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It takes a nation to protect the nation


These words were spoken by an EDL casual at the SDL demo in Paisley, Glasgow. On the 26,2 2011.


Through out the last 18 months, groups of SDL men have crossed the border and traveled hundreds of miles south down the length of the land.  They have done so to support the casuals and the common people in the British lowlands. So today, I and others like me  have traveled north across the border to repay them, and to stand with all of you, the casuals who make up the SDL.
                                                  Its been 18 long months of endless marching the length and the breadth of the land, and like many here now around me who have marched , I have little money left and wonder were the next meal will come from. But I know like you I will say if asked, we will not cease , we march on!  The reason is brutally simple. Like many here I have watched over the past 40 years, as our culture has been assaulted from every direction by the world that surrounds it. The industry's , factory's and work places that sustained our community's and our culture ,have over several decades been systematicley mis-managed and run to collapse, and then sold to foreign interests. Through out the media and the school system we the common people have been  depicted in every medium that exists , as dys-functional and mal-functional, abusive and addictive.   Our children are programed and fed this which ever way they turn, never are they shown the quality of the culture they come from. All  ways which ever way they look , they are depicted as the lowest of the low, the chavs worthless and of little intellect.
                                                    All the while through out this assault on our culture, our people have sat drugged, drunk and hypnotized in a  trance induced by the glowing telly. They smile like simpletons while the telly fills their dulled minds with the problems of people that don’t even exist. All the while the real world around them, has grown sicker and viler by the day. Honor killings, female gentile mutilation and hordes of the most obscene butchering warlords that darkest Africa can disgorge. All  of these  people have flooded in as the telly glows in front  of our hypnotized people! The children and the young are helpless before this assault. The land is filling with the whole worlds criminal and pedophile cultures... But those who breed and rear our cultures children are more in touch with non -existent characters, and they have turned away from the children s needs.
                                                                                                                        I have come north with little to sustain me. I have no great name to precedes me and to old am I to be of use in a fight, but this I know, forever until my last breathe I will not cease to say I march as a casual . For in the face of all that assaults the young, this is all I have to fight with.  I feel honored to stand before you.because  I  know that I stand before some of the  most esteemed casuals of this Island. We are against the whole world and more to the point,those who control it and believe they own all upon it. I think many of you will believe as I that these masters of the world who sit in their high places,  have decided that we the British common people are an obstacle to their long term plans, and they have marked us out to be diluted and removed from history.
                                                                                                                                    We are all that stands between the end of our culture and a nightmare for the children, but I know that I am in the finest of company , here and through out this old Island realm. So let these captains and their rich friends know this, we are casuals and we will not stop!! The young will tell the tale when they are old of how we marched and gave our ancient culture its heart and soul again!
                        If it is to be our cultures end, then we will make these our final days the best and the most glorious. We will show the world who we are, and by doing so send a message that will ring in the ears of these captains of industry,  these bankers and masters of The world
                   They do not have enough money or wealth to purchase one drop or a single second of our ancestry, and all the years they spent in fine schools and esteemed institutes, could never turn out the quality of character that is found amongst we the common people, for we are ages bred.
                                   So if these are the last moments for our people, then these are the only words the world will hear us say, we march on to the last step and the last breath,
                                         there will be "NO SURRENDER!!!

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Comment by Alan Lake on February 28, 2011 at 5:51
Impressive and moving.

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