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A HERO Guardsman was hit by a Taliban sniper - then pulled out the bullet and kept fighting.
Brave Lewis Coulbert, 22, at first did not realise he had been shot in the midnight firefight.

But he glanced down moments later and saw his arm covered in blood.

Lewis said: "It felt like being jabbed really hard. It was not until the end of the contact that I noticed my arm was covered in blood.

"I pulled out the bullet, treated it and carried on."

Lewis, of Derby - a month into his first tour in Afghanistan - was protecting a vital base being built near Nad e-Ali, Helmand.

He said: "Within two minutes we started getting incoming fire and returned it. Our sniper identified their firing position and we started rattling at it.

"I got down and a round came through the wall and ricocheted into my arm."

But the AK47 bullet wound has not shaken Lewis's resolve. He said: "I was nervous about my first contacts, because I didn't know how I would react.

"But I was surprised by how calm everyone stayed. You don't panic because everyone has a job to do."

Lewis, of 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, joked that he now has bragging rights on Royal Marine brother Chay, 21.

He said: "My little brother is a bit jealous as he hasn't been on tour yet. And now I've got the wound as well."

Proud sister Esme, 25, said: "Lewis is a soldier in the true sense of the word."

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Comment by Netcon on November 5, 2009 at 1:09
I wonder how Brown or Blair would perform under those conditions? (I won't even mention their kids of course, they aren't destined for a life of service).

Blair: Look, errm, I know you feel aggrieved, and errr, understandably so, but we can talk this thru can't we, like, err you know, I can give you one of my properties if you can, you know, let me live?

Brown: Ay, this jacket is no fit for purpose! The bullet's just gone straight thru both sides and left a big hole in mi bodi! Are these Taleban not frightened of what I can do? I'll steal their pensions! I'll give all their taxes to the big banks! I'll make them lose their appetite for tea with mi ugly panting face on the telly! Why is this no workin? I'll give a few billion pounds to whoever can get me outta here!!

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