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Lt. Col. Allen West’s understanding of Islam is stunning and accurate. In this video*, Mr. West shares his knowledge and understanding of islam, we should all listen.

The world needs to know that Islam makes the attainment of political goals a religious duty; in Islam politics-law-religion are inseparable. Islam’s express ambition is to bring the world into a state of submission to ‘allah’ and ‘divine’ sharia law. Islam was not “perverted” in order to justify aggression against nations. The non-islamic world must acknowledge that according to islam we infidels, we dirty kaffirs, are guilty of not believing in ‘allah’ and that mohammed was his ‘prophet’ and that there will be unending jihad against us until we 1) convert, 2) accept subjugation with willing submission and taxation, or 3) die.

Jihad, striving the the way of allah, by any means necessary, by any means you can muster, is designed to force the imposition of islamic sharia law. Muslims submit to allah, kaffirs are to submit to sharia. History gives us nearly 1400 years of examples…why can none of our “leadership” understand what is in play? Allen West does.

>Charles Martel did; he fought muslims in 732 AD at Tours.
>The Venitian fleet did; they fought the muslims in 1571 at Lepanto.
>Jan Sobieski, the Poles and the Austrians did; they fought the muslims in 1683 AD at the Gates of Vienna.
>The citizens of Constatinople did; they repulsed muslims invasions for centuries before falling in 1453.

It is in the book, folks. Read the book. Read the koran, and the sira and the hadith (the biography and traditions of mohammed). The only people who ’misunderstand’ are those who willfully refuse to recognize facts. We will never properly defend ourselves without understanding who and what we are up against – the tenets, the precepts that are the core of islam. Only then can we design a strategy of defense for America and be able to partner with others in defense of Western civilization.

Semper Fi, Mr. West. Semper Fi, Mr. President?

* video:

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Comment by Alan Lake on February 21, 2010 at 4:36
Yes that whole conference was excellent. Worth watching all 100 minutes of it.

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