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We can look back over 12 generations of freedom loving people. Americans are easy to get along with, helpful to a fault, even to the point of rebuilding the enemy after a war is over, but they are not a good people to anger. There is nothing quite like a bunch of irate Americans.

The people of Europe and Asia live under the constant threat of being invaded by their neighbors. We, here in the United States, have never had to put up with this problem and so we get passive and trusting, but when betrayed, Americans have a way of coming together for a common cause; thus the sleeping giant syndrome. The Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor happened on the morning of December 7th. 1941. On the morning of December 8th military recruiters across the nation arrived at their posts to find hundreds of thousands, waiting at their doors, ready to enlist and do what had to be done. Americans enlisted, fought evil and crushed it. Then they came home and the giant went back to sleep. Since then have we faced Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and a host of lesser issues, but nothing that has seriously endangered our freedom until recently.
War was declared on the United States in 1998 and we didn't even know about it, and our leaders ignored it. Osama who? Just some crazy warlord over there in the mountains. Who does he think he is declaring war on the United States? Ha Ha! He is just a crack pot! Ignore him! And so we did! To our everlasting regret.

This nation was attacked again in 2001 and at first we didn't even know who had done it, but a little investigative work took us back to that crazy crackpot warlord, Out of his nineteen minions, fifteen were from Saudi Arabia. That should have set off the alarm bells, but there were mitigating factors. Saudi Arabia was our "Ally" and they helped to stabilize the price of oil in the middle east. Consequently we chose to turn a blind eye on the facts and sent an army after one man, who is still free after thousands of American and allied fighting men have died. Meanwhile terrorist attacks are occurring at a regular rate around the world. Click here to view the staggering number of terrorist assaults just in the beginning of the year 2010.

We were again attacked in 2008, and most of us didn't even know it. Again, turning a blind eye on reality, Americans put a man into the White House whose goal it was to dismantle our country. Now, after that attack, we are slowly coming together as a nation again. People are switching parties to oppose this evil called progressivism and many are prepared to die ridding our country of it, and many of us may very well do that. History will guarantee this: If we are not willing to face that risk, then we as a people do not deserve freedom, and will most definitely lose it.
Now that giant is waking up again, with a BAD attitude. That giant is us the patriots of America. The problems we faced in the past were from abroad, while this one is from within. The issue remains the same, freedom or oppression. The outcome will determine what we are, and what kind of world our children will inherit. Right now, so many people are celebrating and thinking that we have won by regaining control of the House of Representatives.They are sadly mistaken. We have won a battle, but the outcome of the war is still very much in doubt. The scope of that victory will be determined by how many of those we put into office keep their promises.
There is an old French proverb that tells us that "The people always have the kind of government that they deserve." The future lies in the number of Americans who are willing to die for a cause. Sadly, about thirty percent of our people are so morally degraded that they feel they should sit back and let the government think for them. They are the liberals, and they are the enemies of freedom. Their kind have chosen to reject war, as there is nothing in the world, in their mind, that is worth fighting and dying for.
I always try to see my fellow man in the best possible light, but I look upon these weak, pitiful creatures who live in that shadow world between reality and total escapism. They are the ones who want to thrive on the efforts of others, and Obama promised them that they would. Their weaknesses and his promises have brought us to this point where we must now resist or perish. We, as a free people will not perish! In resisting many will almost certainly fall, and somewhere back in that nether world of non-existence will be the spineless liberal waiting for us to restore his freedom along with ours.

In several of my past articles I stated my belief that we would already be under the thumb of totalitarianism were it not for Glenn Beck, the Tea Parties, five people in the Supreme Court and a handful of conservative statesmen and women. Now we control the House, but we are far from out of the woods, so before the optimism gets too far out of hand, let me show you the dangers that we still face are very serious.

At midterm elections Clinton lost control of the congress and had the good sense to go more conservative. He was smart enough to let the Republican Congress run the country and then take credit for what they accomplished. Obama is not as nearly as smart as Bill Clinton. He is a hard core, progressive ideologue who cannot acknowledge that he could possibly be in over his head. He can't even rely on good advice, as he has surrounded himself with some of the most incompetent and corrupt bureaucrats in the country.

