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Reagan never ever looked at America through such a power crazed mentality
I often use history when writing about a current event and how it came to be. History is a great tool in contrasting the quality of our leaders. There was a time in the past when statesmen were concerned about the United States and future generations. Today, statesmen are an endangered species, and politicians can see no farther than the next election.

In the history of the world there has never been anything to match America. Through no choice of our own we became the champions of liberty, and our young men, numbering into the hundreds of thousands, died on foreign soil, fighting for the rights of the oppressed. They rose up as an army opposing evil, and they put their futures, their bodies, their very lives in harms way and marched into a hail of bullets. Around the world there are American cemeteries where lie brave men who died restoring freedom to those in foreign lands.

Today the American people are so afraid of losing their freedom to an oppressive government that they are buying guns and ammunition in record numbers to protect themselves and their families here at home. So much has changed since one man stood before millions of the gullible and offered them "Hope and Change." He delivered on his promises. He has changed this country so drastically that grandmothers now go to sleep hoping that they are still in their homes the next morning. They chain and deadbolt doors when going to bed. Not against burglars! They fear being awakened in the middle of the night and dragged into captivity by the very people we trusted with our liberty.

One of my very special internet friends, quite religious, recently brought tears of pride to my eyes. The communication was with someone else and I merely read it on her wall and did not interrupt. She wrote, "If they come for me I will shout 'Thy will be done! God bless America! Then I will start shooting and I hope that when my gun is empty the next bullet fired takes me out.'"

If I had heard such a statement from anyone ten years ago I would have thought that person to be deranged. She is not crazy! She is frightened and unlike those ignorant people who put Obama into office, she knows history, and the danger of men such as Hitler and Stalin and Mao and Obama. She, millions of other Americans, and I would rather die on our feet than live on our knees before one such as he. Men like Barrack Hussein Obama needs slaves, and those who voted for Hope and Change should be the ones to bow before his glory, for patriots will not. Dying for liberty is so much more desirable than living the life of a serf under the progressive overlords of the Democratic party.

These transformers always promise a better way and it never comes about, and then they find someone to blame. They find lots of someones to blame. The executions begin and never seem to quite come to an end as success is always illusive, and non-existent under any statist form of tyranny. Each and all who have gained power and imposed communism on a nation have brought ruin to that nation. They try to control everything and it simply cannot be done. Free men and women give so much more to society than do the disheartened slaves of a communist state.

North Korea cannot feed its citizens and depends on the charity of the world. Venezuela is going down that road to oblivion under a modern day transformer. Hugo Chavez has totally taken control of a once successful nation and now he can no longer provide enough water and electricity to the citizens. He has shut down the free press, controls what his people are allowed to hear and has brought a nation to its knees.

The elections of 2010 have just about put an end to Obama's aspirations for the throne. Americans voiced their anger and stripped him of most of his power base. He has lost that golden dream of unrestrained power under a communist utopia. America has spoken! We, for quite a while, have feared him shutting down the internet and declaring martial law. I am no longer nearly so concerned. He is still capable of much evil, and will do yet more damage to the nation before we vote him out of power or the military drags him out of the White House kicking and screaming.

Obama is now down to one last Super Power and that is causing the total collapse of the nation's economy under the direction of George Soros. He still thinks that engineering such a disaster would give him the power to declare martial law. I think not! Watch the following video and ask yourself this question: Would these Marines fire on Americans, or turn their weaponry on the corrupt who are trying to destroy this nation?

Obama never served in the military and he, with his progressive mindset, simply cannot understand why American men and women step forward and take an oath. They go through brutal training, don a uniform, and are prepared to die in some far off land in defense of this nation. Obama's ignorance of patriots will be his downfall, because what you cannot understand, you cannot control, and control is his purpose. He will fail because he does not love this nation. He loves Islam and his "Holy Qur'an." He loves power, He loves communism. He loves Barrack Hussein Obama! The things he loves will destroy him.

This Marxist from a third world nation cannot ever hope to understand us. The vast majority of the people who read my essays are dedicated, patriotic Americans. I can say with confidence that most of these people would, without hesitation, lay down their lives to preserve this nation, its flag, and what it represents. That is the great advantage that we have. We have a love of freedom. They have a craving for power. We have the Tea Party. They have the communist Party. Which group would give the most!

