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There is not a person alive who does not spend at least a little time in a state of confusion. I am no exception to the rule and for me this is one of those times.

The first job I had when I got out of the Army in 1965 was working beside a young lady who had several years seniority and did the same job as I and yet from day one I was paid more than she. State law prohibited her from working overtime, yet I faced no restrictions on the hours I was allowed to work. I like to think of myself as being a fair man and this, to me, did not seem at all equitable.

I brought the issue up on numerous occasions and found that most of the women around me accepted the practice stating that the man was the primary bread winner of a family while the woman was just supplementing the household income. "What," I asked any who would listen, "if the only bread winner in a household was a widow with children. I don't recall any really good answer to that one. Thankfully those days were about to come to an end.

Women's Lib exploded onto the streets of America with a vengeance, denouncing with a fury, all male chauvinists pigs such as myself and every other male in the nation. I saw a great difference in the quest for equal rights and the militant women of the movement. They wanted to dominate. Some men gave into their demands some chose another route There are no figures to indicate just how many marriages fell victim to the new "Assertive" woman, but in retrospect much good has come of it, and more freedom was extended to those who had for so long been denied equal rights under the law


My one and only complaint is the actual motives of many of the participants in those marches. Our air is so much cleaner today than then and as bad as smog was it was made even worse by the burning of all of those bras, draft cards, and American Flags. I could care less what a liberal court says about the flag burning and freedom of speech. It is simply wrong, and it disrespects all of those brave fighting men and women who have died giving us freedom.

As for the bras and draft cards that were reduced to ashes; if you burned yours for the right reason then I respect your beliefs and am glad for the changes you helped bring about, but there is something very sinister about that whole period I would like to explore.

It is my contention that those who were torching the American Flags were rabble rousing progressives and were using any excuse they could find to increase protests in the streets of America. There were causes that needed to be addressed, and I am glad they were addressed and improvements made, but where are those feminists now? Millions of women joined a cause and America is a better place for it, but the thing missing today is the progressive firebrands that stirred them up.

It is my firm belief that these progressive activists were not fighting for women's rights at all, but were instead attacking America's principles. If women's rights were the true cause then you would see millions more right now pouring into our streets protesting those who are advocating Sharia Law. Where are those defenders of womanhood? They are not to be found as they have not been given their marching orders. The progressive leaders of today support the administration's policies of political correctness and welcome the followers of Islam with open arms.

The Bubonic plague once spread across Europe exacting a terrible toll on the populace. The new onslaught is Sharia Law and I cannot help but think that the Black Death was better. Disease we can fight. A cancerous idea spread in the name of a vindictive god cannot be controlled with antibiotics, and our leaders remain dedicated to the Politically Correct theme of say nothing bad about Islam.

A popular host on Fox News recently excused much of the the Muslim's behavior comparing it to the Spanish Inquisition, and the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. What Mister O'Reilly is overlooking is that the world has changed. It is no longer flat and the Sun no longer goes around the Earth. We have made that leap of knowledge and adjusted our culture accordingly. Islam's leaders still keep their people, especially women in a Dark Ages, tribal state of mind.

I do not profess to be an expert on the subject of Sharia like Barrack Obama or Fisal Abdul Raul, the Ground Zero Imam who wants us to accept the barbarous practices of the Islam culture. Frankly, I have no desire to be an expert on Islam. What I do know about Sharia Law sickens my western sensibilities and makes me wish that advocates of this tyranny had never been allowed to enter this country.

Rape is a horrible thing for a woman to endure in any culture, but it is especially bad for a woman under Sharia Law. For her to prove rape she must produce four Male witnesses in court. Try to picture in your mind some sort of circumstance where a man is raping a woman while four Male spectators stand idly by watching the proceedings. It becomes quite clear that rape does not exist in Islam....but the aftermath does. Even though no women are legally raped they are ostracized by the community and bear a shame for a rape that never happened.

The incident that Bill O'Reilly was reporting on was a man and woman being stoned to death for committing adultery. Quick trial, found guilty, one hundred and fifty people of the area are summoned to do the good Islamic thing of murdering two of their fellow human beings. No appeal possible. They were found together in a room and that was all that is required to authorize a state endorsed stoning.

