bush decided quite rightly that we were indeed in a war, and a strange war at that. No country to declare war on, just an obsessive hatred for America by the people of Islam. He chose to take the war to them rather than do the politically correct thing and wait for them to attack again. Naturally that brought on an unceasing attack by enemies of his and the United States...The Saul Alinsky Progressives, and the one to whom the radical Alinsky dedicated his book....Lucifer.
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One of the more vocal of the progressives was Jodie Evans, co-founder of the collection of traitors known as CODEPINK. She, in addition to hating this country, expressed such love for those who are killing American fighting men and women in Iraq that she used her fund raising talents to collect $600,000 and personally delivered it to the insurgents in Iraq.

Now no good candidate would ignore such talent. Obama, the American, used her as a fund raiser in California and has since invited her to the White House on numerous occasions.

This is the sort of treasonous behavior that Barrack Obama endorses and this is why people keep saying "We need another Reagan."

So Bush was incessantly attacked by the progressive, left wing, liberal portion of this country. They constitute roughly twenty eight to thirty four percent of the population, depending on which specific issue is being discussed.Then upsteps the ultra left wing candidate, or the Snake Oil Merchant if you prefer. Barrack Obama ascended the throne after the fanfare of rented Greek columns and Hope buttons. I haven't seen any of those in a while. I don't know if collectors are buying them up or if the people who voted for Obama are quietly sneaking them into the trash bin when no one is looking?

However, you must give credit where it is due. Obama is a young man and has abilities that Ronald Reagan lacked. President Reagan, at his age, surely suffered with with an aching back. I don't think that he would be able to bow before very many Muslim warlords; but then again, I don't think that he would have been willing. To do so would dishonor the office of the Presidency and no self respecting President would ever do such a thing.

In a recent blog post, I drew a comparison between the Watergate scandal and the total corruption of the Chicago Mobsters of today. Watergate was so insignificant, and the corruption that now grows in Washington is of monumental proportions. In that blog I praised the efforts of Woodward and Bernstein and made the observation "Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them?"

Time for me to eat crow. I learned from the Washington Post that Bob Woodward is alive and well and still on the job. The main difference is that today he is an author of a book entitled "Obama's Wars."

Many of the issued discussed in his soon to be best seller are mentioned. The one that frightened me most is a naive comment that Barrack Obama made: "We can absorb a terrorist attack. We will do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 911, even the biggest attack ever ... we absorbed it and we are stronger." Many have called this man a fool, but I cannot show him that much respect. Even a fool knows that a boxer does not want to "Absorb" a punch. The idea is to hit the opponent with a punch that he cannot absorb and then walk away the winner.

Think back America. Think back to the horror you felt watching a living human being choosing to leap into eternity. It was his choice to die on the concrete below rather than stand helpless before oncoming flames. Think of those building collapsing inward upon the thousands of helpless human beings trapped inside. Think of the tears that rolled down your face the last time we suffered a terrorist attack.....Now think of the man who is willing to let living, breathing, Americans once again "Absorb" the horrors of such a man made hell.

Barrack Obama is not a President, and I will never refer to him as such. His mere presence in the White House is obscene. He is not a leader, for he lacks the qualifications. It is yet to be proven if he is even an American, and when you consider the fact that he is spending well in excess of a million dollars trying not to "Absorb" that punch, you must ask why. This debate is for another time. The issue now is the safety of this nation, and we are not safe under his administration. He and his policies put all Americans in jeopardy.

Ronald Reagan would never have sat passively in the oval office waiting for the next assault on the free world. He would gather his advisors, deliver a brief off the cuff speech, announcing that we will not be stand defenseless with hands tied behind our backs nor would we be forbidden to speak due to political correctness. If Reagan were indeed the Commander in Chief he would announce. "We will not allow this nation to be attacked again! ALL options are now on the table."

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Comment by Alan Lake on October 17, 2010 at 1:29
Hi Danny, I just sent you a message from within FB that contains that link, without any problems.
Anyway, rather than sending her a link, its better to actually invite her to 4F.
In fact, even better than that is to invite her directly into a specific room in 4F.
So best thing is to go into the Israeli Room,
then click on "+ Invite More" which is below the box of member icons
then put her email address,
and she should get in without any problems.
Comment by Danny Jeffrey on October 16, 2010 at 17:44
That I did not know but it is a good perspective. It shows the character of a man.
There is a problem with the link
Last night I mentioned a Coptic Christian in Cairo that I correspond with and Kinana suggested that I invite him aboard. I did and when I tried to send the message Facebook informed me that if had been flagged as offensive and then after another click it went through.
Their is another brilliant young lady named Brianna Aubin, who quite literally is a rocket scientist. She Is Jewish and after a letter I read here yesterday I joined the Israel room and later requested more info about the EDL I suggested that she join us and sent her a link about the Rabbi from LA. It was also flagged offensive but went through and then I sent another with the link. Again flagged offensive and totally blocked. It would not send at all
I would hazard a guess that our Muslim friends have a hand in this.
Comment by Alan Lake on October 16, 2010 at 17:01
I agree, Reagan is an underestimated leader, in fact, I too got him wrong before I listened closely to some of his speeches. I've collected a few here:

He wasn't a genius, but he did have the ability to see thru to the root of a problem, and he wasn't at all afraid to go out on a limb. When asked what was the most important thing he'd done in his life, he said it was saving a drowning man, on 3 different occasions, when he worked as a lifeguard. That's a good perspective to start from!

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