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Removal of Bahrain Protesters video from the Shocking Room.

A very dear friend of mine who is probably the wisest man I have ever met taught me that God gives us a conscience for a reason and if something bothers us it is probably because it would bother him to. Just because we have the power to do something does not mean that we should. Posting the link to this video bothered me.


I did not produce the video of the Bahrain protesters but in high lighting it I could offend the families of the fallen and, after all, how different is that to what the Muslims have done to us? And for what? so, to the families of the protesters I apologise just as those Muslims who mock our dead soldiers and fallen innocents should apologise.


I stand by what I said with regard to cowardice and hypocrisy - but just because I am right in what I said doesn't mean we should descend to their level. And that I did so out of anger, for this I am ashamed. That is not what my God would want of me. Please forgive me Lord.


That it doesn't take courage to kill yourself is true - it takes despair or fanaticism - any fool can get himself killed but living takes much more courage. My God does not ask submission - he asks me to choose - every second of the day. Out of anger, last night I chose badly - God forgive me.


The 9/11 and 7/7 bombers most definitely were cowards and I am sure as they watched the plane full of people next to them or the passengers of the train next to them, I know that, just like me - somewhere deep inside - their conscience bothered them too and because of that they are in Hell now - not because God sends them there but because their own conflict will lead them there. Sometimes our arrogance makes us ignore God's voice inside us but he is definitely there - Muslim and Christian, Atheist or Believer - Gay or Straight - God loves us and this is not what he wants for us.


If the world carries on going as it is, I may end up having to take up arms against this black cloud of Islam that is threatening this world and if that is the case I would that it is with a clear conscience that I face death. And I will not descend to attacking the innocent either verbally or physically and to my God "innocent" means the Innocent where ever they are - Muslim or Christian.


And just for our friends out there - God truly is great - if only you took the time to listen to him.


God Bless


John Sobieski

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Comment by Pat McCrann on February 21, 2011 at 11:16

and again (got cut off there) if we turn to God He will protect and strengthen us.

God bless,


Comment by Pat McCrann on February 21, 2011 at 11:14

John, I don't doubt we will stand on the barricades together. We are entering what for sure will be the bloodiest and most terrifying episode in human history and we are fighting against committed and organised enemies of Goodness, Truth and Justice. These are all, logically speaking, objective criteria and easily shown to be such. And Goodness, Truth and Justice require Mind, and mind requires Person. We don't judge Hitler by relativist, but rather by objective moral measures. Hitler wasn't evil 'compared to...'. He was we all agree objectively wicked. But if you look at his manifesto, you couldn't put a piece of paper between it and the policies of, say, the Green Party. Hitler never went away because he was only one proponent of a wicked ideology. By rejecting objective morality we are now being reminded of its absence, the reality of evil, and we have been unable to see it coming. And as St. Augustine realised, evil is merely an absence of goodness, just as shadow is merely an absence of light.

And you're so right John about the moral high ground. Our Lord taught, 'Be thou perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect'. Only with that communion in spirit with the source of Truth and Goodness and Justice will we prevail for the sake of our children.

Sometimes (see the history of the Jews in Scripture, doh) we forget that goodness is an objective, transcendent truth, but also immanent and written in the heart, discernible by conscience, and only the re-emergence of evil can remind us of this objective criteria of good and evil, truth and justice, mercy and peace. We are the Jews and always have been. We have forgotten our covenant with God, as we humans are wont to do, we have neglected our walls. Now an enemy thunders towards us 'as numerous as the sands of the desert'. God is not mocked. To forget God is to lose  his protection, simple as, because he gave us freedom. But as the Bible makes clear, and which in the Bible and in history is shown aga

Comment by Pat McCrann on February 21, 2011 at 10:02
God bless you too John. You're a true gentleman.
Comment by John Sobieski on February 21, 2011 at 9:34

PS - I am sure that it will come to pass that we will be standing in the barricade and if we know in our deepest hearts that our cause is righteous we will be able to keep the line and count the bullets as nothing. That is why we must not descend to the level of the lying and hyprocritical muslims - "let your Yes be Yes and your No be No"

Here endith the last sermon - I promise I shall shut up now and apologize profusely for going on.

God Bless

John Sobieski

Comment by John Sobieski on February 21, 2011 at 9:02

Hi Guys - I feel that it is vital for us to keep the moral high ground as everyone is trying to demonize us - the last thing I need to do is give them ammunition - I cannot expect the boys in the LSM to show restraint if I am burning muslim poppies as it were. I feel sorry for the Soldiers that had to open fire on their own people - that would not have been easy - that they had no choice is obvious. These guys should also be supported, as the liberal press are intent on demonizing them.


Thanks for your support - and Pat - I am really proud of you - I can't wait to meet you.

God bless

John S.


It is also interesting how many Muslims still feel bound to justify the 9/11 7/7 bombers - that is scary - they need to do some serious soul searching.

Comment by Pat McCrann on February 21, 2011 at 8:50
What Alan said.
Comment by Alan Lake on February 21, 2011 at 7:39
I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.
1. Its in a private room, so only some members of 4F could see it, so the question of upsetting relatives doesn't arise.
2. In a war, live footage is parr for the course. it would not be the same as showing gratuitous footage of the Lara Logan mass rape, for example.
3. I wasn't shocked, and it was interesting to see how it is when a demo is fired upon. Someday, that could well happen to you and I :-)
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