I recall a young man of Nazareth saying "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." and I am betting those two young Muslims would have liked having Jesus speak on their behalf before that first stone was cast.

Just remember that the things I am writing about could be soon coming to a neighborhood near you. Here is but a few more examples of Sharia Law:

In America a thief will go to jail, perhaps prison, or if the judge and jury are feeling merciful he might just get probation. A thief under Sharia Law has his hand amputated, logic being that without a hand he cannot steal again. Life is just full of Ironies. What does the holier than thou Muslim think when he first sees a man who has lost his hand as the result of an accident or as a casualty of war? That poor fellow gets the double whammy! He has not only lost a hand but is condemned for it wherever he goes.

Consider that accursed Burqa. That hideous garbage bag that those poor women are forced to wear is not only ugly but is dangerous to her health. I simply cannot imagine any human being wearing that black symbol of servitude when then sun is baking down, and the thermometer reads one hundred and fourteen degrees. Then when she returns from the market her husband has the right to beat her, force her to have sex with him and should she refuse or is too sick to perform he can legally take her life. Naturally there is no punishment as it is his right as a Male Muslim to murder his wife if she does not honor him with the proper degree of respect.

Honor killings are on the rise even in America, and as more Muslims breach our shores that number will go ever higher, and there is no sanity behind it. Just a primitive tribal murderous pride, Male pride of course! An obsessive father of two young Muslim girls shot and killed both because they were becoming too "Americanized" and dating non Muslim boys. They were killed two years ago and he disappeared, quite probably, with the aid of family members and he is believed to be hiding out in Egypt.

Even the FBI was chastised for not being politically sensitive on this case. On a wanted poster, it was first indicated that the fugitive was wanted for the honor killing of his two daughters. Someone, higher up, apparently thought this too insensitive for a Muslim murderer and the posters were recalled. The new ones had the term "Honor Killing" deleted.

As I wrote earlier, this could be coming to a neighborhood near you and if it does I will no longer choose to live in this country. Islam is not a religion! This is a perfect example of man's inhumanity toward his fellow man and the practitioners of this hideous belief do not belong in this country. Some of them arrived on airplanes and killed three thousand innocent people ten years ago. Now they want to build a Mosque near the site of this outrage to celebrate their victory over the infidels. The true outrage is that any self respecting American would consider allowing this thing to happen. Millions of patriotic Americans oppose it and yet our progressive leaders support the construction of this abomination.

Everything is wrong about the whole scenario. The source of the money to build this latest monstrosity is just about as clear as Obama's background. The Imam who is promoting the whole project blames America for 911, and now we are paying him to go abroad as our "Advocate." This American hating imam is one of many who are now pushing for Sharia Law to be allowed to supplant our judicial system.

The plan is for Muslims to form their own ghettos and within the boundaries of it our laws would be irrelevant. They would operate totally independent of American values and constitution, so if they decide it is time to slowly saw off someone's head then they are to be left to their own devices,and we as Americans have no right to "Meddle" to use Obama's term. This Sharia concept is already being practiced in Europe and the locals are afraid to oppose them do to the fact that anytime anyone dares complain about this "Religion of Peace" someone gets beheaded.

These ghettos they want would basically be their own private states within our country where they would obey their laws and disregard ours. What would happen if they decided to remove the head of an American citizen within the ghetto. Do we declare war or build them another mosque and try to open a dialogue?

America...We have a man in the Oval Office who will not attend the "National Prayer Breakfast" nor will he honor the fallen at Arlington National Cemetery, but he never misses Ramadan with his fellow Muslims in the White House. It is time for a wake up call! The mere fact that you are reading this indicates that you are already awake and that know what is going on. Wake up your friends and neighbors. Get them to join those who want to take this country back. The best way to get their attention is to scare them. The best way to scare them is to tell them the truth.

I am an advocate for something that is most definitely not Politically Correct! The Progressive Politicians are being retired and replaced with those advocating conservative values. Don't let the new group settle into a business as usual frame of mind. They must repeal Obama's destructive policies and get aggressive in preventing Sharia and limiting the further immigration of Islam before it it too late.

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Comment by Alan Lake on September 7, 2010 at 10:37
Keep up the good work!
Comment by Ruhannah on September 6, 2010 at 14:34
Well said !

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