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VICTORY 2- UK Flushes Islamic Toilets in Mega MALL Project

UK MUSLIM ONLY TOILETS- Flushed- But the Fight goes on---This is what Importing Muslims does- Separatism Creeping Sharia- Oh and Jihad with in
Don't Laugh 18 US Universities (who receive government funds) Have Separate bathrooms- Australia too.
Yes when Muslims become Majority- Allah full dictates in the Quran and Hadith are implemented- but creeping Sharia happens everywhere Muslims are before majority---and western minds-- appease and aid.

Might I remind you the UK has over 100+ Sharia courts- The US has Sharia Financing and the media and publicity- keeps pushing Islam is Peace-- Today its toilets tomorrow you are not equal- Dhimmi -as per Allah Cause. Not a scare- REALITY look at every Muslim area that is near or at Majority-- from Mohammed time AND THE NEWLY acquired ones....60+ Nations now and spreading to a Mosque near YOU.

Outraged council chiefs have demanded British-style toilets are used instead of Middle East-style squat holes.

Town leaders in Rochdale moved into action after the Daily Star sparked a national outcry by ­revealing the plans.

Yesterday, managers at the Rochdale ­Exchange mall were set to cave in to pressure and abandon the scheme as a source said: “The decision is being reconsidered.” .....

Our News is Updated Throughout the DAY--- Please read Full the US there are always TAKE ACTION LINKS.... we don't just give you bad news-- WE GIVE SOLUTIONS- ONE VICTORY AT A TIME UK MUSLIM ONLY TOILETS- Flushed- But the Fight goes on---This is wh...

IF u r in UK-- Please comment where we can email or call the area Political representives--- So we can VOICE SUPPORT!!!

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Comment by Alan Lake on July 25, 2010 at 22:45
I think they are not separate, they are for general use. But the lack of consultation and agreement still applies.
Comment by LynMorales on July 25, 2010 at 1:48
Wait Allen - Question-in Australia and 18 universities in the US (Saudie endowments) Seperate bathrooms are in for their insistance- do to foot washing *shakes head* These toilets in the UK or rather what they proposed ...are not seperate -all people can use them?

and lozzz Shiva ! //crappy victory// ;-)
Comment by Alan Lake on July 25, 2010 at 1:24
Yes, this is a mixed up area.
i think the point is that these toilets arent being implemented as part of a nationwide health program which has been nationally agreed, but against the wishes of the non muslims due to the power of their pressure grOups, perhaps with threatx & intimidation.
Comment by shiva on July 23, 2010 at 21:24
Thats what I call a crappy victory in more sense than one.

Squat toilets are not muslim toilets, they are in use all over asia. Once you get used to them they are much better than the sit toilet.

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