The United States is the great bastion of freedom. It was here that freedom was born, and if it dies, it dies for all men, all over the world, and mankind will settle into a "thousand years of darkness" to quote Ronald Reagan. When he spoke those words he was referring to the dangers of communism. Today there is a similar political view referred to as progressivism, championed by the leaders of today Democratic Party. The term liberal fell into disfavor, so the left wing continued its agenda under the banner of progressivism.

F.D.R. Memorial
This form of government control is nothing new. It began during the presidency of Wilson and was soundly rejected by the American people. Today it once again rears its ugly head and again Americans are rejecting it. The plaque to the left is somewhat difficult to read. It says: They (who) seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers, call this a new order. It is not new and it is not order.
Words fascinating not only in their meaning, but even moreso by the man who said them: F.D.R. The hero of today's progressives warned us about what they are trying to do us with their growing government controls.

As said before, Progressivism is nothing new. The Wilson administration tried to force it onto the American public and found they wanted nothing to do with it. The concept was never totally abandoned, but simply went into stealth mode. Every year they aim at changing a few laws here and there. This slow but steady process has been going on for the last one hundred years until now it is no longer politically correct for a conservative to speak. This gradual erosion of the first amendment has nearly crippled the patriots of this nation, and now they are rising in protest, reclaiming the First Amendment and keeping the Second as an option.

Islam. This is the illegitimate progeny of a bloodthirsty transformer, named Mohammed who spread his "religion" at the point of a curved sword. The Muslims who grow up under the teachings of this man have been held back for the last fourteen hundred years. Now they enter the 21st century with the technology of the 7th. century poorly equipped to deal with the world they plan to conquer.

None from Islam seem to know that they are being used. George Soros, the master manipulator, has no plan to let Muslims rule the world. It is his dream to bring all of mankind under the rule of a one world government. In one nation after another he has crippled economies, and brought the people to their knees. Now he has set his sights on the United States. He is the ultimate transformer! To him, the Muslims are but an expendable tool he plans to use to spread violence and discord. They will attack all Americans when and if Soros manages to engineer his collapse of the economy.

This discord has already begun in Europe on a massive scale. White flight is taking place in various sectors where the Muslims have gained enough power to resist the ways of the west. But civilization is beginning to fight back against this encroaching horde. People such as Geert Wilders of the Netherlands or Elizabeth Sabadutscg-Wolff of Austria have stepped forward to tell the truth about Islam and have been arrested under "Hate Crime" laws in their respective countries. Political correctness has replaced freedom of speech, and now individuals are punished for what was not a crime until fear of Islam overwhelmed the judgement of European leaders.

Now, thanks to weak leadership in the UK, the Muslim community have the confidence to rally in the streets of England. Watch the following video as these followers of Islam, and guests of England, protest in the streets and ridicule the military as they return home from fighting terrorism. The name of the video is appropriate. It is called "Sickness In The Streets Of England." What you watch here is indeed a sickness, and it is spreading across the globe.

History is on our side. Throughout mankind's time on this earth there have been many transformers: Don't even count Obama, he is just a little fish in a big pond, doing what the big fish, Soros, tells him to do. The real transformers are men like Alexander the Great. Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolph Hitler and now we have George Soros. He, like all of the others, will fail, and he will fail for the same reason: All of them, and now he, started thinking "I am a god."

When any human being reaches that point, he is laying the foundation for his own downfall. These "gods" begin thinking themselves infallible and over extend. Taking on the United States is where Schwartz Gyogy (Soros) will meet his Waterloo. He got super rich attacking the English financial system, but England survived. Since then he has ruined three more countries and he has elevated himself, in his own mind, beyond mankind, and began engineering the downfall of America.. We have many hard years ahead due to his manipulating our society, but like England, we will survive. Like Adolph Hitler, George Soros won't.

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Comment by Kinana on November 29, 2010 at 14:01
Excellent essay. Your fighting optimism shines through and is encouraging.

'In the history of the world there has never been anything to match America.'

This reminds of what Ayan Hirsi Ali said to some snide combative journalist once. 'You have lived in freedom so you feel you can spit on it.'

We forget the unique contribution of the USA to human freedom and liberty at our peril. That is not to say that things can not be improved and we do not make the USA ‘god-like’, but that we are protective and grateful for this precious pearl, unique in human history and paid for by such a high price.

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