He will not do the sensible thing that President Clinton did. Slick Willy at least gave the appearance of staying within the framework of the Constitution. Such restraints do not bother one such as Obama. He has other choices at his disposal. Rule by edict, is what they called it when a King passed a law on his own. Executive Order is the politically correct term today. These orders are illegal, and yet when he announces one, the American public has blindly accepted the ruling. An Executive Order is binding to those in the Executive Branch of government. They are non binding on the Judicial or Legislative or the public, but no one has really stepped forward to oppose them.

Now George Soros and the progressive media are telling Obama to ignore congress and rule by Executive Order. Kings have done that in the past and many were given good reason to regret their decisions. Americans stood up to a king 234 years ago and many gave their lives that we might be free but they did show that king that Americans would not bow. Do we have the courage to follow their lead, it comes to a fight, so that our descendants might live as a free people?

Obama's lackeys are in the EPA, FCC, DOJ, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of the Interior, and his progressive judges who now legislate from the bench, ignoring the Constitution in the process. He has people in positions who can levy new rules on our behavior and freedoms, totally ignoring the legislative process.

He has put his cronies into positions of power ignoring congressional approval, going on with his plans for total control in the face of massive resistance.: He has so many Czars, some of which are so dangerous that even the spineless Democratic Senate would not approve them, so Hussein made such appointment while they were on recess. These people wield enormous power and answer to none but Obama. The "Safe School Czar" Kevin Jennings is a prime example. He advocates teaching homosexuality to our children in kindergarten. I have read of some of the things he wants children to do with each other and with adults. The man should be tagged as a sexual predator and imprisoned for life, for the good of society. Instead of getting such evil out of society, a perverted power hungry dictator puts him in control of our most innocent.

Barrack Hussein Obama should spend the remaining years of his life in prison for what he has done to America. For what he is doing to our children those years should be in solitary confinement.

The future is forever veiled, leading would be prognosticators into a murky realm of shadows and doubts, but I will make a prediction of a tomorrow that, to one degree or another, will affect every American. Everyone knows about Iraq and Afghanistan but most Americans are not even aware of the fact but we are in another war right now and we are being attacked on three fronts. George Soros and his Democratic henchmen are attacking on the legal and political level while a Muslim horde left over from the seventh century, migrate and settles in among us, expecting us to abandon our beliefs and adopt theirs.

Add to these dangers the harsh reality of illegal immigrants, drug runners and terrorists pouring in from our unguarded southern border, and we have a situation that threatens our way of life and the possible loss of our freedom. We will not lose our freedom because if they try to rescind our God given rights, that will be when the shooting starts. There us no doubt that we will prevail, but I do fear that many Americans will lose their lives before liberty is fully restored. At the moment the forces that would destroy our way of life have the momentum. We must stop the power grabs and begin the restoration of freedom, regardless of the cost..

Obama and the other puppets of George Soros have been very busy in an effort to bring this great nation to its knees and they have done their best and have so far failed. They began 2010 confident that now they could wield all of the power needed to finally put a red flag above the nation's capital. They just did not know what they were up against. Glenn Beck and his friend, the blackboard, showed us that we are not alone, and little old ladies with tea bags hanging from the brims of their hats got the attention of America, and a movement started. History does have a way of repeating itself. A similar movement started here once before. That was way back, about 1776.

Barrack Obama has allied himself with the enemies of America and yet one third of our citizens still blindly following this weaver of false dreams. He supports the growing number of Muslims who are entering this country and putting an increasing burden on our welfare and health care costs. Oddly enough, after shoving Obamacare down the throats of protesting Americans, Muslims are exempt. He has recently sent a letter to Congress announcing his intentions to bring in 80,000 more "refugees" during 2011 in addition to the already excessive influx from the Middle East.

One of the most dangerous groups in the world is the Muslim Brotherhood. Like Osama Bin Laden, they have now declared war on America. Quite naturally Obama relies heavily on them for advice.

Terrorist leaders are being taken to the FBI Outreach program and taught our methods and strategies for dealing with terrorism. This gives them an excellent insight into what we do to oppose them, and they simply adjust their strategy accordingly.

Treason such as this occurs on a daily basis, and finally more and more Americans are realizing that we have been betrayed, and they are getting involved. The ranks of the Tea Parties are growing . This last election should warned Obama that we have had enough of his Marxism, and if he doesn't change things, the American public will.

The future seems to hold in store a great showdown between George Soros and his puppets on one side, and the swelling ranks of angry Americans on the other. If Soros and crew don't back down, then a clash will occur, and it will cost far more lives than were lost on 911, but free Americans will emerge victorious, and then the trials can begin.


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Comment by Danny Jeffrey on November 19, 2010 at 9:38
Fortunately for Voltaire, he never faced Jihad!
Comment by Alan Lake on November 15, 2010 at 4:25

Comment by Danny Jeffrey on November 13, 2010 at 6:57
Allan, I would truly be honored were you to "steal" my phrase. I read your entire comment several time and reread your last paragraph a great many times more, for I discovered much wisdom there. The struggle that lies before us is, in all likelihood, going to be far worse than either of us can envision, but I do draw comfort from our mutual belief that civilization will survive the ordeal.

Your comment about the need for strengthening the laws regarding treasonous or unpatriotic behavior, I do believe will be addressed by the survivors. Just as the Jews leaving Europe at the end of World War ll swore an oath of "Never again!", so too shall we. Our western nations have felt so secure and pampered for so long that we deemed it our obligation to help those less fortunate than we. That noble effort once again opened the famed box of Pandora, and now we shall pay a thousand fold for our generosity, and I do hope that this time we learn from foolish behavior.

Often have I said that IRONY is my favorite word, probably due to the unexpected justice that it often brings to those who least expect it. These parasites we speak of, who abhor war and express contempt for the heroic men and women who fight in far off lands to keep them safe, shall soon see this barbaric behavior on their doorstep. That is irony served up in its most just form, and this apparition from hell will be due to their cowardice. Perhaps, a few of them will think back to a day when they could have stood like a man, and did not. I draw a certain perverse pleasure in thinking that for some of them, that just might be their last thought.

You raised a profound issue that I must address:
"waiting for us to restore his freedom along with ours", raises questions to which I am not sure of the answer

I am not sure of the answer. I do not feel that either of us, at the moment, are qualified to give that answer. We both have an idea of what lies ahead, and it will be those who go boldly into the conflict and survive to see it end that will be qualified to give that answer, and it will be their right.
Comment by Alan Lake on November 13, 2010 at 4:08
"these weak, pitiful creatures who live in that shadow world between reality and total escapism"
- perfect, I'm going to steal that phrase :-)

"In resisting many will almost certainly fall, and somewhere back in that nether world of non-existence will be the spineless liberal waiting for us to restore his freedom along with ours."
Exactly the tableau of the liberal and leftist intellectual that we see enacted throughout history, from the Vichy regime in France to Blairite cowardice of today.

I think it was Ffjordman that pointed out how all those with pacifist or appeasement tendencies are parasites, even when there is no war on. Because even in times of peace, that peace was won on the deaths of our ancestors who fought for our land, then bequethed that freedom to us for free, on the understanding that we would protect it and pass it on to our descendents. The liberal cowards are parasites, that even in times of peace, are skulking low to exist on the sacrifice of the lives given by previous heroic ancestors of that land.

But you make an important point for me with "waiting for us to restore his freedom along with ours"
since I don't agree with that phrase from Voltaire: " I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"
because non of this modern liberal trash is defending our right to a voice, but is happy to let anyone right of centre be crushed by death threats, violence, intimidation and harrassment; it is convenient for them, I have seen them smile smugly to themselves.

So this phrase, "waiting for us to restore his freedom along with ours", raises questions to which I am not sure of the answer. On the one hand Free Speech is the first of our four principles, so it doesn't get more important than that. But on the other hand, there has to be a price to pay for cowardice and treachery. I think some Western countries, the less weak ones, will survive the Islamic Jihad in both its soft and hard forms, if only because they will wake up when they see the first ones fall (possibly Holland on current demographics).

Those countries will still have Free Speech, after all, that is the whole point in defeating Islamism, to retain those 4 core freedoms. But I think the liberals and appeasers, who will of course not have died fighting for their freedom, will find themselves with a distinctly more hostile audience than they had before. Many people, especially those with dead or disabled relatives, will resent their parasitism, and express that resentment publicly. Perhaps it will then be their turn to experience the daily threat of violence that we now live with. Or perhaps the laws on treasonous or unpatriotic behaviour will be strengthened so that the useful idiots can't so casually risk the core freedoms of the society. Whatever the case, its hard to believe, after we've lived thru our own Lebanon or Baghdad, that Free Speech will be protected in quite such a one-sided way as it is right now.

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